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IELTS exam questions 6 september 2014



Exam questions for 6 September 2014


ieltsexamquestios692014I hope your test for 6 September 2014 IELTS all modules exam goes well. Please share your questions so other with different time zones can benefit as well.






Speaking Questions


Writing Questions

Task 1 (Letter)
Recently you attended a conference. Write a letter to your manager for preparing a presentation for the colleagues.
Why it is required for colleagues
are they interested on the presentation

Task 2
Young people are getting more influenced by friends than parents or teachers.

Do you agree or disagree


Task 1 (Letter)

Write a letter to your tutor for learning foreign language….

When you plan to start it

How you will practice it

how will it help in work




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  1. Alam Alam says:

    Questions :
    Males should be given more priority to get higher education than females.
    How far do you agree or disagree?

    Whether a woman should pursue higher studies has always been an argumentative discussion. Some school of thoughts completely opposed and discouraged it and preferred men to be given more importance. However, I don’t consider this should be the case and believes in equal opportunity for both.

    It has been widely observed in few societies that women are not encouraged to attain education to professional level. It is mainly, due to lack of awareness within the society and cultural restrictions. For example, they believe, most women will not take it further to career level and rather will only be performing house hold duties. While on other hand, it is generally accepted that the man will certainly be playing an active role in nurturing of the economy. So people assert, rather wasting her seat, it could have been utilized by male counterpart more effectively.

    However, there are societies where educated women have proved themselves as a true contributor. It had only become possible once society realized the importance of education for women. Nowadays, they are playing an active role in professional life, whether it is science and research or field of medicine. They are certainly participating to the economy and the welfare of the society equally. In addition to that, in few researches it has been proved that women are better in multitasking and more focused as compared to their male counterpart.

    In conclusion, I reckon there should be equal opportunities for both men and women for getting higher education and only merit should be the factor rather than the gender.

    By M Taha Hussain
    Saudia Arabia

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Taha,

      – In the second sentence , you have used past tense which shows it occurred in past but you want to show fact. So avoid past and use simple present tense.
      – Last sentence the word “believes” should be replaced as “believe” because it is not third person singular. And use of “and” is not appropriate here so there is not clear progression in last sentence.

      Body para 1

      Body para 2



      – Use present simple tense for facts not past.

  2. Alam Alam says:

    Usage of technology has made people lazy.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?


    It is certainly understandable that many technologies have revolutionized the world and made our lives easy. But, in my opinion, these technological advancements have led to laziness in our lives too.

    Computer is a great invention in the modern world. It has solved many difficult tasks which were nearly impossible to achieve in the past. Despite its useful features, it could be a cause of laziness in some people. For instance, most of the teachers used to deliver long lectures as they required writing everything on black boards. This teaching methodology greatly helps students in terms of learning. But, nowadays, teachers provide their lectures in soft copy to students or they upload them on internet. As a result, students become least bother to attend the classes regularly.

    Majority of people, who own a vehicle, do not even walk for shorter distance. Some people, who are able to take stairs, even rely on lifts or escalators. In past, it was a common practice to visit banks in person for drawing cash or paying utility bills, bur due to ATM facility, they just visit nearby machines for banking. It is generally observed that people unnecessarily switch on their air conditioners, though the weather outside is witty.

    To sum up, technologies have provided us with numerous facilities in our lives. But on other hand, such advancements have aforementioned dark sides, which may lead to laziness and ultimately serious health concerns for example obesity and heart diseases.

    Naresh Kumar ,

    • Alam Alam says:

      – It is fine

      Body Para 1
      – ok

      Body para 2
      – Second paragraph does not have topic sentence. And sentences are not logically managed and organzied. So there is not a good flow of ideas.

      – It is fine


      – Introducing topic sentence for each paragraph which will help examiner know what you intend to discuss. Then provide supporting details accordingly.
      – Improve signposting in specially in second para of the body. It has four different points for laziness but not organized them well or put signposting words.

  3. Alam Alam says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please find the draft below:

    Essay – Computer games are very common in children in all nationalities.
    Some parents think computer games are more harmful than useful.
    Give you opinion

    It is well known that computer games are being frequently used by children worldwide. From some parent’s point of view, it appears that such games have more damaging effects compared with their positive features. However, I would say, computers games have both advantages and disadvantages depend on their usage. If children are allowed to use the computers for limited time, chances of problems will probably be decreased.

    Parents, who consider computer games as unsafe are right to great extent. Since, overuse of games is well evident in some kids that will certainly cause harm to body by different means. For instance, constant look at the computer screen will lead to the several problems in eyes. In addition, they do not sleep well, which may render serious physiological problems in their bodies. Furthermore, prolong use of games would keep them away from their studies. As a consequence, they will achieve poor results and ultimately face many problems in practical life.

    Children, who utilize less time on computers, are likely to be benefited in different ways. Firstly, they can relax themselves after their five to six hours studies at school. Secondly, while using computer games, children learn different creative approaches, which may help them in their chosen professions. Most importantly, if children are kept busy with games, they will not demand for unnecessary outings.

    To conclude, it is clear that computer games have both positive and negative effects in accordance to their utilization. In my opinion, harmful outcomes may be overcome by proper guidance from teachers as well as parents.

    Naresh Kumar ,

  4. Alam Alam says:

    Q.Males should be given more priority to get higher education than females.How far do you agree or disagree?

    In modern era there seems a lot of competition among males and females in every field of life.In every profession where man used to work women also take active part in it such as cricket football hockey army teaching Air force etc.it provides equal rights to both male and female as well.

    Some people has a difference of opinion on that they use to think that males should get better opportunities to study as compared to the females.The reason they provide behind it is that the males have to take care of their and their families expenses before and after marriage.Man has to work for their mother father sisters brothers wife and children to earn money and provide them a better and secure future.

    Some other reasons are that most of the time it is seen that women use to work at home as a house wife to take care of her children and other house hold purpose while man use to go out for the job to look after his expenses.And some times working out for women at late night is considered bad in some society while male have to work out for night shifts as well

    In my opinion it is a birth right to every human to get education weather it is male or female.in the development and literacy rate of country a women has a equal part as male.Some people would differ from my thought but every one has his own thoughts and in my opinion every human should get educated as much as he/she wants.

    DHA Phaseview

  5. Alam Alam says:

    Computer games are very common in children in all nationalities. Some parents think computer games are more harmful than useful. Computer games comes under hobby which means it totally depends on family environment how it convey to children and also how parents monitor it. In western societies parents are working they don’t have enough time to expand with children, they preferred at home children keep doing something which means let them do whatever makes children happy and make their life easier.

    Firstly, computer games are more harmful than useful. Computer games are really bad for vision (eye-sight) because children sit in front of TV screen/computer screen for more than 5 hours it breaks a connection between eye and brain. Which give them a headache or pain in the eye, which makes a watery eye as well?

    Secondly sometime some games give children misconnects as well, while they playing or while they watching they start to act in their daily life through behavior, as a parent we can see they start to get violet and aggressive with their friends and siblings at all the times.

    Thirdly, in eastern societies where parents expand a lot of time with their children while doing drawing with them, mother show girls how to cook , how to greet with guests, these little things count big things in real life.
    Instead let children play games all the time, we just need to actually concentrate what they want in their life, while talking to them by showing them concerns what actually they want, by giving them choices to make new hobbies like reading a book or listening to a song playing with the siblings and also encourage them to be a responsible person at home, which makes them proud themselves.


    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,


      You have given explanation in last few sentences which is not appropriate in introduction.

      body para 1.
      – slight reference problem.
      body para 2.
      – use “sometimes” as it is adverb of frequency.

      overall, it is not that bad for 6 band.

      leave clear conclusion by writing in conclusion

      keep practicing

  6. Alam Alam says:

    In some countries governments are encouraging industries business to move out of the cities into regional arrears, because they find out there are some scope of life which means people can survive easily, therefore in regional areas the environment is more peaceful where they can enjoyed their family time.

    Firstly, in regional areas there is a new beginning like a new chapter is waiting for them because in this kind of situation there a lot of jobs where people need employee to make this area like a city, where actually they offer a good salary package give employees accommodation and also family benefits as well.

    Thirdly some disadvantages are as follows its far from city like people travel a lot as much as they can to catch buses and ferries, if you travel with family it’s totally different, but still is a travel, like for grocery, shopping centers are very far from cities, people waste time to walk and also it get really hard with children as well to take pram and stuff, carry all this and walk it seem bit dangerous as well.

    In conclusion is important neither informative nor useful let us take or more detailed look at the scenario, in cities people get busy in their lives like non-stop because life get busy in regional areas is just in t a difference about resources in every one lives how they take things and also how to react in different situations of lives.


