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ielts preparation material Pakistan

IELTS preparation material 

ielts preparation material

IELTSExpert offers IELTS preparatory material pack which can be collected at Aisha Bawany. This pack has been created by Sir Alam and his team namely Sir Rizwan, Sir Salman, Mr Zeeshan , Ms Dure Shahwar , Ms Cecilia Lobo and Ms Ramsha Khan. It took about a year and half to complete.

IELTS preparation material pack includes 4 CDs.

First CD – IELTSExpert Library. It has more than 100 books with listening and other helpful material. It is ideal for self-preparation , specially for those who cannot approach shops in remote areas of Pakistan or cannot find certain books. These books can simply be printed and used for practice tests.

Second CD  РIELTSExpert Writing Task 2 Library which is bank of essay notes and samples and some creative approaches to get up to 9 band essay. It further contains 2013 and 2014 writing past-papers and guess papers likely to come in upcoming exams.

Third CD – IELTS Speaking Library contains useful material to help candidates score better in speaking interview. It has lessons and tips for all 3 parts. It also has many types cue cards which are for practice and general ones, Some cue cards have been taken from exam 2013 and 2014. There are also cue cards on general topics which are likely to come in future exams.

Fourth CD– IELTS Writing Task 1 GT and AC contains graphs and letters lessons, practice and exam related questions in past and for the future.


To Purchase IELTS preparation material


Aisha Bawany Academy, 185 Main Shahrah-e-faisal,Karachi

or call us 03325213838







7 Responses so far.

  1. Rehan says:

    Wonderful! Its near to my office. Will visit tomorrow.

  2. Saira says:

    Sir how much does it cost for each library?

  3. Tahir Khan says:

    IELTS is a tough course no doubt. Passing it with good score is not easy. However, if you prepare well for it and get good professional help, you can achieve this milestone and rewarding certificate. Sir Alam as I know him personally is an authority in IELTS preparation. He has many years of experience in English Language and specially IELTS teaching. Knowing that he produced such a good multimedia pack for IELTS students is something a must have for everyone taking the test. I congratulate and thank Sir Alam for putting so much efforts and work hard preparing this interactive course.

  4. rahmat ullah says:

    can we get this pack by post?

  5. Hamza says:

    Please share cost..
    Dha phase 4

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