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IELTS exam papar 11 April 2015

11 April 2015 – General training

These days old people have to get along with young people at workplace.


What do you think are the causes?

Suggest solution?


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  1. Alam Alam says:


    In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies.
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.


    In today’s era, as the world became highly modernized , there can be easily seen differences among people’s perception. In many countries, majority of elders encouraged their child to engage themselves in competitive world during their educational gaps. The youngster who decide to do this can have both the merits and demerits on their personal life. In the above essay, I will discuss both of these.

    In support of this argument, the success of any country mainly depend on their youth generation. To illustrate, many people travel during the higher studies get more chances of success in their professional life. Moreover, gaining some experience either by work or travelling abroad can implement it in their foreseeable career. Furthermore, to be a successful business leader, one should have enough knowledge so that they can co-relate their studies with their work for the desirable future. Lastly, it build up the individual’s confidence level and enhances the development capacity and growth of an individual.

    Controversially, travel or work can distract the youngster’s attention from further studies. To exemplify, young people get involved themselves in gaining experiences in market strategies but then decide not to continue the studies again. In that way, they may leave their education incomplete. In addition to this, sometimes, bounty may make people greedier. For instance, they believed that if they can get enough money and incentives now then why they should keep up their higher education again. So, it may distract the individual’s attention from right direction.

    Therefore, I would like to conclude that there are so many drawbacks and their detrimental effects by being involved in work during studies. Every person are born free in this world. Elders, as a protector has the responsibility to grow them up but once they reached at maturity stage, let they take their decisions better for their upcoming life, rather than to burked their innate qualities.

    moazzama kashif ,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Moazzama,

      – It has some grammatical errors.

      I would recommend to expand points than only introducing them. Like you have opened many points in the benefits but did not explain much.

      Keep practicing and looking at good sample essays before you write new one each time…

  2. Abi says:

    It is very common to see in most part of the world that young people prefer to work before starting their professional level studies. Perhaps there are few drawbacks of this trend but in my opinion, positive aspects cannot be outweighed and will be discussed in this essay.

    There are some disadvantages of getting a gap in studies. First, when a person changes his path for studies to professional work, most probably he deviates from this main goal or career. For example, my cousin joined one of the organizations as a sale representation. Every month there was a bonus based on the performance so he decided to delay his professional studies just because of money attraction. As a result, till to-date he is trying to get time for his studies and unsuccessful. Second, for some it is a concern specially who wants professional career. For instance, Career in Engineering, Healthcare, requires a professional degree or graduation. So, in this case temporary work can impact negative hugely on such professionals.

    On the other hand, it is hard to hide the positive side of getting in to work right before university level education. It has been noticed that level of confidence in today’s generation is a huge problem. For example, although educationalists have implemented several activities to combat this, it is recommended that the best way to enhance this by giving a break right before university education. Addition to this, parent also wants their young children to be more practical and their preference is also to engage in to work as early as possible in order to understand today’s world challenges more easily and quickly. Lastly, I also believe that it is very much helpful to learn how to move in a professional career oriented environment. Learning professional ethics are also key to success when it comes to professional environment.

    In summary, there are few negatives of working before higher studies; however, I believe early work brings more benefits for an individual career and personal growth. I also believe that in future people preference is more towards learning things by experiencing it in order to increase their level of confidence, equipped with today’s work life challenges.

    Please review and comment on this essay what band it can get Sir Alam?

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Abi,

      Your response is fine but there is a problem in some linking words which have not been used accurately. Also some content could have placed in good order to it easily.

      You are closer to 7 band but you practice ….

      What i would recommend is post 2 argumentative essays like “agree/disagree” and two opinion essays “discuss both and give your opinion”…

  3. Asghar Khan says:

    Today the women are advance they participate in every kind of activity and they walk step by step with men. Some people proclaim that government should give them opportunity to join the force like Army, Navy and Air force. I practically agree with this topic.

    Nowadays, the government and community give chance to women to stand with men in the every program because they have showed their abilities and proved they they are the model for the society. They are brave honest sharp mind and they can do Luberiner work. Recently some of them wants to join the force and they have desire to do some extra ordinary thing for the country.

    The force have different kind of field like intelligence so that women are suitable for it because they can disguise easily and they achieve their talk from the hostile enemy they can work like nurse also and help those soldiers who bruise in the war.