  7. Alam Alam says:

    Q. Computer games are very common in children in all nationalities.Some parents think computer game are more harmful than useful.Give you opinion

    In modern era people use to get involved in different life activities. Their lives totally depends on the technology nowadays.Without it they can’t survive their lives because they have became habitual of it.Among all other technologies computer is one of the biggest priority of man of today.

    Computer was designed to make man work comfortably then the ages before.Soon after it became a necessity for life designers used to design new things in it.Computer games are one of the most common and popular medium of having fun for children nowadays
    Kids of modern era use to play different sort of games for hours and hours.It is a biggest medium of having fun for them.They spend most of their time by playing games on computer.For that different kinds of games have invented and are available in market.However for some parents computer games are harmful for children who use to play it for hours.

    In their opinion using computer for hours makes mind weaker and causes several diseases like eyesight problem and other mental problems.
    In their opinion computer games are harmful for teenagers because they use to play games that contains violence and their minds get effected of it.

    In my opinion playing games for hours is dangerous for health because it creates less chances for having physical exercise and causes weakness in them specially in teenage.IF children use to play outdoor games more often they will became more healthy then nowadays.

    Ali, Defenceview, Karachi

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ali,

      Your introduction is not appropriate. it doesn’t discuss about computer games.

      In second paragraph, first two sentences are not related to question.

      There is over generalization which means you have not elaborated your points.


      improve paragraphing by sticking to few points and explaining them in order

  8. Alam Alam says:

    Question :

    Usages of technologies have made our live lazy. To what extend do you agree ?


    There are so many technologies we are going to use now a day, like computer, automatically kitchen appearances, etc so many gyms that can be open in our area.
    That can be easily using yes these technologies made our lives handed easily.

    In the gyms we used treadmill, no walk. Even we are not going to meet friends because of cell phones, computer. We prefer Skype to each other our life like handicap, because of using these technologies.
    Sometimes i feel that is good, and i do agree with the usage of technologies.
    But some extent I agree because we save our times.
    Nowadays time is very important for us. And as working women, we do not have much time to spend with family, and because of technology we have enough time, being a mother. I totally agreed with that statement.

    Firstly, I m relaxed to do with work, clam a house easily to use automatic electronic employees.

    Secondly when guest comes to my home I make dinner easily with using kitchen appearances, to grind to chop and makes food.
    Most important thing is that I’m very closed to our my relatives who lived abroad, because of this.

    Conclusion is that because of technologies sometime e I fell lazy but feel good to have.

    Farah Siddiqui,
    Defence Phase 2,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Farah,

      You essay has many errors.

      – You have not discussed the actual topic.
      – It has over-generalization. Means you have opened many ideas but not elaborated them…
      – The content is not organized logically and in order.

  9. Alam Alam says:

    Usage of Technology has mode our lives lazy. To what extent do you agree.

    In today’s modern world, mankind has made leaps and bounds in the field of science and technology. Technology is constantly being upgraded due to millions of dollars being spent on research in order to lead better living lifestyles to which some disagreement that technology has made our lives lazy and boring. We shall discuss in detail in my opinion the pro’s and con’s which are stated as below.

    The drawback of using technology in our daily routine lives have minimized physical activities which has lead a worldwide issue on the number of obesity cases whereby for instance calories are not being burnt in order to keep oneself fit and healthy. As a consequence, other parts of the body are also affected with Diabetes being a common phenomenon found.

    One the contrary, there are a number of advantages, firstly the world being a global market is now accessible at the click of a button, from sending letters via post which could take days to deliver, to, sending an email which is received instantaneously at the click of the button.
    Secondly, it saves you the time and energy required to perform the task as internet has replaced libraries for information can be accessible at your laptop / doorstep.
    Pocket sized gadgets have made more in roads such as mobile phones which are no longer gadgets that could make and receive calls. Added functionality of camera features as well as keeping a monitor on your blood pressure is now a common right found.

    To conclude, I would like to say that there are numerous advantages by the use of technology in our daily lives and more research and development are ready in place to make our lives more friendly, easier and efficient.

    II Chundigar Road,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Asif,


      – The question says to what extend you agree or disagree but you have discussed advantages and disadvantages.

      Body para 1
      – There is repetition “click of the button”

      Body para 2
      – Further two paragraphs should be part of this para. Because what they discuss are part of this discussion.


      Analyze the topic of the essay well before you start writing. This will help you focus the question and help you get more marks in Task Response.

  10. Alam Alam says:

    Blogs on the web are very effective ways for people to express their ideas and relieve tensions.

    What is your opinion?

    In the past, people have been using newspapers and magazines as the only way to express their thoughts. But due to the emergence of blogs, it has now been commonly used for the same but more effectively.

    With the expansion of internet, it certainly has created different platform of blogs. It either could be related to social or political or could be any random issues where people want to share their views. People need a medium and they find blogging as a convenient tool in expressing their ideas. For instance, one of its beauty is, people can even express their aggression without getting physical. Furthermore, it also brings people from different school of thoughts to one platform to actually discuss and share causes and solutions in more meaningful way.

    In societies, where freedom of speech is not that common, blogging could be used as an effective medium. It helps them in releasing their stress and frustration without any confrontation. People can remain anonymous and express their views or concerns relating to their localities or any social issues. This may enable their voice to be heard to concern authorities and needful action could be taken. For example, there are some countries where one cannot talk against ruling government but with the rise of blog, people have started to share their aggression and anguish passively.

    In conclusion, blogging is now widely used to express one’s agony and thus helping them in relieving tensions. It has also become a common forum where people from different sectors can actively participate to show their concerns on the issues that matters them most.

    Saudia Arabia

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Taha,

      – Use past tense “In the past, people used newspapers and magazines…..” as you are referring to the past.
      – You have not responded to the question. It seems you have answered the question “what ways people used to express thoughts?”

  11. Alam Alam says:

    You are due to start a new job next week but you will not be able to because you have some problems.

    write a letter to your new employer. in your letter
    explain your situation
    describe your problems
    tell him/her when you think you can start


    Dear Sir,

    I am Maria Amer with a qualification of master degree in mass communication has received an acceptance letter for the job of public relation officer in your prestigious company. I was suppose to start working in my designated post from Monday of next week but i cannot. As i want to behave responsibly i want to inform you that i am facing some issues to get y documents from the previous company and some my domestic issues.

    Sir want to mention you when i applied for the job in your company, i was already working in the other company. I have applied for the leaving certificate but due to some office requirement to complete some documents and for the completion of the contract. I need one more week to be with them to complete all the formalities and to collect my dues. Furthermore i was living in Clifton because as a lady worker i wanted to be more close to my office to maintain my regular presence and discipline. Now as i am to work at Gulshan and it is far away from the place i live. I want to shift nearby so i need some time to find a respectable place and to move there.

    I have explained you all my problems and hope you will understand my situation and grant me two week period to sort out all my issues. And also grant me chance to work for your prestigious company and to be a part of the progress.

    Your favour will highly be appreciated.
    Yours sincerely,
    Maria Amer,

    Maria, Clifton, Karachi

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Maria,

      It is a good try. But there are slight errors.

      – The middle sentence starting from “has received..” is not connected well.
      – “i was supposed* to” use “d”.
      – There should be “Yours faithfully,” because you have written Dear sir in beginning.

  12. Alam Alam says:

    Question :
    Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational, otherwise they are a complete waste of time.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

    Today when the world is running fast and competition has made everybody life complicated. Our children who are the next generation of a nation. Every developed country is very courstious for the grooming of their children because they well accept the idea that our country is standing on the shoulders of the upcoming generation. Every nation need fresh minds with innovative and skillful ideas for the growth of their country. Now the world is spending maximum budget for the education of their children.

    Education doesn’t mean what you study in schools or colleges. It includes your mannerism, your discipline and most of all the free time you spent in what type of activities. Every phase of one’s life have a deep impact on their character building.

    Now this era , it is computer world. Our kids mind also work as computer so it is compulsory for us to provide our kids those free time activities in regard of teaching them. Their recreational activities should be educational based. This will not even help them to educate more, also give their mind to grasp more in minimum time. If we leave our kids free they will roam around in street as we are nation of under developed or so called developing country. But if want our next generation to complete with outer world we have to tell them the importance of time.

    As in our country we don’t have such chances we have to create them. We have to teach our children to learn more in minimum time. This is also true today school schedule is so hectic for children and studies is getting harder day by day. Children need rest to refresh their minds and enjoy their lives as well. Now as a parent it is our duty to make such chance for kids to enjoy what the are leaving without letting them know that they are still learning.

