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IELTS exam rechecking procedures for AEO and British Council


 IELTS Exam rechecking procedures for AEO and British Council

ielts exam rechecking proceduresMany candidates are unhappy with their band score normally in writing sometimes other sections and wonder if they can get it rechecked. Yesterday, I got a call from a candidate, he received his IELTS result and was a little disappointed with his  writing score. He has been consistently scoring 7.0 in IELTS practice test. He was asking me about IELTS rechecking procedure, and he also said that if we recheck the paper so it is quite possible that a different examiner may give a different score, but that time I had no idea so I discussed it with AEO officials. I got all information from them.  I asked if there is any chance to get higher band after rechecking or in what section of IELTS can candidates get high mark. They said there are some chances of increasing marks of all modules if you think they were not graded well. But there are also chances that your band score may come down. This is the information what AEO provided, to help candidates who are looking forward to applying for rechecking of their IELTS exam.

Below are some questions about applying for rechecking:

What documents are required for remarking?

You will need  3 documents mentioned below.

  • original result
  • EOR form.
  • Pay order for ( AEO – Pakistan )
  • Pay order/ Bank draft ( British Council – Pakistan)

What is IELTS remarking form called?

It is called EOR form which stands for Inquiry On Result.

Where can I get EOR form?

You can collect in person by British Council or AEO Office.

How long does it take for IELTS exam rechecking?

You will get your results between 5-6 weeks.

What is rechecking fee for the British Council and AEO in Pakistan?

AEO rechecking fee is Rs. 17,000/=

British Council Rs. 9870/=

Who does the remarking?

Many people think that rechecking is done in Pakistan for Pakistani candidates or other countries locally for their candidates but the fact is rechecking is done by senior IELTS examiner based in UK. Note : If you are unhappy with your results, rechecking form should be sent within 30 days after results are announced. As per discussion with AEO they said that normally .5 band increases once you apply for rechecking while British Council representatives said it could be 1 or 2 band. Applying for rechecking could be a risk as they may also decrease your band if they feel you have been given more Band.

What is refund policy of rechecking?

If you get same band in remarking, your fee will be deducted. Otherwise you will get refund if your band increases.

Is the fee less for single module rechecking?

NO, whether you apply for one module or all, fee will be same. So it is better to apply for all the modules.

By Dure Shahwar Administrator IELTSExpert

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  1. Usha Rani says:

    pls recheck my result

  2. Kashif says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please advise if I need to file EOR or not for my writing test.

    I got 5.5 in writing while secured 7.0, 7.0, 6.5 in Listening, Speaking and Reading respectively.

    I was confident that my writing will bring me atleast 6.0 or above.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Write an essay and paste it here, i will check it and then let you know if you should go for it or not….

      • FARZAN says:

        MY FIRST ATTMPT SCORE WAS L-7 S-6.5 R-5.5 W-5

        • Alam Alam says:

          No, in second attempt you may have been unnatural so your score dropped. you need to lift areas in every module by taking guide from expert teacher.
          Discuss over it with Sir Alam what he says

  3. ashar nazim says:

    i wanted to ask if task 2 is upto the par and task 1 is not that good , what score shall it account to?

    i got 6.5 in writing and i was sure i could get atleast a 7.
    i thought i was not good enough on task 1 but my task 2 was better !

    should i go for a re-check?

  4. Hameed Ullah says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sir i am very disappointed from my results specially in writing .
    The result is totally opposite according to my expectations.
    I surprised when i get the report.
    As i mentioned earlier according to my expectations the bands must be at least 7 or 6.5 which is very frustrated in my opinion.
    please advise me what should i do in these circumstances.

  5. Hameed Ullah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I got only 5 bands and my expectations are about 7 or at least 6.5 bands.
    please guide me what should i do in these circumstances?

  6. umair says:

    A.O.A sir i got 7.5 in listening 6.0 in reading 6.5 in writing nd reading both.
    Sir i am sure my reading went gr8, i read all the passages and answerd all of questions. i just got 6.0 in reading while in my previous exam i got 7 in reading. now i am thinking of rechecking my reading module. what you suggest me regarding this?
    thanks looking forward for your reply

    • Alam Alam says:

      Well, it depends sometimes you really do well but sometimes not that good. There may have been possibility that you whatever you answered may have been wrong because of putting extra word or one word short.

      And there is no examiner for reading and listening, all answers are checked based on answer sheet.

  7. umair says:

    i just need 6.5 in reading module for my study purpose. please tell me something regarding rechecking of my reading module. Is there any chance of improving 0.5 bands in reading ???

  8. pritpal singh says:

    hlo sir……….. i got. 5 in writing …and expected. 6.0 …. but its ok if i will get 5.5
    so.is there any chance for increasing band from 5.0 to 5.5 and …how much time it takes…

    thanku.. 🙂

  9. pritpal singh says:

    hlo sir……….. i got. 5 in writing …and expected. 6.0 …. but its ok if i will get 5.5
    so.is there any chance for increasing band from 5.0 to 5.5 and …how much time it takes…

  10. Farah Zamir says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am shocked to get my IELTS General Training result today. I got an overall band of 6.5 which is totally untrue and impossible. This is because I scored an 8 in speaking a couple years ago, with the British council, when I gave my academics test.A 7.5 each in listening and reading.Do you think its acceptable that one can worsen over the course of a couple of years provided the fact that I am a teacher???I mean rest can be acceptable but for speaking, its totally fake result. I am sorry but I don’t believe on the capacity of the Examiners at AEO. They are not reliable at all. Could you please tell me are there any chances of improvement in this score if I apply for rechecking? I still believe there was a mistake while uploading the result????

  11. yasir says:

    Dear Sir,

    I appeared in IELTS in July 2011 (From British Council) and got following score
    L:7 R:6 W:6 S:7
    Till then, I have been improving my English language abilities and appeared for test again in Feb 2014 (From IDP)
    Got L:7.5 R:6.5 W:7.5 S:6.5
    Again I appeared in Nov 2014 (From IDP)
    Got L:7.5 R:7.5 W:7 S:6.5
    I need 7 in each for applying for Immigration

    Actually from last 2 attempts, I got same speaking examiner in IDP, which I a foreigner lady but in first attempt there was a Pakistani guy. I believe that my English has been improved in 3 years.

    What do you suggest ? should I go for recheck in IDP or do another attempt?

    • Alam Alam says:

      Go for rechecking that is what i would advise… as your other areas are ok and there is a chance….

      • Tab says:

        I need 8 each in all modules and this time I took ielts for the 3rd time, again receiving 7.5 in writing. My overall is 8.5 with L:8.5, R:9, S:8.5. I am quite disappointed because I did a good job with my writing (general training). Should I get my result rechecked? I don’t know what else to do to improve my writing because I didn’t make blunt Grammer mistakes, used above average vocabulary, appropriate content and everything. I might have used 1 or 2 examples, not too many. Could that be a reason for low band score? Please help me out.
        I’d be much obliged.

        • Alam Alam says:

          Dear Khalid,

          You need to work hard in writing to increase it. You can do it by improving Lexical Resource, practice placing content in logical and organized way further more grammatical range and accuracy.But i need to see sample of your essay writing to find out whether it has problem, if yes, where exactly.

