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ielts essays by my students karachi

Question and sample answer by Sir Alam students





Essay one

Dear Sir Alam, ASA,

Please review the below essay on “UNPAID COMMUNITY IN THE HIGH SCHOOL”
The value of unpaid community has been common in the most of the modern countries where it is mandatory part of their high school education. There are tremendous reasons have found in various cultures and societies. There are numerous advantages of this type of unpaid work. In contrast, some people also thanked that it is not a mandatory service in the stage of high school education.

I think the advantages side is high as compared to disadvantages. There are ample opportunities of create awareness and growth in the early stage of high school. These students have become in form of unpaid workers are more responsible in our society and play a vital role in the effectiveness of society. These student will have awareness of how professional work in perform. There are various modern countries where unpaid community is a compulsory course. If any student has passed all courses except the unpaid community course then the concerned authorities of high school will apply some sort of restrictions on specific student’s certificate until and unless the student will have to perform the service of unpaid community.

There is no doubt about unpaid community has created a crucial role of humanitarian in various countries of modern world. These students are able to work effectively and efficiently just not limited to their study but also on their professional work. Most of the people have realized that unpaid community is just like a part time job where students have ample opportunities of learning new task.

In the context of unpaid community workers, there are varieties of works. It liked to reveal that there are remarkable growths of variety of areas in unpaid community like cleaning in a hospital, cleaning on the road, clearing on the beach, clean the wall of the city, provide some sort of help in any specific area, teach to any illiterate person. In the aforementioned scenarios, when the high school students will able to perform community service as unpaid worker.

I the conclusion, I would like to mention here that there are unpaid community service is very imperative service in high schools. The students of these high schools have great potential of success in their professional growth as well as enhance effectiveness in the success of study.

North Nazimabad,



Essay two


In high schooling system, free of cost good services must be promoted and must implement as a significant part of their programs. These campaigns are truly favourable to perform in many ways. So, schools must motivate their student to pay the services because schools are considered to be the initiator in bringing them up with ethics.

One of the positive aspects which comes out by doing these voluntary activities is that students became used to do chores in groups. Due to this act, they can understand each other well. They can realize their rights and duties towards the other citizen in a society, which plays a vital role in maintaining the discipline for making an ideal society.

Further more, in groups unpaid services, students learn a lot by exchanging their main crux about the activity they perform. They possess the dexterity, how to share, how to face the arduous task and how would they got positive outcomes by working for the sake of helping the needy ones.

Community services include different campaigns like giving education to the children of poor person also includes spending some time with the disable children to make them learn using different techniques.So these children would become useful for society as well. In that way the rate of literacy will be increase day by day.

In addition many schools are working on a “Clean City” campaigns and to make city green also working on a “Green City” campaigns now a days. In that way city might be clean soon and would have healthy atmosphere because of more and more plantation.

Finally because of these volunteers community services school may become successful in giving out better citizen to the country which can attract the attention of a common person. In that way these student can compel the common person to do the same welfare activities in a splendid way, which can make this world utopia.


Gulshan ,



essay three 

In general we found many people complaining about the system and condition of the country. I personally think that unless we contribute our part in system without any greed, we couldn’t complain about anything and the best way to achieve this on initial level is that we need to introduce our children to volunteer work from their early school age.

Often children adopt those habits which taught to them in their early age, as they are quite sharp observer and quick learner while they are in their school age. So as we guide our children from their early age and teach them how to contribute their part in society, it will become their usual practice when they will reach to mature age. As a result of this gradually things get better and we will leave this planet a better place for living for our next generations.

Secondly, while children feel the responsibility and ownership of any giving task, it would help them to work and think about the noble cause instead to thinking just for their own selves. For an instance, few decades ago college and school student used to participate in activities like “Scouts”, where they learned about medical first, rescue and surviving skills. In consequences, during the war of 1971 when whole army was at the battle field or at border, Scouts were serving as third line of defense in country.

In conclusion, if we involve our children in community work it would courage them to work and build society, and make their contribution in the development of country since their early childhood and make them as proud nation.

Ahmed ,

North Nazimabad



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