    I have a son who is 10 years old is all the time tired due to heavy study schedule. His free time activity is to play X box a computer game. First of all i always thought that he is wasting his time in playing stupid computer games. But one day i offered him to play with him. I saw that he has got CDs based on question answer seltions regarding different acts of life. It was about animal species their life style. Because of that i have noticed he knows all the animals their breeds and their species. This made me feel comfortable. Once he was playing to know geography and it helped him to know the world map, places and their histories. As my daughter who is fond of learning languages, because of her computer games she is learning different kind of languages in a very young age.

    Process of learning is very vast. First we have to open our minds. Learn just about what is in syllabus is not complete education. To learn what we want to is a real education. IF we provide our kids that chance and opportunity we will be successful in creating a confident nation. We should teach our children the difference of wasting time in shape of recreational activity and to indulge them in such activities which give them pleasure and education at the same time. The day when we will be successful in teaching them right way to use their time. No one can stop us to grow worldwide.

    Maria Amer,
    Clifton, Karachi

    • Alam Alam says:

      Your introduction does not discuss the topic of the question. You will not get marks for Task Response.
      Body Para 1
      This para doesn’t discuss question of the essay
      Body Para 2
      Partially discussed the question .
      Body Para 3,4,5
      partially discussed the question.

      – Follow proper essay structure which will help in organizing content. Introduce essay , develop points and in last conclude it.
      – To to the point to avail 25 percent marks out of 100 percent.

  13. Alam Alam says:

    Computer games are very common in children in all nationalities.Some parents think computer game are more harmful than useful.

    writer is written by this topic about video game,which is commonly play be these children who is from all around the world.According to me,however,plying video game is harmful for children but it is good also.

    Some parents are think like that playing video game is not good for children,first of all,sitting all the time in front of computer is bad effect on children eyes,secondly,plying these type games which is all about the fighting or killing anybody,incorrage the children just have to win,either we kill someone or hit someone,just concentrate on your target without care about anyone.
    On the other hand, there are so many video games which is without voilent ,even,some time children can learn from video games.
    I personally search some sarway and i found there,plying video games is not just good for children ,even, this is too good for young and older people also,even, if we do not want to play games,then we have to move our fingers it will be so helpful for thinking fast for us.
    In conclusion,plying video games is harmful for children,but i believe that, there is so many benefits also.

    Landhi, Karachi

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Fauzia,

      – Your essay has grammar problems.
      – You have not organized details well.
      – There are spelling errors.


      Improve grammar and organization of content.

  14. kiran karim says:

    Young people are getting more influenced by friends, I agree with this statement, now a day’s friends are comfort zone for everyone, because they are the ones who actually expand time with you, they want you to get success in every part of life.
    Therefore, friends are the people which you development abound of trust, security and feel safe with them. For example when children get use to in a college, they just enter in a college, because of same age they start to use to each other very quickly may be their level of understanding is different but circumstances are same.
    Firstly, friends are important in everyone life doesn’t matter what age you are, are you married or single, some friends stay with you whole life and some just go.
    Secondly in life everyone has a goal to achieved something, or to make money we all know how money is important, however friends will show a pathway how to get your dream come true, true friends are those who stay with you, whole life time, doesn’t matter how bad your time is, they just want to be there, to just hold hands and say to you, I am the one who always with you in your life.
    Thirdly, parents and teachers are the role model in your lives. They give you guidance where to go what is right and wrong. They encourage you what you want to do in your future by giving us choices, through different opportunities.
    In conclusion everyone is important in life –long process, friends have a space in everyone heart while teacher and parents we always love them by showing them respect and try to listen and implement their guidance to achieve our goals.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Kiran,

      You could have written introduction according to the body. In introduction, you are on the side of friends but in the body you have discussed both. So it doesn’t look organized.

      Rest your explanation is fine.


      Always plan what you want to discuss in the body part so introduction could be written accordingly.

  15. kiran karim says:

    Some people think what children learn in school is waste, other think the knowledge is useful, however learning in school, totally depends on teacher’s guidelines, because there would be a help for children, through different things like attend lectures, participate in different activities, try to focus on studies learn from each other working in groups, these all things comes under learning process.
    Firstly, as parents, if you consider that children go to school, which definitely comes in our mind, they are going to learn different skills like practical skills, emotional skills, physical and fine motor skills.
    Secondly, in school there would be appearance from both sides like as a teacher, they always consider a weak and bright student but they always want to help both of them in life-long process and cycle.
    Therefore, school always organize parent teacher meeting for every student and encourage parents to come through and focus on children carrier.
    Knowledge is useful through different aspects like we can gain knowledge from books, information through computers, we can do group decision which developed our confidence and give us opportunity to talk, about what we know. Knowledge is a source where you can get it from anywhere.
    In my opinion, learning in school is a best period of your life, where actually we can learn openly with our friends through interactions and groups. This part gives you an idea about your future in different circumstances and also encourages you to go through changes of life.

  16. Qs.Young people are getting more influenced by friends than parents or teachers.

    Do you agree or disagree ?
    As it is famously said as “the company so the color”.If we talk in reference to this saying it would not be completely incorrect to say that in today’s time young people are more influenced by their friends rather than by parents or teachers.
    As time has progressed by there is more usage of technologies, people now-a-days have become more materialistic and status conscious and all of these factors have led to a great change in the behavior of young children of today’s time.Societies like third world countries like Pakistan and India and even some developed countries like the U.S. are experiencing young children to be more argumentative and inflexible and giving first priority to their peer group as compared to their parents or teachers.One of the very important factors for this could also be children of mediocre families or less having inferiority complex for e.g. a young boy of a rich class who has been provided with all the luxuries is friends with a young boy who is from a mediocre class who is financially not that strong and in turn this status gap between the two would force and attract the young boy from the mediocre family to copy and idiolize the lifestyle of the boy from the elite class and also this could lead to the child being psychologically shattered both at home and in school.
    As far as the student-teacher relationships are concerned they are concerned to be temporary probably because children hardly are in touch with their teachers 5 to 6 hours a day, but when it comes to friends they are with them either on the phones or are visiting each other frequently even after school.
    Keeping all factors and reasons in mind i would like to conclude that yes young children of today are more influenced by their peers,but on the other hand its also very much up to the parents and teachers of how they develop strong relationships and bonds with children and i firmly believe that if parents and teachers work out on this together they can lessen the influence that children get from their friends.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Marium,


      – Do not use quotations or sayings, make your own phrases and sentences instead.
      – the word “talk” is not appropriate.

      body para 1
      – half of the second paragraph has over-generalization.
      1) As time has progressed by there is more usage of technologies
      2) people now-a-days have become more materialistic and status conscious
      3) and all of these factors have led to a great change in the behavior of young children of today’s time
      4) young children to be more argumentative and inflexible (with whom?)

      – Explain points in detail

  17. Alam Alam says:

    Topic: Males should be given more priority to get higher education than females.
    How far do u agree or disagree?

    Females getting higher education has always been a bone of contention in a male dominating society. However, I am of opinion that men and women should be given equal opportunities of acquiring higher education.

    It is well said,” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” It fits with the situation for a woman to be highly educated. A female student-future mother to be, being a professionalist can make her children become target-oriented, and may build their character to be highly civilised and morally sound.

    Females can be very handy for a family, if she earns handsome amount of money. Its really hard for a man to bear family expenditures all alone in this era of inflation and recession. Meanwhile, in this race of acquiring higher position a female can be no where if she is not highly educated.

    Although, females bear cultural and traditional reservations in various part of the world in different ways, yet, today’s women have proven to be strong enough to get along in any field, let it be airforce, army, electronic or print media, and more interestingly, in politics. Today’s world power, ‘The United States of America’, have women in major position of building policies that, not only for their states but also for rest of the world.

    Hence, I believe , that 21st century woman is equally essential for the world to be healthier. To achieve this goal opportunities should be open for both the genders in equal manner.

    In conclusion, world has lived centuries with suppressed women profiles, this is the time to change the attitude.

    Dr. Mohsin ,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dr. Mohsin ,


      – Do not use quotations in essay. The reason for this is examiner wants to check your skills to construct phrases and sentences not copying from the reference.

      Body para. 1

      Body para. 2

      – Over generalized

      Body para. 3

      – Over generalized

      Body para. 4

  18. Alam Alam says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please find an essay below:

    Question :

    Males should be given more priority to get higher education than females. How far do you agree or disagree


    In our part of world, most of the females are restricted to work on cultural as well as religious grounds, which is not the case in western countries like USA and UK. Keeping above scenario in view, I tend to feel that males in contrast to females should be provided with a great number of opportunities to get advanced studies in our country.

    Undoubtedly, most of the parents in our country still think that females are meant to look after their families and they do not allow them to proceed with higher education. Whereas, some parents have realized the importance of higher education and send their daughters to universities for refine their skills. However, even in such cases, majority of them are not being frequently allowed by their in-laws to work after marriage.

