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IELTS Mock test in karachi


IELTS Mock test

IELTSExpert offers facility of complete IELTS mock test. Many students want to find out what is their current IELTS Band status before they appear in real exam. Such candidates may visit us and book the mock test with paying only 1500 rupees.

IELTS mock test is categorized in 4 sections

In the first part of the test , listening starts with open speakers similar to real exams. Answer sheet is provided so that students can transfer answers in last extra 10 minutes which candidates get only in listening module.

Reading starts as second part of the mock test, making sure that candidates stop reading once 60 minutes complete and no extra time is given.

Writing is test taken in the third part, giving candidates task 1 and 2 material for Academic or General training accordingly.

Speaking test is conducted by Sir Alam, taking 15 minutes of interview, going through all 3 parts.

No break is allowed during the test if student wishes to have break, extra time is not given nor any part of the test is repeated. Once complete mock test completes, report is generated with band for each module.

Students who wish to collect their question papers and writing answer sheets specially marked by Sir Alam, may request before the test starts so that we can not destroy or recycle them.

Giving complete mock test makes students confident in real exam and make them aware of time management, test pattern moreover they know whether they are ready for the real exam or not.

By Mohammad Alam



29 Responses so far.

  1. tehmina says:

    I would like to take online classes. kindly send me your fee for online preparation a well as schedule.
    or , kindly tell me what will be your fee if i want to take online reading and writing classes only for General Training. I want 7 band each.


  2. Rana says:


    I am interested to take Mock Test to figure out y current IELTS BAND STATUS..
    Kindly let me know how to pay for MOCK TEST?
    And is this test possible online in case i am not in your office.

    Reply will be highly appreciated!
    Kind Regards,

  3. Maryam says:


    I am interested to take Mock Test to know about my IELTS band score.

    Please let me know how can I take it and what is the fee?

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Mukesh Kumarr says:

    Sir I want to appear in mock test of IELTS. Kindly let me know procedure and fee structure.

  5. Muneza says:

    what will be the timings of mock test ?

  6. Subhan says:

    Sir, Kindly email me details about mock test including fees. Thank you

  7. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Sir kindly send me details about the mock test at your center and test schedule

  8. Jahangir says:

    Are you still available? I want a mock test for IELTS General training. Please send me the mock test

  9. Umair says:

    Sir i want to take IELTS mock test to know my preparation level.How can i get registration in that?

  10. Muhammad Rizwan Kamleen says:

    Dear sir,
    I will be pleased if I have an IELTS mock test.

    Please update me if there is any mock test in upcoming weekends.

    Muhammad Rizwan

  11. Tabinda says:

    I want to take the mock test for ielts academic training. Please provide me the details.

  12. MOHIB ULLAH says:

    Sir I want to give the mock test for ielts General training to check the status of my bands. Please provide me the details?

  13. MOHIB ULLAH says:

    I have booked my IELTS Test on 8th September and before it I am interested to give a MOCK Test to check out my preparations of IELTS.
    Please guide me do you conduct MOCK Test or suggest me any institution which will interested to take before 8 September

  14. Jee says:

    I AM interested. kindly let me know the details, How i can register to give the mock test and how much is the fees .

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