          Write essay on same topic you wrote in exam and email it to me at alam@ielts-expert.pk.

      • Sadaf says:

        Can u plz check my essay
        I can send u both task 1 and 2
        I got 6.5 in writing but i did really well

  12. Kashif Nizami says:

    Please guide me, should i apply for review or not i need 7 in each segments i gave IELTS through AEO Karachi on 20/12/2014 and i got L=8, R=7.5, W=6.5, S=7.5 Overall band is 7.5.

    Your response will be highly appreciated.

  13. Salman says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have appeared three times in Ielts and my score in writing module has never been better than 6.5 . Though, i have secured 7 and above in rest of the modules, but i am finding it difficult to understand that why am I not able to achieve 7 in writing. What are the expectation from AEO to get better scores ? i think, i deserve 7 but note sure what am i doing wrong . Is there any way we can know about our performance? Please guide!


    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Salman,

      To be successful in getting 7 band you need to know criteria for it. You might be showing less command over some skills that examiner expects. Get a hand from an experienced teacher….if you need my services , call me on 00923009298573 on Monday Evening…

  14. yar khan says:

    sir , i appeared in ielts on 22nd november 2014 . My scores were:
    L 8.5 , R 7 , S 7.5 , W 6.5
    I applied for rechecking , what do you think , are they going to grant me a half mark in writing ??? i need 7 in all

    • Alam Alam says:

      Hmm, write an essay and send it on my website in “recent ielts exam questions” I will check and let you know what you lack to get .5 up in writing module.

  15. yar khan says:

    sir im waiting for your reply .

  16. Hira says:


    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Hira,

      sorry to hear that you got unexpected score this time.

      To apply for rechecking it really depends. If you need 7 band in each or if your marks increase in speaking and you qualify for your requirements on this result , then i would say yes, you should go. But if your requirement is other than this then good to bring improvement and give test again.

      What you can do is call me on 03009298573, so we can discuss over it in detail.

  17. saeed says:

    I need .5 in writting should i go for re check or re sit

  18. Jamal says:

    AEO Karachi is very deteriorating.

  19. arsalann says:

    i got 8.5 in listning and reading 8 in speaking and 7 in writing although i did best in writing, im going to apply for rechecking..what if my band decreases? can i go with the previous one? and do i have to give my original result for rechecking? thanks

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Arsalan,

      If you go for rechecking… your score may either increase or decrease. What i would recommend is write an essay and send it to me on my email. i will have a look at it and let you know whether you should go for rechecking or not.

      my email address is alam@ielts-expert.pk

  20. Ali Raza Abid says:

    Hi Sir,
    I got the following ielts result from AEO:-
    Listening, Reading, Writing: 6.5
    Speaking: 5.0
    Overall: 6.0 against required: 6.5
    This is very unexpected for me. Actually I have talked to some other test takers of my batch who were surely not good than me in speaking but they got 5.5 & 6.0. Actually they went to the different examiner in the speaking. Please guide Should I apply for re-check?

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ali,

      I would not recommend you rechecking.

      You should practice well, hire an instructor who can help you identify weak areas and polish them. This recommended way will help you increase your bandscore inshallah.

  21. Ali Raza Abid says:

    Sir, The below mentioned story forces me to re-check, as 5.5 in speaking will suffice against received score of 5……………

    Let me tell you a true story of A from Romania. She took the IELTS test and was very confident and positive about her results, however… the results arrived and she got only 6.5 in Speaking. A immediately appealed, because she was confident that she deserved more (and her scores in the other sections were also much higher, Bands 8 – 7.5).

    Later on she got really pessimistic, after talking to people who assured her that IELTS folks will never give her a higher score because of some kind of conspiracy, that by giving her a higher score, IELTS organization will admit to their guilt and they are never going to do that.

    Two month later, a very happy A wrote me a letter about her score being raised from 6.5 to 7 and her money was refunded. Apparently the examiner at Cambridge disagreed with the local Romanian examiner and thought A was a Band 7 candidate.

  22. Amir says:

    Is there any fast track rechecking process, I am short of 0.5 from my desired score but have limitation of time where I have to submit my ielts result

  23. Tayyab says:

    I”m upset about my listening result as i did best and expecting not less than 7 but got 6…should i go for rechecking???is it beneficial to get listening result reviewed.did people get benefit on listening rechecking.please give your expert opinion.
    Thanks and Regards.

  24. Omer Mushtaq says:

    Sir, I have been Consistently achieving 7.5 or 8 band in my practice tests of Listening and reading and even on test day I checked my answers before handing it over to examiner and i was pretty sure the grade shouldn’t be below 7 bands in fact i was hoping to achieve 7.5 or higher but the results i had were 6.5 for listening, 6.0 for reading, 6.5 for reading and 7.0 for writing. Can you give me a valuable advise for if i shoud be reappearing for another exam or should get it rechecked.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Mushtaq, call me on 03009298573 and lets discuss it in detail.

      it really depends how you practiced and numbers of question you used to attempt were really according to examination. Also if you got feedback from experienced teacher ??

  25. Saad says:

    Hi, I read your advises above and I would like your help with my Score. Me and my friend just got my ielts results with AEO and band are as below:

    Mine: Listening:8, Reading: 8.5, Speaking: 7.5 & Writing 6.5 ( I need 7 in writing)

    My friend’s: L:8.5, R:8, S: 8 and writing 6.5

    The only thing we both understand may be the handwriting otherwise material written was good as per our understanding, we work in paperless environment from past 7 years so handwriting is little bad.

    Rest of the bands are ok we both need 7 in writing, so please advise whether go for the rechecking for a 0.5 band increase in writing or better to sit another exam with AEO or British council.

    Thanking you in advance

  26. Mohsan Amin says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I got 6.5 in SPEAKING and WRITING respectively but in LISTENING and READING its comparatively low to 5.5 and 5.0, Should I take a chance for EOR or not , What would you suggest to me over this ?


    Mohsan Amin

  27. irfan says:

    Aoa. Sir I’m worried about where I should give my test aeo or British council? Last time I gave from aeo I scored less marks as I expected especially in listening and speaking. One thing more I wanna ask is that whose speaking test is a bit easier aeo or British council??

    Your response will be highly appreciated.

    • Alam Alam says:

      There isn’t any difference to be honest…. All you need to do is improve your weak areas wherever it shows in your certificate… If you wish to speak to me call me by taking contact no from my website…

  28. Ahmed says:

    I received my ielts result couple of weeks back . L8 , R8 , W7 , S6
    I was not sure about writing as i wrote short essay and didn’t complete task 1 , still managed to score 7 . In speaking the My examiner told me to close the door when in entered in the room , i couldn’t close it properly and she stared at the door than she looked at me speaking went fine as topics were very easy and i believed i would score at least 7 , thinking to go rechecking , would you recommend that

    • Ahmed says:

      sorry speaking 6.5

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ahmed,

      As per your mentioned score in each module and situation, i would personally go for rechecking. As you managed to get better score in difficult areas, so, speaking shouldn’t be a problem. However , if you give whole test again your speaking may improve but others may go down.

  29. syed muhammad uzair says:


    I scored 6.5 in writing,6.5 in listening.7 in speaking and 5.5 in reading, for IELTS general.

