ielts exam past papersEvery IELTS candidate wishes to know if he/she can have access to IELTS EXAM PAST PAPERS which IELTS examination body does not issue.

One of the reason for not issuing past papers, it is not knowledge base test. In this exam your competency is assessed in writing, reading, listening and speaking. So providing past paper to IELTS candidates will not help them. Some candidates with not good English may memorize them. Well, These are my observations as per my experience but what actually they think for not giving access to past papers is unknown.

I have developed a platform where candidates all around the world share their speaking questions from recent exam. Reading and listening questions can not be noted or remembered but speaking and writing questions are easy to remember. For example, when candidate goes for a speaking interview which is about 15 minutes, all the questions which examiners  ask, they focus on them and answer them to the best of they can. As a result, they remember them and  help others by sharing on websites.

Similarly, writing essays and letters which  take an hour to answer helps candidates fit in their mind. If they want to share, they can but it depends some who want to help others share on websites but many don’t.

These are the only sources where you can get an idea of what type of writing and speaking questions come in recent exams. They may not help you much but can give you confidence. Most of candidates prefer to practice questions which come in recent exam than from books.

what i believe it is good to practice questions from recent exam specially for speaking module. As examiners have a book of same questions which they keep up to three months. So most of  questions repeat but that doesn’t mean you memorize them. you should work on your weak areas like grammar, pronunciation and speaking in a logical order.

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  1. Muhammad Khubaib says:

    needs help – especially in reading – thanks

  2. iramfayyaz says:

    i need help in speaking

  3. iramfayyaz says:

    how can i improve speaking

  4. aiman says:

    I need help in speaking

  5. zohaib says:

    I understand and write english good but i cant speak good english . Can anybody help me ?

  6. zohaib sahab you should contact me for speaking English.

  7. SIKANDER says:

    Watch English movies and documentaries with sub title to develop listening skills…
    Reading news paper also helps to improve English.
    But I need help for reading skills.

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