    In Pakistan, higher education institutes invite applications for admission in various degree programs on open merit. According to recent statistics, male/female admission ratio in different institutes is 30:70, so it is clear that graduating females will be greater than males every year. On contrary, if one looks at the job applications, the above said ratio appears to be approximately 70:30, which indicates the restrictions on girls being imposed by their parents or in-laws.

    To sum up, in my opinion, admissions of males in higher education universities should substantially be increased as compared with females. This process may be made efficient by policy makers who could close down the open merit system and introduce a quota system.

    Naresh Kumar,
    Liaqat National hospital,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Please provide question for this essay

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Naresh,


      – Fine

      Body para 1
      – It has over generalization. You opened up many statements but not elaborated them.
      Body para 2

      – There isn’t clear topic sentence for both arguments you discussed. By reading first sentence , it seems you want to discuss degree programs on open merit which is slightly explained but then in later part topic changes to job applications for both genders.


      – Stay to the point and elaborate points well with explanation, examples, reasons, results etc logically and order wise.

  19. Akbar Ali says:

    Young people are getting more influenced by friends than parents or teachers.

    Do you agree or disagree

    It is human nature that every person is somehow influenced by another thing, it can be another human or any other thing like animal or plants. Its like a pathway or force that can change someone’s entire life and set a milestone. It can lead you to positive way or negative destination.Mostly people get influenced by their friends than parents or teachers. The major reason behind this is that they spend a big part of their life with friends and observes their lifestyle, way of talking, behavior and ethics.
    One of my friend is well educated and he used to say that education is everything, every time I saw him he was like busy as bee, struggling for his future. His father’s earning was not enough for his education and family both at a time so he started a job with education, I got influenced by his efforts and a motivation was there for me to focus on my education. Another friend of mine, I admire his confidence level he is very confident and this was the thing that helped him a lot, he was not well educated but successful only because of his confidence, he also helped me building my confidence level by taking me with him on his college trips and educational programs. Friends can also take you to wrong path if they are bad or can transmit their bad habits to you if they have one. There is a saying that a man is known by the company he keeps.
    On the other hand, parents and teachers also play important role in ones life but my personal experience is that friends are more influential than another person.

    Akbar Ali,
    DHA Phase 2,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Akbar,

      Your essay structure is not appropriate.

      – You have mixed ideas which becomes difficult to follow.
      – Discourse makers are not appropriate
      – there is over generalization
      – need to bring much improvement in examiner point of view

  20. Farhan Ahmed says:

    Usage of technology has made people lazy.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?


    There are to much technologies which we are using in our daily life.i am agree that we are getting laziness by using this technology.but it is necessary to use this technology.because if we don’t use this technology then we and our country will remain behind the developed countries.
    For example computer technology are using by whole world like in different offices where variety of work perform by computer in very less time we can easily get any information by Google it is good use of technology.similarly we have other technology like Micro wave oven ,Mobile technology,Airplane technology,etc.


    Use of technologies is very important in our life if we want more and more development we must learn,how to use of technology.if we continue to practice any exercise then we will remove our laziness .

    Farhan Ahmed.

    Defence Phase 1,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Farhan,

      Your essay has following problems

      There is no introduction in it. Which doesn’t show for a reader what you intend to discuss in the essay.

      – The body part is not well developed.
      – Over-generalization is there means you have opened points but not explained them in detail.
      – word limit is less than 250.
      – As per examiner point of view, you have problems in all four areas which are TR,CC,GRA,LR.

  21. Dr.Mohsin says:

    .Topic: Youngster these days are not as healthy mentally and physically as the ones in the past.

    How far do you agree and disagree?

    Today’s youth is far more unhealthy both mentally and physically compared to the youngster in the past.

    Youngster were really close to nature in the past. Undoubtedly, toady’s man has achieved tremendous advancement in various fields, and made life easy in various ways, let it be dairy food industries; automobiles; mass-communication and so on. Consequently, it has halted his ways to grow in a natural-manner.

    In past youngsters were brought up utilizing pure natural food. Mothers were trained to breast feed new born babies up till two years, followed by pure cow milk and dairy products which were free of artificial processing that today’s youngster are availing. This ingestion,according to the medical researches, is subjected to affect not only on the immune system but also can cause genetic mutation.

    Today’s youngsters have opt various ways of traveling. This in a way help them finish there day-to-day tasks quickly, but, simultaneously, this approach has brought them to an idle mode. In past youngsters used to walk miles and miles. It had kept them away from several diseases.
    These days there are various disease such as: Diabetes; heart disease; bone disease and loads of behavioral disorders. It includes life style modification as a part of their treatment modality, and best of it is regular walk.

    Furthermore, with the advancement in the field of mass-communication, today’s young generation has acquired a life style which has given them terrible psycho-social issues. Youth prefer staying engaged using internet on their gadgets. In a way they are connected to rest of the world, meanwhile, really far away from the ones living in the same home. This attitude not only effects their relation and routine but also becomes cause of their frustration and mood swings. In addition, the subject has brought the worst out come in the form of communication-gap between youth and their elders. Whereas, in past juvenile had plenty of time to spend with their elderly, and could learn all healthy activities and gain experience from their lives.

    Hence, i believe, in past youngster were very close to the natural way of living and that gave them a sound mental and physical stability in their lives that today’s youth is devoid of.


    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Mohsin,

      This essays shows partial improvement than previous one. Have a look comment i made on it and keep practicing.


      – First sentence should be with introduction and it doesn’t logically link to second paragraph which seems introduction.
      – In the second paragraph, the first sentence doestn’t match with rest of the paragraph nor it has explanation.

      – It is not that bad.


      – Improve introduction by introducing and giving thesis statement in same para with being focused on topic. Make sure to keep statement general in it.
      – Improve organizing supporting details and reference.

  22. Alam Alam says:

    Question Topic :

    A healthy person is often described as someone who has good diet , gets lots of exercise and avoids stress

    What do people do to stay healthy in your country ?

    Answer :
    Health is the most precious blessing given to humanity from Allah . If you want to know the real price of health , ask from that person who is deprived from this . Health wether it is related to body or mind both are of the equal importance . I belong to a developing country where expenses are more than people’s earning . But still people belong to different financial structures try to perform different activities within their means to remain healthy which we will discuss below .

    Education has given awareness to people to be cautious about their health . First of all we have open areas in our country where with the help of community systems have developed beautiful parks . Comfortable walking tracks are being built followed with trees , grass and plants all around . Mostly elderly people after performing their morning prayer go to those parks and after half an hour walk they also enjoy chit chat sessions with their friends and releases their stress and loneliness .

    Media along with education has become the biggest source to teach people how they restrict themselves within in their body calorie need . People of this time are bein transferrred back to their elders lifestyle if we talk in reference of pure and simple food . People try to wake up early which is definitely a first step towards healthy life style . This habit also give birth to other healthy activities and discipline one’s life .

    Our youngsters who are more fitness freaks are like fashion setters or fashion setters has to be more cautious about their health to look handsome fit . Obesity is no more appreciated by them . For exercise purpose they have facility of well maintained and well equipped gyms . They go to those gyms and spend healthy time doing exercises according to their body needs . After so much exercise they also have a strict check on their calorie in take . Say NO to oily stuff .

    Our young generation also enjoy out door games like cricket , football , tennis , swimming and squash etc . These games not only burn calorie but also become source of pleasure .

    Healthy body always gives birth to healthy mind , releases stress and healthy mind gives birth to innovative ideas which plays an important role to build a strong nation. We do not have big resources in our country but still we are trying our best to cope within our limited facilities . As new educated generation we now how we have to compete with the fast moving world . Only healthy brains and healthy bodies can over come all those effected parts we had in past

    Maria Amer,

  23. Elda says:

    Write a letter to your manager regarding the recent conference you attended
    • how the conference benefited you
    • what you are going to present to your colleague
    • why you thing it will benefit them

    Dear Mrs. Smith,
    I am writing to inform you about the conference I am attending here in London. As you already know the conference lasts three days and this is the last day. As such tomorrow morning I will return back in Tirana.
    I would definitely say that this has been the most important conference I have ever attended. This not only for the research topics it covers but also for the many school issues I discussed with other colleagues.
    The presentation of the article our team had prepared went quite well. We also got encouraged for our research from the audience. Furthermore it was another session I followed, which gave me the idea to extend our research field to artificial Intelligence, and trust me it will be a very important avenue for the technology.
    Moreover, during the lunch break, I had the opportunity to sit near two honoured professors from UK. They shared with me the way they used to manage the information on their universities, practices which would be very beneficial for us to use also.
    Tomorrow as soon as I arrive, I can come to discuss with you about the above concerns, and then if it seems appropriate for you, I can present also to the other colleagues of our team. I think it will be quite useful for them as long as we work on the same line.
    Best regards.
    Yours sincerely,

  24. Elda says:

    A friend of yours is going on holiday soon and has asked you to recommend a destination.