    I did good in reading section, but I beleive there is marking mistake in my paper, do you think that i should go for rechecking, as i need 6 in all components, i remember that i attempted all questions. please advice

  30. syed muhammad uzair says:

    Sir ALam,

    I gave IELTS test on 29 aug 2015

    I scored Speaking7,listening6.5,writing6.5 and reading 5.5

    I did my reading task very well, I am confused how come my score is so low, I wanted to ask you should i go for rechecking as for the reading I am unsatisfied that they did some mistakes and as you know in IELTS GT, we have very small margin of mistakes and beteen 29-30 right answers your bands changes by 0.5

  31. Yaqoob says:

    I have secured Following;

    Speaking: 7, Writing: 7, Listening: 7.5, Reading: 6, I am really shocked to see my Reading Score, it was expected to be at least 7.5, please advise If I should go for Rechecking and will it benefit me in any way?

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Yaqoob,

      i would recommend to go for rechecking in this case. As you have scored 7 in the rest of three modules , so reading may go up. So take a chance and go for it….

    • Adeela says:

      Hi, did you apply for rechecking? If Yes, what was the outcome? Thanks.

    • Adeela says:


      On first attempt which was plainly without any preparation except getting know how about the format of the test my scores were Listening: 6.5, Reading: 6.5, Writing: 6.5 and Speaking: 7

      Whereas on my recent second attempt and with some preparation ( for the L, R and W components) my scores are L: 8, R:6, W:7 and S:7

      After the test I was expecting the same results except in Reading section as it was the best attempted section in my opinion. I was expecting above 8 in Reading section but I am so disappointed to see the score 6 in it.
      My requirement is 7 in each module. Should I go for rechecking of Reading module?

      • Alam Alam says:

        Yes, Adeela, Same situation has been with one more candidate. I recommended her to go for rechecking.. hopefully your bandscore will increase but.. make sure if you haven’t put extra words or your answer was short of words…

        Still i would recommend you go for it..

        Remaining about your question of outcome of other students from rechecking, yes, it sometimes comes positive sometimes negative…..

    • Adeela says:


      Did you apply for the rechecking? What was the outcome? Thanks.

  32. Wal says:

    Hi there.

    I recently gave my ielts test at AEO and the results were great except for the writing section which was a major let down and caused me enormous disappointment. I’d like to know whether these tests are checked by examiners in Pakistan?
    I doubt the correctness of my writing section as I scores fairly good in speaking 7.5, listening 7.0, reading 6.5.
    It’s surprising because I thought I had done much better in this section as compared to the rest of the sections. Could you please guide me what I should do? Considering the cost, it would be apt to go for a recheck to retest?
    Plus there are lot of universities who require you have to test result sent directly in order to be considered, isn’t it a major impediment now?

  33. Wal says:

    Hi there.

    I recently gave my ielts test at AEO and the results were great except for the writing section which was a major let down and caused me enormous disappointment. I’d like to know whether these tests are checked by examiners in Pakistan?
    I doubt the correctness of my writing section as I scores fairly good in speaking 7.5, listening 7.0, reading 6.5. Except for writing wherein I got 5.5
    It’s surprising because I thought I had done much better in this section as compared to the rest of the sections. Could you please guide me what I should do? Considering the cost, it would be apt to go for a recheck to retest?
    Plus there are lot of universities who require you have to test result sent directly in order to be considered, isn’t it a major impediment now

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Waleed,

      Sorry to hear disappointment in writing module But writing is a bit complicated according to examiner criteria. You need to understand that for better score. Now see if you can work out by improving in it yourself and then give exam.

      About rechecking i wouldn’t recommend you to do as it won’t help you…

  34. Bilal says:

    Hi Alam,

    I am planning to get my IELTS result recheck because I believe i can get a better in all the modules. I am very confident about Listening, Reading & writing, for speaking i think the score is Just.

    This is what my result is :
    Listening : 6 (next to impossible)
    Reading : 6.5 (i am sure about this atleast 8)
    Writing : 6.5 (easily 7)
    Speaking : 7 (This is fine)

    Furthermore, do know where and how our papers are checked, whether in the same country of test or in UK.

    I would really appreciate your support.


    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Bilal,

      Feel sorry for you that you didn’t get what you were looking for.

      For rechecking, i need to know what exact bandscore overall and in each are you looking for. And if you could mention again whether you attempted IELTS exam before, if yes, how many times. Mention what you got overall and in each all the times you attempted previously.

      If i discuss the complication of exam, you wouldn’t understand it. It is not about English only you posses but about other areas that a candidate need to get higher bandscore. For example, in writing you got 6.5 and you think it was 7 bandscore job. To increase point .5 in writing you need to work on weak areas that you have than being over-confident.

      In listening module where you seem to have got less score. I agree you may have attempted well answers wise but not placing answers in correct order or grammar wise or word limit wise or sometimes very closed answer candidates choose. But it varies , it may jump to even 9 bandscore if all answers go well.

      So please get back with answers of above questions , i will let you know what you should do.

      • Bilal says:

        Thanks Alam for writing me back, appreciate.

        This is the first time I appeared in IELTS exam. My overall band is 6.5. I live abroad and work in a multinational company means English has become my official language. I have done extensive training before appearing in this exam and I have never got band score as low as 6, specially in Listening.

        You are very right about the IELTS assessment techniques but I am still confident that there is still room for better band score, if rechecked.

        Apart from this query, i asked you another question, do you have any idea whether they check the papers in the same country of test or all test are checked in UK.

        Looking forward to hear from you soon, thanks.


        • Alam Alam says:

          Well, examiners reside in same country and writings are checked in same country unless any complication.

          For rechecking, normally if one module is short of .5 and others are ok with overall bandscore then it is suggested for rechecking. But you haven’t come back with what your required band is overall all and in each so i can work out for rechecking….

          • Bilal says:

            Thanks Alam once again.

            Honestly speaking my target was quite high i.e. 8 in all modules. But i believe that was quite aggressive. Well, i need 7 in all modules but i am sure 6 in speaking is too low to be true.

            Looking forward to hear from you, many thanks.

          • Alam Alam says:

            Rechecking won’t help you. What you think may seem right to you but not examiners, so give what examiners want. Hire experienced instructor to help you get that band score.

  35. -MUzammil says:

    please sir tell me …5 bands aeo acceptabl for australia student visa

  36. Dharminder Singh says:

    hello , sir my ielts scores are L.6.5, S.6, W.4.5, R.6

    should i apply for writing reckeking because my writing was very good…

  37. Dharminder Singh says:

    bcoz sir i need 5.5 at least in every module

  38. mrs khan says:

    today i got my result and got 5 band overall.i was so surprised to see result.in speaking i got 5.0,writting 5.5,listening 4.5 n in reading 4.5.i was dammn sure that i will get 8 band in reading,,7 in writing,6 in listening and 5.5 in speaking.now tell me what should i do……plz reply me as soon as posssible.

  39. Imran says:

    I got 8.5 in reading, 8.5 in listening, 7.0 in writing, but only 6.5 in speaking. I really need 7.0 in speaking. Should I apply for re evaluation? Please advise

  40. Ahmed says:

    AOA Sir,
    I recently got a result from AEO Karachi
    L 6
    W 5.5
    S 6
    R 6
    I am quite confident in writing I was expecting 7 in writing but i got less.
    Would you recommend me for rechecking. I need 6 each.

