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IELTS preparation II chundigar Road Karachi

IELTS classes in II Chundigar Road Karachi


ieltsexpertWhich center offers best preparation in II chundigar road , Karachi? This is a question candidates often ask me and my reply is below. In tower side there isn’t any professional teachers or such facility in which individual can get their desired bandscore. There is one you approach on 11th Floor and where there aren’t any students. Neither there is a professional teacher.

So it is wise to move one mile ahead and take IELTS classes in Aisha Bawany Academy on Main shahrah-e-faisal for many reasons. Firstly, it is because of 15 years experienced teacher Sir Alam who guides you up to 9 bandscore indiviudally in every module. Secondly , you get together with many students and learn from them. They come up with variety of good skills who they can guide you as well. Sometimes you just need encouragement from other students if they are efficient. Thirdly , it is spacious and more facilitated parking wise, fresh air wise and classes are wide with more supportive staff. Lastly, there is variety of course material through which you can practice well and there is mock test on weekly basis. In this test, can assess yourself and find out where exactly you stand.





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