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ielts march 2016 result

IELTS march 2016 result

This is  a certificate of Asad who is my online student from Saudi KSA. He appeared last time and got 5.5 , he scored least in all modules while his required bandscore was 6 in each. As he gave this time after , he focused on all areas i simply identified and helped him improve them.  Today he is glad that he got 7 overall , surprisingly getting straight 9 in listening.

You can check more results of my students for this month and previous months. Whatever their desired bandscore was they got which makes me glad and them both.

So if you wish to get your desired bandscore , work on your weak areas by doing productive practice.

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  1. adnan aamir says:

    AOA,can i clear ielts general training course i am reccomdent for diploma coursesor MS in EU countries are not plz tell me

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