  41. Amber says:


    I got 9 in listening and reading while 7.5 in speaking and 6.5 in writing. I need 7 or 8 band score in each, should I apply for rechecking?

  42. abdul says:

    i got result 21/11/2015 ACADEMIC BRITISH COUNCIL
    L =8

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Abdul,

      I wouldn’t recommend you rechecking. Your score seems too low. In writing specially, you seem to have more problems. Why dont you send me your essay by email so i can get back to you bandwise that you have currently.

  43. Amber says:

    Dear Alam,

    Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded you a sample of my writing, please check and let me know what I need to improve. Thank you once again

    • Alam Alam says:


      I checked your essay, it contains too much over-generalization. It is a term given to writing which contains alot of ideas in paragraphs but no explanation.

  44. Asif says:

    today I checked my result online. My score was L 6.5, R 6.5, speaking 6 while I scored 5.5 in writing. It was a shock to see 5.5 in writing. I attempted this section very well. I was expecting 6.5 in this section, I was also expecting 7 plus in listening,
    I am short of 0.5 as I need overall band score of 6.5 with not less than 5.5 in any module. I am confident that I can get increase by 0.5 in writing. this can solve my problem and I can achieve the required band score if get .5 increase. Need your advice regarding my situation. Should I go for recheck

  45. zeshan says:

    Dear sir
    i got
    w.5.5 :'( overall 6
    sir i need minimum 6 in each and overall 6.5
    i should go for rechecking in writing or not i need your advise
    plz guide me

    • Alam Alam says:

      No, there is something wrong in your writing, it seem. You may not have followed marking criteria that examiner looks for. What you can do is write an essay on any question and send it by email to me at alam@ielts-expert.pk i will let you know what your problems are generally so that you can improve them. For others modules, you can lift you score by specifically practicing on weak areas. If you need my online classes , do let me know by email, they will help. I follow 9 band strategies for all modules which helps candidate get healthy band score at the end.

  46. Asif says:

    My score was L 6.5, R 6.5, speaking 6 while I scored 5.5 in writing. It was a shock to see 5.5 in writing. I attempted this section very well. I was expecting 6.5 in this section, I was also expecting 7 plus in listening,
    I am short of 0.5 as I need overall band score of 6.5 with not less than 5.5 in any module. I am confident that I can get increase by 0.5 in writing. this can solve my problem and I can achieve the required band score if get .5 increase. Need your advice regarding my situation. Should I go for recheck

  47. Asif says:

    today I checked my result online. My score was L 6.5, R 6.5, speaking 6 while I scored 5.5 in writing. It was a shock to see 5.5 in writing. I attempted this section very well. I was expecting 6.5 in this section, I was also expecting 7 plus in listening,
    I need 0.5 increase as I need overall band score of 6.5 with not less than 5.5 in any module. I am confident that I can get increase by 0.5 in writing. this can solve my problem and I can achieve the required band score if get .5 increase. Need your advice regarding my situation. Should I go for recheck

  48. devi says:

    hi every one iam devi recently my ielts results came i want 6.5 but i got only 6,i did good in case of speaking andlistening but got poor score i am confident that i will get 7.5 in myspeaking but i got only 6 in speaking can any one help me i am planing for recheck.thanks in advance

  49. devi says:

    my score l-6,r-5.5,s-6,w-6.5,plz help me how to apply for recheck and how long it will take to getresult for british council.thanks in advance

  50. Rabia says:


    I have taken ielts twice in last 4 months but i have not been able to get required score in writing.The details are as follows
    test 1:Reading : 8 , Writing : 6 , Speaking: 8 , Listening:7.5 (General)
    test 2: Reading 7.5, Writing 6.5 , Speaking 8 , Listening 7.5 (Academic)
    I really seem to struggle in the writing module.Though i did prepare for the writing part and attempted the essay part as per the guidelines but still i didn’t get band 7.
    Can you please suggest if i should go for re-checking ?

  51. paras says:

    Hi sir

    this is my second attempt

    Ist attempt april 2015 I got listening 6.5 reading /speaking 8 writing 7

    2nd attempt jan 2016 i got listening/speaking/reading 8 writing 6.5

    I want to apply for recheck as i need 7 in all sections . i need a 0.5 increase in writing

    Do you think its worth a try ?

    Kindly help

    Thanks in advance

  52. Asif says:

    Applied EOR in December, Received my results today got writing increased by 0.5 from 5.5 to 6.0. My other score was L 6.5, R 6.5, S 6.

  53. Asif Ali says:

    Applied EOR in December, Received my results today got writing increased by 0.5 from 5.5 to 6.0. My other score was L 6.5, R 6.5, S 6. I need overall 6.5 with not less than 6 in any. Problem solved

  54. Mohamed Samir says:

    Dear Sir

    I have just received my IELTS score today (25/2/2016) as follows
    L : 6
    R : 6
    W : 7
    S : 5.5
    Overall : 6
    Noting that in my previous attempt in January 2015 my scores were :
    L : 5.5
    R : 5.5
    W : 5.5
    S : 6.5
    Overall : 6

    Do you recommend me to recheck in speaking?. As if my speaking score increased from 5.5 to 6 (only a half band score), my overall score would be increased to 6.5. So, I can convert my current Master by Research conditional offer to unconditional offer.

    I am seriously waiting for your reply

    Kind Regards
    Mohamed Samir

  55. preet says:

    Hi sir I got
    Do u think I should go for rechecking? I m disappointed with my speaking. Earlier I got 6 in speaking . Nd now its 5.5. But my english is good I know verywell . Plz reply

  56. sherly says:

    i gave an attempt in march 5 2016 ,got my result few days before but my score was
    listening = 7.5,speaking =7, reading =7 and writing =5.5 .but i need to increase 0.5 in writing should i go for a recheck? please suggest me .looking forward a reply eagerly

  57. sherly says:

    sir im doin ielts for the 3rd timebut still it s my score in writing s not changing

  58. sherly says:

    so i ve no other chance than rechecking it.can i give it a try. is there a chance of mark reduction in recheck.

  59. Tessa says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know the chance of getting my ielts score changed for speaking module .I have got 7,7.5 and 8 for Writing ,Reading,Listening respectively.But score for speaking module is 6.5.
    Is it advisable for me to apply for a recheck for upgrading my scores for speaking?
    Had anyone got a positive outcome for the same

    • Alam Alam says:

      yes, in this case i would recommend if you think your English was ok. what you can do is ask IELTS teacher who you know to take your interview and give you an idea where you stand. If he/she gives you green signal, you should go then.

  60. HASSAN says:

    Dear Mr. Alam,

    Recently I got an IELTS (GT) result and scored following;
    L = 5.5 (expected 6.5)
    R = 5.5 (expected 7)
    W = 7
    S = 7
    Over All = 6.5

    In this case, should I go for re-checking? I really did good in reading part.
    I need atleast 6 band in all modules.
    My email = ar.mianhassan@gmail.com

    Pls guide.