    Additionally, the force have harsh training and some time they vagal whole day, night so one can survive their easily. Sometime the hostile army cross the border and abduct they soldier they give them brutal sentence to give them some essential information about their country but the men soldiers will ruin their life and they will never become a trailer the female soldiers are so sensitive and they can’t face the hazard of enemy so they speak everything.

    In my opinion the force have different kind of department like office work give information to the solder cooking and many other they women should join the force and give to them those join which they can do in proper way because the force are just same like the backbone of nation. If they leak the enemy will be eradicate the country.

    Ashgar Khan,

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am the student of third year final, I want to tell you that im living in DHA and now the situation is my family is moving out of the country and I have to complete my fourth here, so I wanted some place in college to complete my final.

    I want single bedroom attached bath no sharing at all because when I was in first year you suggest me to take shared room its helpful to you in combine study but unfortunately I had bad experience I can’t studied at all with that guy and his friends were come every day and they played games and they were not organize people the missed up the whole room, it was a headache for me to continue any more here that’s why I left from here in second and third year but now again I wanted the place so I should understand my problem and please try to manage it as soon as possible I want by the next month.
    Hope to see positive action.

    You’re sincerely.


  5. Unknown says:

    Advantages and disadvantages of technology
    The twenty fist century, the so called modern era has seen a lot of advancement in technology in all aspects of life which have made life more convenient, more simplified, and more easier. But as it is said with every good thing comes its bad points too. So is the case with technologym, it along with its advantages carries a baggage of disadvantages.
    Technological advancements have made life a lot easier. One of the most significant of this is computers which with just a click of a button is like a mini world infront of us having all sorts of knowledge in it reducing time to be spent on books. Technological advancements in the field of electronics with the introduction of television washing machines, air conditioners, fridge and kitchen electrical appliances have made life much more easier and provides muchfree time and less hardwork. Similarly, in the field of medicine with the discovery of latest x-ray machineries and various rebotics, hardest of surgeries and other intensive procedures are done within seconds and the quality of life has increased.

    Despite having all its advantages, it also has its drawbacks. Too much technological developement has created too much dependence, for example, if a machine gets out of order, life gets stuck at that point. Another major drawback is that it has made life more sedentary ;people find it much easier to do their work and less energy is used leading to problems of obesity. One important drawback of technology is its misuse by children and teenagers who have been given too much access to computers.

    In the end, i would conclude by saying that it is the way how things are handled, proper use of technology is a blessing in disguise, but its abuse leads to many problems.

    Female student, PAF CHAPTER, karachi

  6. Shahzaib says:

    Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    The topic talk about growing traffic problem and talks about counter ather any problem by increasing the price of the petrol to discourage people from usin vehicles. To certain extent is true, it could be one way counter attacking the problem, other way is to increasing paying tax on pariced vehicles.

    At this time the increase of vehicles has played a big role in increased pollution. The number of vehicles on the road are increasing. This is resulting in saturation on the road, too much traffic jams and increased pollution.
    There has to be something done to counter the problem, one way that is agreed to increasing the petrol price would result in less vehicles on the road. But this has to be supported by lower fares on buses and public transported through which people can travel.

    If there are more traffic there would be more congestions and people will have short temper and will fight more oftenly.

    The government should concertrate another means of transport sch as tube, trams and etc. This way the whole traffic would be diverted toward underground stations and less traffic jams would be there.

    I have lived in the UK, and have observed how the government fights back congestion by imposing congestion charges in London and taxes everywhere, thehave encouraged the use of train stations and majority of people travel by undergrounds and train stations.
    A congestion charge is a parking charge that is placed on parking per 30 minutes and over on the roads of London specially towards central lonn side where roads are narrow and more traffic jams are likely to occur if there is more traffic.

    As we have discussed its importantto decrease the price on other commodity in order for people to avail it on one while the price is increased on other, so i should say in the country like palastine, there should be other means of transport available and fares on public transport should be far less than private transports.

    So i agree with the statement that it helps to counter attack the traffic and pollution problem by increasing the price of petrol and by imposing other charges supported by it such as parking tax, congestion charges and other.

    Dear sir,
    My name is ShahzaibWaheed and i am a gradudate in Business Studies from staffordshire university UK, i am looking for a part time job in your company, this could be anything related to be in accounting or anything related.