    Write a letter to your friend and recommend a good place for a holiday that you have visited before. Say where you went, where you stayed, what you can do there and what the food was like.
    You should write at least 150 words.

    You do NOT need to write your own address. Begin your letter as follows:

    Dear Sarah,
    I am so glad to hear that you finally decided to take some time off and go on holiday. How much time has been passed for you without resting a single day? Five or six?
    Well, for a special occasion like this I would definitely recommend some exotic places. But from what I remember, your skin is very sensitive of the sunlight and this wouldn’t be a good choice for you. As such, I would recommend a mountainous place I was two weeks before.
    Have you ever heard of Mavrov? It’s a small village in Macedonia, our nearest neighbor and so you don’t need to travel a lot. It is a very nice hotel up the hill where I stayed, which is almost beautiful in this period of year when snow covers everything around. You can have skiing all the day if you want unless I would recommend not doing so, because there are other interesting things in the hotel you would enjoy a lot. There is a warm pool, a Jacuzzi, and you can also have some sauna. But the most enjoyable thing for me ( I hope the same would be for you) was the food. It was fresh, totally natural and very yummy.
    I am totally sure you won’t get disappointed if you choose to go there.
    I’m waiting to hear from you soon.
    Best wishes,

  25. Alam Alam says:

    Question :
    The widespread use of internet has brought many problems.
    What are the causes? What solution do would you suggest?


    It is certainly understandable that internet has made our lives easy. However, its increased use has also led to unwanted consequences, which need to be addressed in order to promote safe use of internet.

    It is generally believed that students learn more in class rooms by means of student-teaching interactions group discussion. However, these days students are so reluctant to attend the classes because they find all relevant lectures on internet. Moreover, many companies upload adult materials free of cost, which attracts people especially teenagers. Consequently leads to various psychological problems.

    Internet facility has become so cheap that most of the parents can afford it for their children. But, parents are most of the time unaware that how their children are unnecessarily involved in the internet use in terms of watching movies, chatting with friends and writing rubbish on their friends profiles.

    To resolve such problems, some measures need to be carried out at different levels. For example , firstly universities should make strict policies, not to upload the lectures on internet, which may increased the attendance of students. In addition, attendance of students should be made mandatory enabling them to sit in the examination. Secondly, government should restrict companies for uploading adult materials, which may also possibly be done by adding some filters. Lastly, it is the responsibility of parents to keep a check and balance on the internet usage of their children which will avoid unnecessary problems.

    To conclude, it is clear that there are many problems as a result to increase internet use. But, such problems may be resolved to great extent if appropriate measures are carried out by relevant authorities.

    By Naresh Kumar,
    Liaqat National,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Naresh,

      Your writing is perfect but ideas have problems.

      You should elaborate points well. Though some points are elaborated.

      If you improve this weakness, you will get good band score.

  26. Alam Alam says:

    Question :
    The widespread use of internet has brought many problems.
    What are the causes? What solution do would you suggest?

    Usually usage of internet is very important for us. Because of so many reasons. It is easy to do daily home work to communicate people easily.
    Sometime internet get create many problems, when get slow because of net problem. Browsing is very slow and no connection. We get bored and then we solve our problems through books and magazines.

    The advantages of widespread internet is to afford easily.

    Use internet is in my opinion to communicate to each other through internet is the best and easiest way. Banks, offices, learning institute use internet.

    But because of problems of internet connectivity. Through internet, computers get virus we cannot get rid of the main causes.

    Firstly no connectivity because of bad connection. Secondly computers get virus easily.

    I think the most and main cause is attraction, affordability.
    The solution that I suggest is using internet is not a bad thing. If we relax, confident then all the things get close to us.

    Farah Siddiqui,
    Defence Phase 1

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Farah,

      – you have not discussed the actual topic through out the essay.
      – Content is not organized well or any points are elaborated.

      Improve above points…

  27. Alam Alam says:

    Youngsters these days are not as healthy mentally and physically as the one in the past

    how far do you agree or disagree

    According to the 21 century. I totally disagree with the above statement because now a days youngsters are not healthy mentally and physically as the one in the past.

    Now a days there are many reason why the young generation are not active. As per the past few years life have become much easier, their is no physical activity for youngsters like they usually feel happy to play games on computer this generally spoils their social life and it also damage their physical posture effect eyes and etc.Young generation mostly attracted towards the junk food which spoils their health and become lazy as well

    The life of the young generation is so easy doing all the social work on the internet unwilling to do physical activity they wont get tired and didnt sleep all the night just busy in doing extraordinary things like playing games which can spoil their daily life.

    Basically the main drawback of youngsters who are not healthy because of these latest technologies like computer,laptop,x­box,iphone etc .These are the latest technologies who stop young generation from social networking

    As compare to those people of the past were more active because there was no use of the latest gadget like computer,mobile,laptop etc. The social life of these people was very good they have food on time,sleep well and spent their time in doing physical activities that is why they are healthier and stronger as compared to todays generation

    In the end i just want to conclude that these latest technologies have advantages and disadvantages, but these youngsters mostly misuse this technology that is why they are not physically and mentally healthy as the one in the past. It is the responsibilities of the parents to monitor their childrens activity and sent them out with friends to enhanced their social networking and make them physically and mentally perfect.

    Nabila Salahuddin,
    Phase vii, DHA,

  28. Alam Alam says:

    Question :
    The widespread use of internet has brought many problems.
    What are the causes? What solution do would you suggest?


    Entering in 21 century people are getting more advance using technologies in shape of different type of gadgets. The use of which is only possible through internet service while being facilitate from the services there are benefits along with the problems

    There are many problems of using internet, In which some are mentioned below as the time is passing every work is done online such as documents through email, online money transfer through banks as all the banks are now centrally operated with the result we are connecting hacking and online fraud cases a lot and the other negative effect of internet is securing out youth through social networking. Which is very commonly found in our generation as they spend whole night chatting or in search of a chatting partner with the result they don’t get sufficient sleep which back clashes on their studies or on work if they are in profession at the same pace its also effecting young children through online games they spend all the time sitting on computers playing games as they get so addictive to it while playing and don’t realize about the time which effects there health and studies vice versa.

    Few solutions steps can be taken to prevent the damaging effects of internet on our lives, as nowadays the service is so cheap that it is affordable by a school going kid also it should be made expensive that people would think of misusing it or the other suggestion is that it would be banned in time frame such as we cannot use it after midnight by which we can stop late night sleeping

    Therefore I feel that to prevent the negative causes of internet the above mentioned solution should applied which will help our upcoming generation to grow healthy and wise.

    Muhammad Ali
    PECHS Block 3,

  29. Alam Alam says:

    Question :
    The widespread use of internet has brought many problems.
    What are the causes? What solution do would you suggest?


    Today world has become the global hub/global village and this thing is just possible with the help of internet. As internet has bought a revolution in our life parallely it has bought many problem and furthermore it has become the cause of problems.
    It is the fact that over obsessed about something causes problems and some thing happened with the internet as our usage has become irrelevant and extraordinary and we have cretated our world insight it. Internet was developed for the increment in business world and it was the medium through business were enhanced but eventually and gradually the misuage of internet started and the cause was the pertibility and availability and every point everywhere , affordability and along with these all main cause there are many causes which boost up the usage of internet and these are we have developed many attractions for age group of people and for all genders.

    The biggest problem with the internet is that in past 20 years we have enrich it till that extent that now it has become a severe problem for us. The surfing an internet is totally dependent on our intention and wish because we almost finds everything what we want or what we want to find without any restrictions of time, usage, age , gender, intention.

    Our youth around the world is most effected part due to internet and from last decades the situation has worsen more and the reason is it is the biggest distraction and reason is simple affordability and attraction without restriction.

    First of all to overcome the problems and for solution for all the problem regarding internet and related without internet we have to be mentally prepared and after that we have to take some hard steps and those will be we have make the internet restricted to some places, we have to increase the prices for internet services,every individual should be allowed to use internet for specific time duration according to their level and if someone wants to use extra so that person has to take permission from relevant inspection officer, extra things should be deleted from internet or banned, leisure time for all age groups should be allotted and fixed and penalty should be charged against violation.

    I think if we take the steps and solutions mentioned above our most of the problems will be overcome or solved, these steps are difficult and can create cause but for the longer period of time we do have to make policies on the usage of internet and regarding the access on data that is on internet for the betterment of this world and our coming generation.

    Sheikh Mohamamd Adil,
    Gulshan Iqbal,

  30. Alam Alam says:

    Question :
    The widespread use of internet has brought many problems.
    What are the causes? What solution do would you suggest?