  61. Noman ali says:

    Sir I got 7.5 in listening
    ,5.5 in reading and 6 in writing and speaking. I need at least 6 in each module . should I go for recheck ??? I appeared from British council.

  62. Ammar Masood says:

    my very first attempt of ielts has proved to be a worst nightmare for me as i got a total contrasting outcome from my expectations i required 6.5 over all and not less then 6 in each section i have got listening 6.5 reading 6.5 speaking and writing 5.5 respectively as i am really confident that i did my level best in both sections if asking a question to rephrase it for three times is a mistake then it soudnt cost me in such a way .. i deserves at least a 6 in both and i am dead sure regarding it .. what do you recommend ? should i go for rechecking or not ? i will be waiting for your suggestion .. Thanks

  63. Mohamed Samir says:

    Dear Sir

    This is Mohamed Samir who asked you on Friday 26/2/2016 whether to remark the speaking section or not. I have already put your advice on board and submitted the request of remarking to the British Council. Today, I have received my results after remarking and the score of the speaking section increased from 5.5 to 6.5 (increased by one band score). Consequently, my overall score also increased from 6 to 6.5 and I got a refund for my money.

    Indeed, thank you very very much for your valuable advice. Additionally, I may take the opportunity to advise any candidate, who has a similar case like mine, to take the adventure because it deserves a trial.

  64. Bimla says:

    Hello sir
    I secure 6.0 in all band except writing,in writing I obtained only 4.5
    . .
    Before this I obtained 6 in writing on ielts exam
    At the moment I m going to recheck my score

    But I m still in the confusion whether recheck or not

    Please suggest me what to do?

  65. Humayun Sohail says:


    I am in need of 7 band in each module. I attempted from British Council in March 2016 and got 7 overall (L:6.5, R:6.5, W:7.5, S:6.5).

    Then I attempted from AEO in April 2016 and again got 7 overall (L:7.5, R:7.0, W:6.5, S:7.0).

    What do you suggest, should I go for EOR or not? Because I need 7 band in every component.

    Many Thanks.

    • Alam Alam says:

      yes,…..must go for it…in this case

      • Humayun Sohail says:


        I submitted EOR request on May 17 after your advice but unfortunately my band in writing remained the same. Strange thing is, they gave their response in 3.5 weeks instead of 7/8 weeks. Is this normal thing or something fishy has happened?

        • Alam Alam says:

          Humayun, what was your bandscore in writing . Was it your first attempt or if u gave previously as well how many times and what bandscore you got. please reply so i can answer as per my experience..

    • Saba Iqbal says:

      Humayun , whats the result of your rechecking process? is there any change in your score ?
      Am asking this because am also considering to go for rechecking

  66. Sir Alam says:

    All IELTS candidates…. do not go for British Coucil in further two months… they are careless in marking….. many students got affected……..avoid it and go through AEO

  67. Irene says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have received my results just recently and my scores are as follows:
    Listening: 6.5; Reading: 6.5; Writing: 7.0; Speaking: 6.5; Overall: 6.5.
    I need an overall score band of 6.5 and 7 in Speaking. Would you recommend me for re-checking?

  68. Alam Alam says:

    Just to express a concern that these days examiners are not following proper criteria to examine, but candidates should not give u p. Get experienced teacher and share your results and work on weak areas.

    what i experienced is that when candidates find right direction in practice and following right methods….

  69. nida says:

    Sir I got my resut that came out as listening 7.5, reading 8, writing 7 and speaking 6.
    I am not satisfied with my speaking score. I need 7 in that module. The lady at B. council wrote 6.5 and 9 and 13 min some sec infront of my result. I dont know what it stands for. Should i go for a recheck ? My last ielts 2 years back had 7 in speaking.TIA

    • Alam Alam says:

      i would say you have 70 percent of chances…. so if you want to take risk in this case…

      • nida says:

        Are there chances that my score raise by band 1?
        It would be of great help if you kindly tell the exact procedure for EOR. Should I drop the original ielts result with EOR form and fee receipt to British council boxes at standard chartered bank ? Thankyou.

        • Alam Alam says:

          Call directly you test center and ask for form and current fee. They will advise you what to pay and what documents to attach…

  70. asim says:

    hello sir
    i would like your advice on whether i should go for my speaking module rechecking or not.details of my ielts test results are below:

    RECENT IELTS RESULT: L:8.5 R:9 W:7 S:6.5(NEED 7)
    PREVIOUS RESULT (2015) : L:9 R:8.5 W:6.5 S:7.5
    FIRST IELTS ATTEMPT(2011) : L:8 R:8 W:7.5 S:7.5


    • Alam Alam says:

      you must go in this case…. and please get back with result you get from rechecking.. so other candidates can get an idea…. However on the safe side if you want to work on writing marking scheme and some lessons , do get in touch…

  71. asim says:

    thnx for the guidance sir.today , i applied for AEO ielts rechecking through AEO Islamabad.one thing i do want to mention is that the fee for AEO rechecking is now Rs 19720/-.kindly update your blog about AEO rechecking fee


  72. AIMS says:

    Dear Sir,

    I wish I found this earlier. Anyway hope I am not late.

    I have attempted IELTS 2 times
    1st time: L 7 S 7 R 7.5 W 6.5
    2nd time: L 7.4 S 7 R 9 W 6.5

    I already applied EOR for second attempt, im in the 4th week now. Will there be any chances of increasing writing from 0.5 band score.

    1st attempt I wasn’t confidence with my writing as I ran out of time. But in second I have done a good job as I feel. both cases I got same results for writing.


  73. BC says:

    Hello Alam

    I got my result for the 25th, June exam.

    L:8, S:8, R:7, W:6.5

    Am pretty okay with my result, with exception to the writing. This is because I’m confident of my writing section in this attempt, because I covered all requirements; TR, paraphrasing, using examples, paraphrasing, paragraphing, expected number of words etc. I had time to cross check for spelling errors too. This is my third attempt, First attempt I had W:7.5, Second, W:6.5 (Reason being that I didn’t finish and ran out of ideas).

    I want to submit an EOR for writing only. What do you think?

  74. ayush bhargava says:

    I have given ielts . My score is R-8.5,W-7,L-9,S-6.5 . I am sure that my speaking was better. Should i gO for rechecking as it happened with me twice.

  75. Uzma says:

    I got L 9, R 9, S 8 and W 6.5.
    Im really disappointed with my writing result as i had done it pretty well. Do u think i should apply for a recheck.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Oh that is really disappointing..

      Dear Uzma, it seems you are not following examination criteria somewhere…. contact me directly on 03009298573, will have a look..

  76. Nubra says:

    This was my second IELTS attempt (GT) and to the much of my disappointment,i just miss 7X4 only by 0.5 in Writing.In my first attempt my scores were S=7,R=6 ,L=6.5 & W=6.

    While latest Results are as under

    L = 7.5
    R =7
    S = 7
    W = 6.5
    Over All = 7

    I required 7 band in all Modules. Now i have a serious feel that IELTS is totally unfair in judging whatever they want to judge.

    What you suggest about Remark? Or should i try for PTE? its a common concept that PTE is quite an easy and one can definitely get increase of 1+ band for each module.
    Please suggest.

  77. Tomson says:

    Hello Alam Sir,

    Have you ever witnessed a case, where the LISTENING and READING score has been changed after EOR?