    Let me tell you that i have taken different courses to enhance my skills that includes takign accounting course such computerized accounting system (CAS), and peachtree and some basic accounting courses during my bachelors.

    To further enhance my skills i have taken (ADMC) course acconting for decision making and control which lead me towards learn more managerial solutions using accounting system.

    Let me assure you that i am the right candidate, with my skills and education . i would be able to prove myself to you.

    Thank you
    Shahzaib Waheed

  7. Afshan Majid says:

    20 years back people used to interact and communicate with other through phone post card and letters because technology was not this much developed as it is nowadays.

    Nowadays people are interacting with each other through many new apps, like facebook, viber, twitter, tango etc. Everything in this world has both negative and positive points if we look back it was really had to communicate with one and another e.g. if we want to share something good or bad with our dear one, it was really difficult to convey our message to them because of the lack of the communication facilities but now a days with the help of different apps with in a second we can convey our message anywhere in the world. But all these things or facilities has thrown a bad effect on our personal life. Now all of our or most of us want to update each and every thing on our facebook status e.g. if we people are shopping anywhere in the market we are updating our status. As far as I think no one in the work is interested that whether you are shopping or playing with your children. We people have started putting our pictures on these apps because of which everyone is losing their privacy even these pictures are misused. These apps have involved us in an unseen race. Most of the young generations are putting all their private things on this media because of this they are suffering so it Is better to use these facilities carefully. Anything which is fake does not stay for a long time. One should use all these facilities very carefully because they are here too facilitating us not to create a problem in our life.

  8. Rizwan says:

    In past people used traditional methods to communicate with their love ours. They used to write letters, telegrams, and Eid cards.

    With the passage of time, technology evolved and lots of how mediums were developed to communicate or interact with others. Peoples started talking on telephone. Message and public awareness programs were telecasted on television, which considered easier, fastest, and effecting methods than their predecessor were used. If we talk about the modern era the telephone were replaced by mobile phone and television role was taken over by internet and social media. This now development caused to world to chosen to each other. Now you have access to any information you needed through internet while using your cell phones.

    As for as relationship are concerned the modern development in technology open ways to communicate other easily and effectively but at the same time there gadgetries have disadvantaged these can be used to exploit relation very easily. It is the need of the hours that we should realize the importance of these new development and positively utilize than in order to save time, money and resources.

    In my opinion all these now development in science and technology brought the people living in different area of the world closer that’s way world is called a global village.
    Now you can have details of any part of the world while sitting at your place, you can book ticket, purchase things, through credit cards know details of your concern while sitting at home. Although these development are useful for human kind but they are associated with different type of advantages. All these era considered as positive development provided that its utilization.


  9. Ali Akbar says:

    It is certainly true, that children are to follow strict rules of behaviors in certain societies, I believe children should be allowed to do thing on their own will.

    In certain classes of our society between of cultural taboos children tend to suffer a lot of problems including doing job below 18 year of age, despite of sending them to school and have to face a great things of pressures in strictly following these. Although these things are to be seen in illiterate. Societies having no access to education but cases seem to appear in well-educated families. As for the children routine life is concerned, like playing games, watching television, they should follow be insisted of doing all these at defined times. Ethically, children must respect their parent’s children teachers in classmate and must follow the rule taught by parents in teachers.

    If children will be insisted to do each in everything so strictly, be young their thinking, it might lead them to develop psychological problems and will not be able to give output to which the future of our society in concerned.
    Meanwhile we need to be lenient with children in certain circumstance otherwise it will have a harmful result for them in for our society.

