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IELTS preparation in Karachi

IELTS preparation in Karachi


ieltsexpertMost of students and professional who wish to go abroad search for IELTS preparation in Karachi on Google to see if they can find somebody closer to them or somebody who is more competent.

In fact, Karachi has many institute for it in areas like Gulshan E Iqbal, where you find most of them then the rest you find in areas like Tariq road, Clifton , Defence , PECHS  etc.

We are located on Main Shahrah-e-faisal near Gora Kabristan. If you are a resident of PECHS, Clifton, Defence , Saddar or nearby other areas you can approach us.

There are many good reasons to join IELTSExpert. Our friendly environment like teachers  and other staff. Candidates feel free to ask questions from teachers. We provide many practice sessions specially listening even if it is individually. This is to help candidates get used to listening pattern and other exam challenges. Secondly, Our classes are multimedia based which help students make more interaction with course study. Like listening is played through projector. Other related videos are shown with help of projector. Students feel more confident with such activities.

Most of our students are professionals or from good educational background. They are more interactive like their picking skills are better. They can help other candidates broaden their minds with new ideas. Also they can help weak candidates clear their concepts and they can learn way of answering all modules from them. As some of weak candidates who no clue who to come up with ideas for writing essay questions so such candidates can help them to great extent. They can even ask them outside class.

We can accommodate many cars as we have huge parking space inside. So you don’t have to park outside and look after your car.

lastly, our teacher Sir Alam who has more than a decade experience, which can help you increase your bandscore in short time. Generally when the teachers are experienced, candidates tend to get more marks. As they pick weak areas quickly and give improve them by giving good suggestions.



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