  78. Tahir ahmad says:

    Should I go for a recheck. I am so frustrated from my result. L8.5 r8 s7 .5 and w6.5. I was confident on my writing module but I guess they are just earning money. Should I go.for a recheck??

  79. Rc2 says:

    Hi Alan,

    I have a question regarding eor and can you please answer?

    I have applied for eor in writing and speaking and will they refund fee if there is a 0.5 increase only in writing and if there is no change in speaking?

  80. joey says:

    I got this score

    READING 9.0
    SPEAKING 7.0
    WRITING 5.5
    OVERALL 7.5

    i have gone for a recheck. I have seen band 5.5 essays and they are pretty bad in grammar,task response etc. Can there be a mistake in publishing the result?

  81. Victoria says:

    Hello! Very insightful comments in this website.
    I got my IELTS score an hour ago: L 7, R 8, W 6.5, S 9 = 7.5 band total.
    I ws gonna go berserk and seek ways on how to get a reliable and fruitful re-marking for the puny 6.5 Writng , but after reading the comments here, I knew my possible aftermath. I can’t, and will not, ever be weakest in Writing….
    But ’tis a strange and unfair world we now wander in.
    At least I got a sense of relief after knowing “we’re not alone”.
    P.S. The writing marker should be from Mars, me thinks.

  82. Nubra says:

    Dear All!
    I wanted to share my personal experience with you guys regarding Re-mark.I applied for remark on 21st September,2016 and got my results back on 27th September 2016 within a week.And the result is unchanged. This is really strange how they are making money.please never go to Remark. I was very confident enough to get an updated band of 0.5 but i m really disappointed.I guess IELTS is a business now.

    1st Attempt : S=7,R=6 ,L=6.5 & W=6.0
    2nd Attempt : S=7,R=7 ,L=7.5 & W=6.5

  83. Saba Iqbal says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have recently taken IELTS on 23rd September and it was my 4th attempt. Am consistently getting the following result:

    L: 7.5
    R : 8.5
    W: 6.5
    S :7

    I am failed to understand why my writing is not improved at all even after a lot of practice. I need minimum 7 in each. Can you please recommend if I should go for rechecking or not ?Since am giving up this time since its extremely expensive and already ate up a lot of my time, energy and money 🙁
    Please suggest..

  84. Ramandeep kaur says:

    Sir. I get 5.5. Bands in reading, writing, nd listing nd 6 in speaking… But writing score is opposite to m expectations.. Sir tell me what can I do.. Plz give me suggestion.. I need to 6 band overall

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kaur,

      you must have done something wrong… .you may not have followed examiner criteria….or other mistakes….get somebody to check you…

  85. Imtiyaz says:

    Sir please need your advice..
    This was my 3rd attempt and my scores are l 7.5 /r 8/w 7/ s 7.
    I was confident that my listening went well n I was hoping for score more than 8. Can I go for remark??
    thrice I have got 7.5 in listening. BUT this time I practiced a lot of ielts model papers of listening.

    PLEASE reply,
    Thank you

  86. Tatheer says:

    I’ve received my AEO IELTS result on 21st of October 2016. Scores were Reading 9, Listening 8.5, Speaking 7.5 and writing 6. I have applied for rechecking in writing module but still waiting for the result. Any hopes in AEO as per your experience as I require 7 in writing and how long should I wait for the result. I have applied for recheck on 25th of October.

  87. Dr. Zeeshan Rashid says:

    Dear sir,
    I got my result today I.e on 2nd December 2016 and have scored writing 7, speaking 7, listening 8 and 6.5 in reading, though I needed 7 in each module. Sir, I wanted to ask whether shoul I go for rechecking in reading section ? I have heard that rechecking in reading is a waste of money.
    Kindly give me your sincere advice.

    Regards !

  88. Ali says:

    Listening 8.5
    Reading 8.5
    Writing 7
    Speaking 6

    Needed 7 in each. Please guide as i had done quite well in peaking test.

  89. John Alex says:

    Dear Sir,

    Today i received my IELTS result , L:6.5 , R:6, S:6.5 , W:5.5 , would you recommend for recheck , this is my first attempt with self studies.

    Looking forward for your response .

    Thanks ,

  90. Aslam says:

    My Ielts academic result (Test date: 19th November)
    over all: 6.5

    Last time (8th October 2016) I got 6.0 in listening. This time I was expecting more than 6.

    Need 6 each

  91. Dr. Zeeshan Rashid says:

    Thankyou sir !

  92. Asad says:

    I appeared in IELTS (General) on 19th Nov, 2016 in Karachi through BC. I needed 7 each but unfortunately my result (R 8 L 7.7 S 6.5 W 6) is not meeting the requirement for immigration. Please advise, should I go for recheck or re-attempt?

    A brief story of my IELTS attempt: Note: I am shocked after seeing my writing result. I got tuition of IELTS from a reputed institute and tutor was always very confident about my writing. He always marked me 8 or 8.5 in both tasks (1 & 2). I have practise writing module by writing 30 essays.
    Also to tell you, I have 5.5 years of working experience in an English speaking country. I am quite good in writing complex technical reports of 30 to 80 pages in my routine job.

    I appeared twice in IELTS (academic) back in 2007 (Oct & Dec), and got 6 both times in writing module 🙁 but i attempted those IELTS without any practice and before moving overseas.

    Now I am much better in speaking and writing English and still getting the same score as it is used to be back in 2007. Feeling disappointed from IELTS BC management

    IELTS Speaking examiner lady was pathetic and was giving reactions (smiling & surprise) throughout the test. I got bit confused and lost my flow in between many times.

  93. Payal says:

    Dear sir, i got band 7 for all modules exvept reading. I got 5.5 in reading. I was expectimg 7 or more. Please let me know if i should go for rechecking. I want only 0.5 more in reading. Thank you

  94. shahzad says:

    Dear sir

    I gave IELTS general test on 10/12/2016 this was my third attempt and my scores are as follows
    O=7, L=8, R=7, W=6.5, S=7.

    Previously i appeared in IELTS academic 2 times and my scores are
    Test 1, O=7, L=8.5, R=7.5, W=7, S=6.5
    Test 1, O=7.5, L=8.5, R=8.5, W=7, S=6.5

    I need 0.5 in Writing. Should i get my result in writing rechecked ?????????

  95. rajveer kaur says:

    i got 6band in speaking nd listening in reading 5:5 and 5 band in writing module i am very dissappointed sir bcz i need 5:5 in writing i m waiting for my rechecking result.

  96. sir.i have got 5 band in speaking test.from british council.but last 2 time,i had got 5.5 band in speaking module from idp.plz sir give me advise.should i recheck for speaking module.

  97. sir.i have got 5 band in speaking test.from british council.but last 2 time,i had got 5.5 band in speaking module from idp.plz sir give me advise.should i go rechecking for speaking module.writing 6.listening 5.5 reading 5.5.i need 6 band in speaking module.according to me ,my interview was good.i excepted 6 band in that interview.

