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ielts exam questions 9 August 2014

ielts exam questions 9 August 2014

9 august exam questions






Location : London, Pakistan, Srilanka

Writing task 2

Some people say supermarkets and manufacturers are responsible to reduce high amounts products.
Others believe it is consumers responsibility to avoid buying those products which have high packaging amount.

Discus both views and give your opinion.


Country : Bangkok

Writing Task 2

Some people think that the governments should ban dangerous sports.

However,others think everyone has the right to chose whatever sport activities they want.

discuss both view and give your opinion.



please share your questions…


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  1. kiran karim says:

    Some people say supermarkets and manufactures are responsible to reduce high amounts, because they are laborer who knows what product is in demand in the market and also how to make a product attractive, they know the flexibility of product because they are the one who producing it, they have a right to code amount, in high or low levels.
    In this case, as a manufacturer, they include labor who works day and night to make good quality product, then we have whole selling market who properly invest that how much lab our and retailing cost on it. Afterwards product goes to the main market where actually they find out the cost of buying and selling.
    In consumer, point of view, they know what they need from the market, it’s not they need an expensive item to feed their families. They also have a concern about a less money but good quantity.
    Some consumers only check packaging and the branded name of company and make a data in their mind by saying that’s want they want, but when they realize that it was only packaging makes them attractive it’s too late.
    In my opinion, in supermarket and manufactures they are the people who actually make everything which means they know if a product is not in a good quantity for not safe in any aspects, they shouldn’t cell it, regarding high amount it’s just packing make people attractive. However in every country their some government polices about markets where manufactures should follow and code the exact price otherwise in the end of the year companies may get fine.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,


      – Do not add details in the introduction part. Make your Position clear what you intend to discuss in the body part.

      Body Para 1
      – In this para , you have not discussed any part of the question. It just describes process.

      Body Para2
      – It doesn’t answer question well either.

      Last paragraph
      – This para doesn’t guide reader well as there aren’t enough supporting paragraphs which can convince reader.


      – Produce proper essay in which introduce first, develop points in the body and in last conclude well based on body.

      • kiran karim says:

        thank u so much sir i will try to manage my essay, it will help me to produce more words and also think more in different direction.once again thank u
        kiran karim
        Canberra act Australia..,

  2. Kashif says:

    Is it from general or academics ??

  3. Kashif says:

    Further I noticed that first part of the question is not making any sense. Could you please recheck and confirm?

  4. Dilmurod says:

    Please put 16 august ielts essay questions as soon as possible

  5. Dilmurod says:

    write both task 1 and task 2 in the morning pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Dilmurod says:

    can you tell me which of these stucture is true?
    1) there is a number of clear differences
    2) there are a number of clear differences

  7. ayesha says:

    Please admin write some detail of this 9th ausgust Writing topic 2. it could help alot. Thanks

  8. Alex says:

    Please put the 16 august essays please

  9. Michael says:

    Can you write the 16 august essay

  10. Michael says:

    Please write both task 1 and task 2 p

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