    In early 50’s internet was inverted by US navy for communication purpose for their troops . After some time internet opened for commercial use only and finally in 90’s it open for public use

    Technology bring benefit but technology has it own rule complete access for this technology for public use cause many problem ins becomes a national threat.

    Wide use of internet breaks the boundaries and make the world globe village. People starting communication each because of the internet door opened for the business. Internet create a revolution in people life. Internet gives ease to people for communication because of this internet addiction people became addicted to it. “Every coin have two side good one and bad one”.

    Unfortunately people starts misuse of this giant technology and creates threat to country. Because of this addiction commercial sector starting investing on this technology and the world social media was born. There many social media side like
    (1) Facebook
    (2) linked in
    (3) Twitter
    Because of these above social media side the social crimes increased that became insensitive area and social crimes became social engineering because of social crimes people starting became “fools” fake websie, fake content can fool a people and steal there personal information sexual desire etc.

    The word hacking wide use.
    Hacking mean to steel some thing on the internet to people through hacking thief can (1) steel information (2) black website (3) steel sensitive info from government website for instance wiki leak, wiki- leak steal information and post on their side this act cause political instability in the world.

    We can manage this misuse through educate the common use of internet and to make rules and penalize the cyber offender and put filters on internet.

    Internet effect on cause problems it doesn’t mean internet is bad technology but its use?


    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Bilal,

      – It is not to the point so you will loose marks for Task response

      Para 2
      – It doesn’t carry clear message.

      Para 3, Para 4, Para 5, Para 6

      – Above all paragraphs have over-generalization, repetition, and do not discuss question to the point.
      – A formal essay should have clear introduction, elaborated body and good conclusion.
      – Do not use bullet points style or digital numbering in paragraphs in formal essay

      Keep posting essays for practice.

  31. Alam Alam says:

    Question : The widespread use of internet has brought many problems.
    What are the causes? What solution do would you suggest?

    The widespread use of internet through laptops and mobile phones has made information readily available at your finger tips lately, as the numbers increase, so have the issues. In this essay, we shall focus on the causes of internet usage and provide some suggestions to counter take this issue which is on the rise.

    Firstly, internet being a virtual encyclopedia, all information is available. Having said so, some inappropriate images and videos are also viewable. There is a great demand for pornographic content. A recent study showed that Pakistan has the highest number of hits fro adultery contents. Since every picture and videos are accessible through any search engine, therefor our society is badly affected due to un-controlled contents.

    Furthermore, other website such as Youtube, and Daily motion have also no content controlled parameters since any user can upload videos which can have negative views and effects. For instance, Pakistan had banned their websites for around 6 months on non-removal of religious content. In addition, leakage of private and confidential images and information has also been greater norm to deal with social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter have been leaking out information for survey purpose without the user’s acceptance and remotely PC’s and website hacked /compromised is also a phenomenon which shows the vulnerability at hand in using the internet for electronic payments.

    As a solution to counter information being passed, one of the readily available solution would be to disable cookies, which basically creates a text file on the PC and surveys on the various websites the user has visited, so that a pattern can be developed. It is available in the tools option of every browser.

    Internet browsing for E-Commerce activities whereby financial transactions are passed the use of Norton’s internet security and Mcaffee firewall would play a vital part in keeping the information in safe hand since its 128 bit encrypted parental controlled browsers are also a necessity to avoid children visiting pornographic websites.

    Therefore to summarize, if the suggestion provided are religiously observed, then internet could be a safe haven to browse and tension free for parents.

    M. Asif,
    II Chundigar Road,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Asif,

      You seem to be ok except two areas which are not elaborating points and putting ideas in good order. You can overcome this by making the whole plan of essay first. Even work on what you should include in each para of the body. This will help you immensely..


      – It is fine except last phrase which seems extra.

      Body para 1

      – In this paragraph you have used “firstly” but it is not followed by further sequence words or content.
      – Second statement you introduced here but did not explain it.
      – Similarly, third and fourth statement you introduced but did not explain it.
      – This para has over generalization

      Body para 2

      – This paragraph does not have central idea which can show what is going on in this paragraph.
      – Second sentence which has example does not relate to first sentence
      – Last two sentences carry separate direction which again do not relate to first sentence.

      Body para 3

      – Solution is good but information is not well organized . last sentence could have come before i think to make better sense.

      Body para 4

      – Partially organized and main central idea explained.


      – It is ok


      – Avoid over-generalization. Whatever points you open elaborate them well
      – Put all sentences in a paragraph in a good order and similarly all paragrpahs should follow good order.
      I think if you work on this, you will get a good band-score Mr Asif..

  32. Alam Alam says:


    Entering the 21st century people are getting more advance using technology in shape of different type of gadgets. The use of which is only possible through internet service while being facilitate from the service there are problems also.

    There are many problems of using internet, in which some are mentioned below as the time is passing every work is done online such as documents are sent through email, online money transfer through banks as all the banks are now centralized with the result we are encountering hacking and online fraud cases a lot, and the other negative effect of internet is ruining our youth through social networks. Which is very commonly found in our generation as they spend whole night chatting or surfing inappropriate sites with the result they don’t get sufficient sleep which backlashes on their studies or on work if they are in profession? At the same pace it’s also effecting young children through online games they spent all the timing sitting on computer playing games as they get so addictive to it while playing and don’t realize about the time which effects there health and studies.

    Few steps can be taken to prevent damages cause by internet on our lives, as nowadays the service is so cheap that it is easily affordable by the school going kid so it should be expensive that to prevent misuse of it. And the other suggestion is that it should be time framed such as we cannot use it after midnight so late night usage of internet can be controlled.

    Therefore I feel that to prevent the negative effect caused by internet the above mentioned solution should be applied which will help our upcoming generation can be safe ill effect of internet.

    Muhammad Ali,

  33. M Taha says:


    In this era, it has been observed; people in adolescent age are more inclined towards their friends rather than their parents or mentors. To me, it seems quite obvious with the rise of gadgets and social networks.

    Young people need attention and in this life of hassle they don’t seem to get enough time from their parents or even teachers. It could have various reasons. Firstly, Teachers are usually only available in the classroom busy in giving lectures or assignments and with the class full of students it is hard for them to connect with everyone. I think, it is teachers and as well as management responsibility to create a bonding with them by providing open sessions on regular basis. Due to lack of this kind of connection, young people don’t inherit much of their characteristics. Secondly, parents also seems to busy in their work and social life and fails to prioritize their main responsibility. They don’t have much idea where their child spent most of his or her time. They usually sees them either in the early morning while packing up their lunch or at night with random chat about their day. That certainly leads to a gap where children are not able to connect with them.

    It’s a fact that association makes a viable difference and it certainly applies to young adults as well. The more time they will spend with their friends, the more they will get influenced. For instance, in this era of technology, every child has smart phones and as well as accounts on twitter and facebook. This obviously keeps them connected and aware with every activity their friends are engaged in. For example, if they have bought any branded clothes or shoes that will instantly be noticed. For these reasons, I truly believe, it will have an impact on young’s life as in this immature age they just want to copy the person they admire more.

    In conclusion, to reduce this aforementioned gap, parents and teachers should need to have a relation and bonding with them by spending more quality time. I must say, they need to create a balance in their life by prioritizing things that matters most.

    By M Taha, KSA

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Taha,

      – Watch third person singular in present simple tense.
      – Keep subject either singular or plural, i would suggest to keep it plural as it is normally general.
      – Avoid repetition of same words at the same time.

  34. Alam Alam says:

    Although you have never studied computing , you always been interesting in computers – you buy magazines about them and you have taught yourself many skills on your computer at home . You have just read about a computer course that really interest you but it is only for people who have studied computing at college or university.
    Write a letter to the enrolment officer asking if you can enrol explaining your circumstances and asking if he/ she will make a special exception for you .