  98. NITIN HIRPARA says:

    Hello sir
    today was my ielts result and i got 6 band in listening,6 band in writing,5.5 band in speaking and 5 band in reading.I was expectimg 6 in reading. Please let me know if i should go for rechecking. I want only 0.5 more in reading. Thank you

  99. Cherilyn says:

    My first IELTS:
    My second IELTS after 3 weeks:

    Do you think my remark on second one would increase by 0.5? I only need at least 6.5 in my speaking.

    • Alam Alam says:

      dear, it really depends….. but it will help you i think coz last time you scored pretty well……..go for it i would say

      • Cherilyn says:

        Thank you for your reply.
        What is the difference between 6 and 6.5 in speaking exam?
        Will the British Council consider my other modules (i.e., listening, reading and writing) when deciding my remark?

        Many thanks

  100. Nehan says:

    Got my result yesterday.. reading 8.5 speaking 8 listening 9 writing 6.5 overall 8. Needed 7 in individual modules. I guess i did well in writing n i had practiced alot as well. I used goood words, connectors n all. Should i go for recheck? Really upset by the result!

    • Alam Alam says:

      Go for rechecking….you can send me sample essay in these comments will let you know what your problems are in case if any..

      • Kamran says:

        Nehan, about same experience with me too. I needed 7 in each. i got L9, S8, R7.5 and writing 6.5. Did you appeared from IDP? Was it General or Academic?

  101. HEY,
    I got 7 each in listening and reading but i got 6.5 in speaking and 5.5 in writing. Should i got for rechecking?

  102. Hey,

    I got 7 in reading and listening each, 6.5 in speaking but 5.5 in writing. Should i go for rechecking?

  103. I am talking about only writing. I need only .5 in that.

  104. Adeel says:

    Sir Alam.

    Below is my score;
    L: 8
    R: 8
    W: 6.5
    S: 7
    Just need 0.5 more in writing. Should i go for a recheck?
    I also studied at your centre for Ielts preparation.

  105. Farrukh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam.
    Pease help me to decide whether to ask my results remarked.
    First attempt :
    Listening – 6
    Reading – 6
    Writing – 6.5
    Speaking – 5.5
    After 2 months my second attempt :
    Listening – 6.5
    Reading – 6.5
    Writing – 6.5
    Speaking – 5.5

    Do I have any chance to get my speaking 0.5 band higher ???
    Many thanks.

    • Alam Alam says:

      it seems you probably making some mistakes in speaking as per examiner speaking criteria… work on that hire somebody who can fix it and then give exam…

  106. asia erum says:

    I was taken exam of ielts 29 April 2017
    I achieved score
    Reading: 3.5
    Writing 4.5
    listening 4.5
    speaking 4.5
    but i m not satisfy reading score. its very lower score.
    Coordinator collect reading paper but i gave reading paper after 30 second. its reason my score is deduct? Please give me information. I waiting your prompt reply.

    • Alam Alam says:

      no… it seems you didn’t know exam format or not good with time management thats why your score is less..

      you need to give exam again more confidently and if score that you require is more than go for some lessons and improve weak areas.

  107. Shaks says:

    Hi Mr. Alam:

    Just a bit confused regarding remarking of my recent ielts result.

    1st Attempt (19-Nov-16)

    I knew, i did blunder in my writing task 2 due to shortage of time i wasn’t able to use eraser that why i used empty lines between paragraphs.
    Further, I also wrote an irrelevant point in explanation.Thus, didn’t go for re-mark.

    Therefore, focused on my writing skills, for better developed essay.

    2nd Attempt (13-May-17)

    writing remained same while others went down by 0.5 :-/

    now I need atleast band 7 in each module.

    Can you kindly answer my two queries,

    1) In best case scenario, what are the chances that i could get 1 band raise in writing and 0.5 band in speaking, both?

    2) In writing task 2, I got question having 2 point of views regarding old age employees and younger age employees..
    action words were : What is your opinion?

    So i opt below strategy,
    Para 1 –> Introduciton
    Para 2 –> Supporting pt 1 (young age employee)
    Para 3 –> Supporting pt 2 (young age employee)
    Para 4 –> Conclusion

    I only provided MY OPINION in favor of young age employees (as the action words suggested).

    Do you think i had to write regarding both views and then give my opinion?

    • Alam Alam says:

      you need to take my online classes in which i will identify your weak areas and offer you solution. that will work best..

      other than that i would say you are just testing yourself by giving it again and again.

  108. arshad says:

    I gave 4 attempts of general training ielts and my writing score never increased from 6.5. However, in other modules i never got less than 7 band in each try.I worked a lot on my writing but results did not change. I Need 7 band in each module, so could u please advice, should I go for a remark or not??

    The result of my 4 attempts are below,

    L 8 R 8 S 7 W 6.5
    L 7 R 9 S 7 W 6.5
    L 8 R 7 S 7 W 6
    L 8 R 9 S 7 W 6.5

    • Alam Alam says:

      contact me personally to take few of my classes … hopefully it will increase … you are not following some of criteria that examiner looks for

  109. wahid says:

    hello, i took the ielts exam last may 5 and the result was released after 13 days. however, i got really shocked as my writing score did not meet my expectation. they gave me 6.5 albeit i used all the good styles and exceptional words. i think ielts plays unfair game to most of the examiners…

    • Alam Alam says:

      Well, Dear Wahid…

      A lot of students are experiencing this issue but as i guide them i saw good improvement. My one student got 8 today, last exam she got 7.0 so that is good improvement. She was making some mistakes which she avoided this time.

  110. Saleem Khan says:


    Is it true that preparation from AEO can earn more bands especially in speaking and writing?

  111. Mohsin says:

    Hello Sir

    I had given ielts 5 times but wasn’t able to achieve 5.5 in reading and writing but this time I achieved

    L. 7.0
    R. 6.0
    W. 6.0
    S. 5.0

    In last 4 atempts I never got less then 6.0 in speaking but this time I got 5.0….please suggest me that should I go for a recheck for just speaking as I only need .5 more….need atleast 5.5 in every element…

  112. Daljit Singh says:

    in exam, essay topic was “some people believe that University education should be free, other believe students at University level should pay for their education, discuss both views,and give your opinion”
    i wrote an essay by contrasting developed and developing countries, after introduction i wrote about free education being provided in schandenavian and countries like Germany, qatar which could easily afford free education
    in the next paragraph i wrote about poor economies with huge population, and their inability to provide free University education to all forwant of funds,
    then i gave my opinion
    and then conclusion,
    was it right approach
    i am now feeling that i should have written it on individual basis rather than global
    may i expect more than 6 bands
    or whatever it is irrelevant

  113. Balli says:

    Hello sir
    I gave my IELTS last week and I got L5.5 R 6.5 W 6 S 6
    But I need 6 in each module.
    Is it beneficial if I will do recheck for listening?
    Can you advice me for better improvement?

  114. KB says:

    I have attempted for IELTS exam for 4 times. I am still unsuccessful to achieve my desired band. Please suggest. My previous scores are as follows.
    1: R: 8.5, L:5.5, W: 6.5, S:6.5
    2: R: 7.0, L:6.0, W 6.5, S: 6.5
    3: R: 5.5, L: 8.0, W: 6.0, S: 7.0
    4: R: 7.5, L: 8.0, W: 7.0, S: 6.0

    I have already applied for the Recheck but receive no change in the result.