    Ali Akbar,

  10. Sadaf Alam says:

    There are different cultures in different countries and according to this there are different rule in the countries. Some people believe that it is good for their children to follow the rules while other say that children should not bonded with the rules. I strongly agree the statement that children should strictly obey these rules.
    In the beginning, parents teach their children in their early stage that they should respect the elder and not argue with them. For instance in Muslim country, children never talk to their parents or grandparents in loud voice. They talk to them with good manners and they obey their rules.
    Secondly, in most of the Islamic countries boys or girls should not allow studying together. For example, country likes Saudia Arab, where strike rules are followed. Both boys and girls should study in so-educated environment. Both they also respect their relatives too.
    Thirdly, with the help of these rules parents are helping their sons and daughters to become a good person. For example, by making the strike rule in homes from the early age, children respect them. They focus on their studied work hard on the beginning and achieve their desired goal, and fulfill their parents wish to become doctor engineer, scientist, teacher etc.
    So most of them destroy their life after their in depending. Putting their self in wrong direction. For example, making friendships with bad people who are smoker, drug taker who also put them too in that direction.
    More ever, these children not focus on their study and spending their valuable time on drug auditioned. If their parents shouted on them, they report to the police, and they are arrested only by this little complain.
    In conclusion, independency is a good thing but sometimes it destroys the most important age of your life. So I believe children should follow the ruless to become a successful person. These rules help them in many ways. The society takes a good examples for them and they secure a good life with their parents strike rules.

    Sadaf Alam,

  11. Zohaib says:

    The chart represents the 3 circles on which it’s totally visible of the response what the school have spent on annual basis during the decade 1981, 1991 as well as 2001.

    Firstly, it’s clear and significantly visible in the chart that the expense school had to spending more during the year 1981 1991 and respectively 2001. Were on teaching staff salaries. The huge amount is given during the decades 1981 total staff teacher salary 40 % 1991 total teacher salary 50% and 45% spent on 2001 respectively on each year.

    However the second amount can be seen on other workers’ salaries for instance 28% on the year of 1981 and 22% during 1991 ad although its seem less amount is spend on 2001 which is on 15% on other worker salaried where is on 15% , 20 % and silently high 23 % during on the following year and very less amount of spending is visible on insurance was about 2% in 1981 3% 1991 and 8% on the security needs during 2001.


  12. Abdullah says:

    Since a long time ago, the relationship between children and the rules where the most hated bind in the human childhood, however I believe that over restrikes of rules are not in useful of the child neither the complete freedom is.

    Some of the rules were made to protest the child from the danger and haradious object and even people.

    Firstly the total band of the child by rules from doing all of they want is not on the child benefit for instance, some of children that they were closed at home for beebread from playing our side these homes they develop disease such as obesity and heart disease on the other angle they were lacking the ways to deal with life as they glow up and they were a fried of doing anything and the research pointed that giving a child limitation for doing his actions in this will destroy his ability to managing anything could he face.
    On the other hand, complete freedom opens other world of strange actions and could cause the children to fell in legal as well as psychological problem, for example, children at USA were found the most brave children or earth because they trying everything that they get there eye on, everything USA where recorded to be at the top of the list of countries with legal and psychological of children.

    I appoint my agreement on applying moderate type of caws to children in a way it does not kill their talents all also prevent they from the weird application my agreement direction to Japan, where the most correct system is applied a young children are brought to school full of toys medical construal calculations and even grapey and they only they get tanks and trucks to choose what game they want to play according to his or has choice he or she will be reached.

    Finally, we could make the most hated relationship more lovable by simply letting them choose what rules they want to fellow.


  13. As we know that this world is like a global village, everybody have the right to manage the life and enjoys his activities by their own principles but in some countries children have very strict rules related to behavior while in other countries they are freed to do anything. However I believe that the children should follow the rules which are mainly related to their culture and inherited traditional life.

    First of all, obeying strict rules during childhood related to cultural and daily life makes the children a good citizen in the future. For example, if the family has principle that awake up in early morning do some pray and exercise than this makes the children very punctual and he will succeed in developing habit of punctuality. This punctuality will make him confortable to manage his office timing and his social life in future.
    Furthermore, when the children are thought to follow the certain principle and regulations related to the use of latest and sophisticated device like PC, laptops and smart device than this will lead the children to become more confident for example, A father take laptop for his children and let him allow to browse the website that belongs to their home assignments and project but children are allowed to open the laptop in night when his father at home. So this activity will preserve the social and moral ethics of family children will not browse to wrong path on internet because he know that father is sitting with him.

    On the other hand, In some countries like in western countries children are allowed have right to do anything without the permission of their elders. This will take the children to the destruction in their social and ethics life for example a children some home late night, due to late coming in home at night the children will awake in morning very late and fee; very tired and in this way he will lost the habit of punctuality self-confident and leadership.

    To conclude having steady and fast rules under some circumstance is very beneficial and makes the children to immerge as tower of strange in the coming life for their family as well as nation.

    Arsalan Amin Khan,

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