    Dear sir ,
    I am writing this letter in response to advertisement given in a news paper from your institute regarding computer graphic designing course . I fulfil all the requirements except the pre-requisite of a college degree .
    This requirement of yours disappointed me as I am really serious and very keen to join this course . I want to explain my position that I belong to a town where computer learning facility was not available . However I tried to compensate this deficiency of mine through tutorial magazines teaching myself various computer software . I completely understand computer is necessity of time and I have not only learn it but also practice it at home to have a strong grip on computer basics . I don’t want to loose this chance by judging me on No Test basis .
    It is my humble request to let me show you i am not less compitent than others having college training . Your given chance will provide me with an opportunity to sharpen my skills professionally as a graphic designer . Your exceptional favour will highly be appreciated .
    Yours faithful


  35. Denisa says:

    Essay – Computer games are very common in children in all nationalities.
    Some parents think computer games are more harmful than useful.
    Give you opinion
    In our society, many electronic devices are easily accessible. Not only computers as work machines, but different box games are recently presented in our trades. With fast technology development the prices of these devices are relatively low and very convenient as a way to spend time. This is true for children and parents. The question is, are these computer activities, healthy for the children in terms of physical and psychological healthiness? I would say they are more harmful than helpful.
    Firstly, it is generally accepted that electronic games are more enjoyable than creative games. One reason is that behind them always stay a well-defined team which work on how to make the game more attractive. Youngsters find these games beautiful in graphics and scenarios they introduce, making the game more challenging. Gathering all above mentioned elements, these games naturally take the time from youngsters without them noticing how much of their day has gone.
    Secondly, in most of the cases, computer games do not introduce any physical activity during the play. We can divide from this generalisation some new innovatory computer games which actually engage the players physically. In this situation, I would say they hugely contribute in child obesity.
    On the other hand, I do accept there are benefits of this activity. It is proven form different psychologist that some strategic computer games contribute in developing children to a wide range of soft skills, like fast thinking and goal orientated skill.
    To conclude, I would state that it is better to be avoided what it cannot be controlled. As long as it is difficult for parents to precisely monitor the time their children spend with games this activity can be very harmful.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Denisa,

      Your essay is fine but you have not put discussion in order.

      What you could have done is put the last paragraph of the body in the beginning and mention in the introduction that you slightly agree but mainly disagree.

      Other than that it is not a bad try. You will get 7 for it, if it is organized well.

  36. Denisa says:

    Since reading is important for good education we should encourage our children to read extensively. However as there is an abundance of undesirable reading matter there should be a heavy censorship to restrict access on it. Discuss.
    Reading is among those activities which nourishes human’s mind. It is claimed to have a positive effect on shaping children personality and helping them to have a better understanding on how world is build. Although there is a good practice to encourage youngsters on reading different books it is absolutely needed to have a control on the topics they read.
    As a first point I would say, it is proven by researchers that reading in very early age, to mention here bedtime stories, helps young people develop imagination and earn extensive knowledge about life. Moreover, practicing this healthy activity in first years of their life helps them to develop cognitive skills, and be able to better respond their problems in the future. By reading different topics they become better prepared on dealing with a wide range of situation, since they don’t have only lived experience which undoubtedly is insufficient.
    On the other hand, there are a lot of writings which did not have gone through proper check from educational or culture institutions. For example, there are more and more easy accessible books which fall under categories “non-fiction” and describe guides or actions like, how to be a thief, how to hack a web page or how to escape the law. These books are easily accessed on internet libraries or even found in hard copies. Although they can be unlawful, unfortunately they are present and uncensored. In this situation it is reasonably to review the kind of books we feed our children.
    To sum up, it is widely accepted the positive influence reading has on children since in early age although is always required to perform due diligence and chose proper books for them, in order to be sure that they are exposed on right knowledge which help on their education and don’t damage it.

    Kind regard,

  37. Alam Alam says:

    Some people think that governments should ban dangerous sports.

    However, others think everyone has the right to choose whatever sport activities they want.

    Discuss both views and give your opinion?

    My response:

    According to medical science, sports are essential for every person in order to stay healthy in his or her life. From some people perspective, sports that lead to life threatening conditions should be banned by government officials. Whereas, certain groups of people believe, it is purely individual’s choice whilst choosing any kind of sport. I totally agree with the second statement which supports the freedom.

    A group of people, who tend to think that government should stop dangerous games, are right at their own place. In many games, for example, wrestling and boxing, one can be severely injured as such sports involve one-to-one direct physical attack on opponent. As a result, players are likely to be suffering from disabilities and even in some cases; injuries could be the cause of death. Following such incidents, their loved ones would be affected. For example, if these players are the only the income source of their families, it would certainly compromise the life style of such families to great extent.

    Most of the people suggest that everyone should be given freedom to select the sport of his or her interest. Advocates of this idea believe that people know their abilities, which will certainly help them to choose specific game of their choice. For instance, one who can play a good cricket may not necessarily perform in the hockey at same level. Similarly, one who chooses the wrestling in his career may be poor in the boxing. Hence, freedom in decision will encourage them to pursue their careers of choice. In addition, they will never blame others in case they do not achieve success.

    In conclusion, it is certainly true that people have different school of thoughts regarding sports. However, in my opinion, everyone has right to choose any sports of his interest as they know their potential more than anyone else.

  38. kiran karim says:

    Police having a gun will result in higher violence to what extent you agree or dis agree?
    I strongly agree with this statement because a gun always make victim feel very scary, in other words we don’t know as a public, in what conditions they are allow to show a gun to victim which cause both of them get violet. As a police, they are major aspects of any crime scenes because they are ones who are dealing with crimes 24/7 and also sometime get involved in the crime by protecting some witness.
    Firstly, according to government policies in any country, as a victim/ witness they always have a right to save their selves with the help of police but sometimes police make them guilty through asking questions which doesn’t relate to any crime scenes and also confused them.
    Secondly, in different circumstances public get involved different circumstances, public get involved for example in a rate kind of stuff or on any crime scenes, public is not allow to enter in the area, which hurt people feeling like as a mum you can’t go and see your sons dead body because they are investigating on them.
    However, regarding through violence sometimes police start to show violence while after clubbing on boys like start to them on their shoulders with steel stick which really hurts, they try to say something because they are there, they get guilty.
    In conclusion, there should be awareness for public through seminars, in societies through organize by government which let everyone know, what public responsibility in crime situations which will help both parties like victim and police because sometime in prison people get die as a public at least we can help them through NGOS at least to survive by them time death comes to them.

  39. kiran karim says:

    What extend do you think about societies from closer relationship we have with foreigners through international tourism and business.
    Give your reasons, relevant examples and experiences.
    Firstly about societies benefits it increases economy, it gives an opportunity to communicate with foreigners work with them in different fields. Although working with Asian people they are honest but some near negligence cause everyone failure. If you work with foreigners it’s totally changed experience because they are always punctual, they always trust you and always make you feel as part of team.
    Moreover, the connection of international tourism and business, it always get increase in every country because in every part of each cities, they have tourist guides which indicates some people of groups like students, families, who just came to visit for study in countries like Australia, Uk, England, Dubai, Us ,which means these groups go and visit many famous places, where children and families loved it.
    Secondly, according to business, it gives people a chain to follow like selected people always what those things which are already being experience through other people.
    Thirdly, in different aspects of life people need everyone when they are own vacations or they are on study basis. For example like food, a tourist guide which give them guidance where to go which place will be beneficial for them and makes their life easier.
    In conclusion it always being beneficial in any circumstances to get engage with foreigners in any kind of activity because it always relates to your social aspect through behavior pattern and also encourage your management behavior which assume always in good aspect it will benefit you and your country.

  40. Denisa says:

    Hi Again, I am sending my essay. This is the topic question:

    The percentage of overweight children in western society has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years. Discuss the possible causes and effects of this disturbing trend and offer a solution.
    Overweight in children is a big issue in modern days. The problem is the more common in western societies and less evident in eastern ones. There are a lot of factors that influence this situation, starting from lack of physical activity until the loss of identity and cooking tradition that used to be in our families.
    I would see as a prominent factor that contributes in child obesity are large portions of food we consume in every meal. From scientific point of view there isn’t needed anymore for modern societies to consume high calorific meals. This is because our lifestyle is away far from what has been before. We no longer engage ourselves in works that consumes energy. Technology has introduced in our lives a wide range of facilities, what has made it easier to live. On the other hand, it has contributed to make us less physical active. The same is true for children, they are more willing to spend their time with electronic rather than with creative and physical games.
    Another huge problem would be the fact that in western societies has lost the tradition of cooking for the family and friends. This might be as a result of time insufficiency. By consuming processed and conserved foods we build our way towards obesity. Children are the victims here, because they consume what it is offered to them. I would like to bring here the example that comes from nations like Greece, Italy, France, Spain and a lot more. They are preserving their own tradition of cooking by maintaining a healthy and bio diet. As an outcome they have achieved the success in obesity problem.
    Considering the aforementioned facts and arguments I would state that a solution for this problem would be the control of products we consume, to ensure they are bio and unprocessed. Also the necessity to cut some of the calories from our diets, as they are no longer needed for the physical work we perform.

  41. rene says:

    Usage of technology has made people lazy.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement.

    The world is really changing from the time man depicted a herd of mammoths on the walls of the caves up to this time where more and more people become lazy due to the usage of modern technology such as computer, television, mobile phone and so on. Apropos of this statement, I am in consummate accord with it.

