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Ielts classes in DHA and Clifton Karachi?

IELTS classes in DHA and Clifton


ielts in dha or cliftonMany candidates call me from DHA , Clifton, Gulshan and others areas where we do not offer IELTS preparatory classes.

It doesn’t mean that where live necessarily will have IELTS preparation institute there. You may find some but they may not ┬áhave groups , teachers train candidates individually there. So they don’t have interaction with other candidates which is very important.

I believe it is wise to travel for a 15-30 minutes than going for bad choices which will help you score well. Studying with us with groups will help you interact with other good students who can score up-to 9 band in some modules. Apart from teacher they can help you score well. Like you can follow their strategies in how they do well.

Most of students who come to us have appeared many times and have a lot of questions. So when they ask such questions , they help you anyways and a lot more benefits you get from groups.


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