  115. N says:

    Hey I gave the IELTS exam on this 12th and got the following scores:
    I need to have a 8 band in speaking and I was aspiring one as my speaking test went good. Should I go for a recheck in speaking or not?

  116. Mona Jawad says:

    Hi Alam,

    I have attempted IELTS and every time there is one or another part for which I am unable to meet the criteria of 7. This time around it was speaking test. Should I request rechecking? Would it be beneficial? I have scored 7 earlier.

  117. Uzma says:

    What are examiner’s criteria to check candidate speaking
    Like in first exam examiner is giving 7 band
    But next year you get 6 band
    How it’s possible….

  118. Muzamkl says:

    Salam sir ! I got my GT result 3 days ago and I got overall 6, listening 6.5, speaking 6.5, reading 6 and writing 5.5….
    What you suggest to me that either I should go for rechecking of writing . I need .5 band increase in writing .

  119. XYZ says:

    AoA i got
    Where as i need 6 in each, can i go for rechecking, is there any chance ?

  120. Ahmed says:

    Sir I want to be recheck my ielts listings test. I got 6 band. But I’m accepting 7 or 7.5 from it. Is there any chances in Listening test for increasing of marks.

  121. sadaf says:

    Aoa Sir
    i have appeared in IELTs exam 5 times
    1st attempt :
    Academic —-L=5.5 R=7 W=7 S=7
    General ——L=7.7 R=7 W=6.5 S=6.5
    General—–L=9 R=8.5 W=6.5 S=6.5
    Academic L=8.5 R=8 w=7 S=6.5
    n the final attempt was General—L7.5 R=8.5 W=6.5 S=7
    I really want to go for rechecking as my essay was really good
    please suggest me should i go for rechecking and if u can please evaluate my essay as i still remember what i wrote

    • Alam Alam says:

      Sadaf, sorry to answer you late.. please contact me on 03009298573 and see what can be done about it now. i have helped many students recently covering the writing part..

      all other readers are requested to contact me right after seeing result if you want to go for rechecking as i dont get time to see posts very often.

  122. muzamil says:

    Thanks sir Alam.
    I got overall 6…. R 6, S 6.5, W 5.5, L 6.5
    I send my essay to sir and he suggested me to go for rechecking…
    And Alhamdullilah today I got my improved result in writing 6.5 , and overall band increased to 6.5. Thank you sir .
    Now pray sir that I got immigration

  123. Alam Alam says:

    Rechecking is becoming a serious issue for IETLS candidates. Examiners sometimes get lazy and just give afirst impression score by simply giving writing an overview. This is not a good act of IELTS examiners as students spend quality time and efforts to prepare.

    Please share much of your experiences so others can get to know about it and get benefited…

    Thanks indeed

  124. Ali says:

    AOA Sir
    I got Ielts score of 6.5 overall. 7.5 in listening, 6.5 in reading and speaking, and 5.5 in writing. Overall score is fine. But i need 6 in writing to be eligible.I gave my test through AEO. Should i go for revaluation ?

    • Alam Alam says:

      yes, if your teacher recommends it. Are you doing self preparation, share writing here , will suggest you if you should go for it.

  125. Atif says:

    Dear Sir,
    I just got my results for IELTS General.
    Listening: 8
    Speaking: 8
    Writing: 6

    I am quite in a disbelief to find that I scored a 6 in writing since I had prepared from an institute as well as various sources on Youtube. Should I get a recheck. This was my third attempt. In first attempt, I scored 7 in writing, in second I got 6.5 and in third attempt I got 6. Pls advise.

    • Alam Alam says:

      sometimes they give you trouble by giving less score and sometimes you dont understand the complex criteria of marking. For example you may have done ever generalization or because of rounding down you got 6.

      send me sample complete test so i can get an idea and let you know where you need to work on.

  126. Hi, Sir Alam
    Good Day,

    I got the following score in my IELTS General Training Test.

    Speaking: 7
    Listening: 7
    Reading 6.5
    Writing 5.5

    I applied for EOR for writing and reading segments in Feb, 2018 and eight (8) weeks have already been passed but I did not hear anything from British Council so far. I was confident to get the higher marks in writing, but could not do it. I need 6 in each bands for immigration purpose for Canada and nowadays I am waiting for the result.

    I just wanted to take expert’s comments that: do they also hold the EOR result if something they feel very wrong or do they invite the candidate to retake the specific segment’s test again? Please respond soon because it is very important for me.

  127. Fahad Bajwa says:

    Dear Alam,

    I have achieved band 6 in writing, whereas, I managed to score an overall 7.5 with 8.5 in speaking, 7.5 in reading and 8.0 in listening.
    I managed to paragraph my writing well and adhered to the general idea of writing task 2. should I apply for a revaluation?

    • Alam Alam says:

      hmm.. actually sometimes they do not give score and sometimes it is really the issue. so i need to see your writing. send me a sample task 1 and task 2 on whatsapp 03009298573.

  128. Ayesha says:

    I am really disappointed with my writing ilets result.
    I got 6.0 while i was expecting to get more than 7.Also i believe my essay wasn’t that bad.I need atleast 7 in this section.
    In others i got 7 ,7.5 and 8.
    do I go for rechecking? need your recommendation please.

  129. Hasasn says:

    How can I apply for IELTS General Training (Writing) Remarking? Do I need to fill a form on British Council website? Please guide step by step in this regard.

  130. Saad says:

    I got ielts result today.
    L7.5 R7 W5.5 S6.5
    Though I didn’t prepare much for writing but atleast I was expecting 6+ band in writing. It was my 1st attempt.
    Should I go for 2nd test or recheck writing?
    I need minimum 6 band in each module.

  131. usama says:

    hello sir,

    i appeared for test on 12th may 2018 and still didnt got my results. They told me my result is under investigation. They asked from me handwritten statement which i have already sent them. Please sir guide me, THANKS

  132. Danish Gul Khan says:


    I appeared in IELTS in Dec 2017 and got LRWS = 7.5,7,7,6.5.
    I appeared in IELTS in Sep 2018 and got LRWS = 6.5,7,6,6.5.

    I need LRWS = 8777

    Should I go for rechecking?

    I appeared in Computer Based IELTS

  133. Waqas says:

    I got ielts result today. Listening 8.5 Reading 7.5 Speaking 7 & 6.5 in writing and i was sure i could get atleast a 7 in writing. Should I go for rechecking?

    • Alam Alam says:

      contact me so we can have discussion and then suggest you accordingly. As one of my student from Mala got her writing band increased getting 8 overall Masha Allah.

  134. sukhpreet singh says:

    sir i secured 7.5 in lis 6 writing 6.5 in reading and 5.5 in speaking but in previous exam from that result i got 6.5 in speaking. should i go for rechecking

  135. Ali says:

    Hi Alam,
    I took IELTS GT this month.
    I got, L 8.5, R 8.5, S 8.0 and W 7.0.
    I think my writing could be at least 7.5.
    Should I go for EOR or re-appear for a new test?

  136. Hamza Azeem says:

    Sir i got 5.5 overall
    L- 6.5
    R – 4.5
    W – 5.5
    S – 5.5
    I think i may get at least 0.5 band more in reading. Would u please advise me what shoukd i do??

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