    First of all, it is without a doubt that some people are indebted with modern technology. The computers help some people to store large amount of data easily. Also, the televisions help some people to gather recent news in their surroundings. At the same time, it entertain them by watching movies, shows and others. Lastly, mobile phones help some people to talk with their families, friends and relatives at any time and place.

    However, the usage of modern technology has made some people lazy. For instance, instead of writing some information in papers for storage purposes, some people are typing it in their computers. Moreover, instead of doing exercises outdoors, some people are watching television in their houses for long hours. Lastly, instead of talking to some people personally, some people are just calling other people using their mobile phones.

    To put this whole matter into a nutshell, it is crystal clear that the usage of modern technology such as computer, television, mobile phone and so on has made some people more lazy than otherwise, albeit it helps some people to make their lives comfortable and convenient.

  42. Denisa says:

    Hi again ALAM, I am posting another essay. Here you may find the topic:

    Today, in many countries, people can live and work anywhere they choose because of improved communication technology and transportation. Do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?
    In our society, it has become natural to see different people that share their professional experience overseas, or even in their country by working and living outside of the city that they were born and raised. An evident factor here is undoubtedly the facility that has been brought with technology and infrastructure development during this last 20 years. I would say that this trend has introduced a lot of benefits in the way life it is living these days.
    Firstly, by being able to travel in shorter time that use to be in the past, also considering the ability to stay in contact with the beloved ones have made the people more willing to evaluate overseas job opportunities. Moreover, by increasing the geographical field of employment, these opportunities will be increased. This will lead the professional one to choose between wide ranges of offers and as a result to make a better decision compared with the one that would be in a closed work trade.
    Another good reason would be the challenge that presents the experience lived out of the comfort zone. It is generally accepted the fact that working with people from different nationalities and cultures is more frustrating that working with colleagues that comes from the same social environment. Anyway, this is a challenge that makes ones to go to the extra mile and test their own psychological edges. Any success will put a milestone in a person’s life experience.
    There might be also disadvantages in this discussion, like the risk of increasing the spiritual distance between family members, or the homesick feeling they may experience. Anyway, this can be managed for as long as it is the will to overcome constrains.
    Finally, I would like to recall the advantages that technology and better transportation infrastructure have introduced in our lifestyle by making it more open and more colorful, in terms of opportunities and facilities to build and manage our life and career.

  43. Lutfiha khan says:

    LUTFIHA KHAN September 14, 2014 at 10:22 PM
    Many people believe that television programs are of no value for children. Do you agree or dis agree ?
    Yes I do agree of this statement television programes have no value for children .
    There are many reasons . ,nowa days world is too fast we have so many technology around us . On television programs show some irrelevant thing which is not good for children . Children are very sensitive ,their minds are very fresh as compared to adults , they always conduct things quickly , it depends on their parents that they should keep away children from bad things .
    The other thing is that it’s our government responsibility to banned those channels who show how to commit a Crime ,how to become violent ,because of these tv shows children are more aggressive and they commit a crime that’s why crime is spread all over the world .
    Television programs contain abuse and disrespectful language also worry parents with young children .Because censorship laws are not applied in each and every kind of shows .it has to be very common for all tv channels or shows .
    Televison programs express negativity which is very harmful for children’s mind .
    It is concluded that ,many people believe that television programs send their youth the wrong kind or messages .by this lack of censorship parents should keep away form thes TV channels .


  44. Alam Alam says:

    Please post further essays on “20 September 2014 ielts exam questions” which is a new post. Thank you..

  45. karensy says:

    This is my written IELTS exam last September 6, Can you mark the approximate band score of this? Thank you so much

    In some countries the average weight of some people is increasing and their levels of health and fitness are decreasing.

    What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them.

    Nowadays, some nations have a rising trend of overweight individual. At the same time, some people’s health and fitness are low. This essay outlines the causes and solutions on this phenomenon.

    First of all, our world is really changing from the time man depicted a herd of mammoths on the walls of the caves up to this time where more and more nations have an upward trend of overweight individual. Likewise, some people’s health and fitness are low. This is because of the sedentary lifestyles of some people. For instance, some people eat a high calorie foods such as burgers, fries and so on. Moreover, some people sit for long hours in their chairs in front of the television and computer. lastly, some people are riding vehicles instead of walking and bicycling in going to a short distant places.

    On the other hand, there are solutions to mitigate the problems on some nation’s growing numbers of overweight individual as wells as low levels of health and fitness. One of the solutions is an aggressive awareness campaign of healthy lifestyles. For example, advertisement of healthy lifestyles such as eating fruits and vegetables, doing exercises regularly and so on in the television and computer. Another equally important solution is to attend exercise programs like zumba dance lessons, gym workouts and others. Most of all, the authorities have to encourage some people to walk or ride bicycle in going to short distant places.

    To put this whole matter into a nutshell, it is crystal clear that some causes on the rise of overweight individuals and low levels of health and fitness of some people in some parts of the world have corresponding solutions to curb out the problem.

  46. Mansoor Iqbal says:

    Speaking Test question -conducted on 17-09-2014 , Writing , Reading and Listening due on Test 20-Sep-2014

    Cue Card
    What is the thing in your life that you don’t know and want to learn ?

    What it is ?
    Why you want to learn it?
    How you can learn it.

    mansoor Iqbal,

  47. randar says:

    Please correct my writing and give an approximate band. Most of all, please help me to improve which parts I am weak in writing. Also, give me valuable tips to achieve a band of more than 7 in the writing test. Thank you.

    Many people believe that television are of no value for children. Do you agree or disagree.

    Nowadays, television are common in every houses. Some people think that television are not good for children. Apropos of this statement, I am in consummate discord with it.

    First of all, the world is really changing from the time man depicted a herd of mammoths on the walls of the caves up to this time where television become ubiquitous. This is because almost all of the households have television. Television are beneficial for children because they can access to different shows. For example, some children can watch some children shows such as sesame street, spider man and so on while others can watch news program. As a result, they can gain knowledge from these shows which are beneficial for their education. Most of all, television is a form of entertainment for some children. Some children are eager to watch their favorite cartoon characters and comedians. Apart from it, some children can bond with their parents while watching television.

    On the other hand, some people are nonchalant to accept the idea on the value of television to children. They think that some television shows are inappropriate for children. This is because some television shows have lax censorship. Also, some children spent for long hours watching their television instead of playing with their friends outside their homes. However, these drawbacks are just a drop of a bucket from the many benefits of television to children. I say so because the drawbacks of television to children are modifiable. It means that the government can provide an aggressive censorship for some inappropriate television shows. Moreover,, some parents can encourage their children tom play with other children outside their homes. Perhaps, some parents can set an hour for their children in watching television shows.

    In conclusion, it is crystal clear that I completely disagree on the idea that television are of no importance to children.

    I am from the Philippines.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Randar,

      – In introduction there is singular / plural problem. After television there should be helping verb “is”
      – As can see you are putting same sentence in beginning of every essay which can be counted as memorized sentence. As it may not fit in all situations.
      – improve your explanation to the point.

      Keep practicing from Cambridge books.

      • randar says:

        Thank you so much. You are right Maam. Your advice is very valuable. I will remember this by the time I am going to take the exam next week. I will try to post another essay for correction. I really struggle to give details in every point but I know I can do it. The problem is I try to write in just 30-35 minutes only in my writing practice. My question is this, is it ok to give only one idea and then I expound it? Some says lack of ideas can loose a mark in the writing.

  48. Adnan says:

    Please give band for this essay
    Smoking is a habit which claims many lives and is a great drain on health services. One way to combat smoking would be to make it illegal. What are the pros and cons of such a government policy? What alternative strategies can you suggest to combat smoking
    this is question
    Smoking is a bad habit that results in serious diseases for example lung cancer and some other diseases especially those are addicted to smoking. However, this is a controversial issue because it has its own merits and demerits that will be discussed in this essay.
    Firstly, the main pros of making it illegal in public places that others will not be effected by the smoke. Apart from this, making it illegal in schools, colleges and universities can eradicate this habit completely. In addition to this, students’ parents will try to stop them from smoking. Otherwise, police will take an action against them for abusing the law. Apart from this, putting labels for awareness can also help them to rid smoking.
    However, there are disadvantages of banning it in public places. First of all, everyone will not stop smoking in public places because If they smoke somewhere else, government cannot stop everyone. Furthermore, government cannot ban companies because many workers will lose their jobs and they also contribute in GDP.

    In my opinion, although there are advantages and disadvantages of banning smoking in public places, there are other effective alternative strategies in dealing with combating smoking. One solution is to increase import duties on cigarettes to make it expensive. Due to an increase in import duties many people will stop smoking. Another strategy to overcome this issue is to increase the public awareness of risks of smoking which will lead to prevent them from smoking. A furthermore suggestion is to rehabilitation centre should be built to give them treatment those are addicted to smoking.

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