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IELTS guess paper in Karachi

IELTS guess paper in Karachi


ielts guess paper in karachiSome of IELTS candidates in Karachi think of IELTS as a local exam in Matric, Intermediate or university level.  Such exams are based on 5 year guess paper in which exactly the same questions come but this is not the case in IELTS exam. In IELTS exam, one has to prepare skill wise to be able to do well in reading comprehension, write essay and letter/graph well , listen to variety of situation and answer questions to show you follow listening well and in last speak fluently having good command on vocabulary, grammar.

A good suggestion would be to go through previous exam questions up-to 3 months at least but if you can go further that can help you even more. You can do that by browsing previous exams in my website by clicking on recent IELTS exam questions , study them and answer some of the questions if you are academic candidate go through task 1 or if you are general candidate , go for letter types which came in recent exams. Doing so will not only help you be familiar with exam pattern questions but also be able to respond them with time management.

If you have no idea of what examiner checks to give you band score, you can post your essay on one of the recent exam questions post that i normally make based on students who appear and also my website users who update me with most recent exams across the globe. Once you post your response with questions on top, i will grade you with detailed comments. So you can identify your weak areas and improve them well by practice.

Further i should let all IELTS candidates in Karachi that there is no guess paper which will repeat. As i mentioned many times earlier that IELTS exam body never repeat any reading passages nor they let anybody take outside hall even not after exam finish. So all reading question paper go back to them. So no concept of guess paper.

I saw some forums and websites and teachers who make guess paper which i think will block IELTS candidates mind simply. As such questions will never come in real exam and candidates will memorize them which will break their natural flow. they will not able able to answer questions using their natural skills in all modules. I hope you guys know what i mean. So simply do not go for any guess paper.

In last , i will suggest to improve your natural skills to be able to answer any questions whether they are in reading, writing  or listening , speaking.


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