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idp ielts online result for 5 april 2014

IDP IELTS online result for 5 April 2014


idp ielts online results

IDP IELTS online results for 5 April 2014 announced in Malaysia, Australia, Bangladesh, India and other countries. Get the results and get some sign of relief .

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Follow the link below where you need to enter details to get your results for 5 April 2014


6 Responses so far.


    I want to know the ielts result of my wife. April 5,2014..Thanks,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Almonia, Please enter required details in the link given, your wife results would show or wait for a day or 2 for the certificates to arrive at your home address.

  2. ane says:

    I sit for Exam on 5th April 2014 and i have been given date for the result is 18th April.But instead of getting result.. i got the email from them:-

    We refer to your IELTS test of 5th April, 2014.

    “As part of the quality control procedures designed to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test, test results are routinely analyzed before they are issued to candidates. Unfortunately, it was not possible to include all the results from this centre in the analysis for this test session. These results will be analyzed shortly. Test Report Forms will be issued on 25th April 2014.”

    “Please note that it is specified in the declaration signed by candidates on the application form that there may be occasions when it is necessary to issue a result more than 13 days after the test. Please accept our apologies for this delay. ”

    Is this Normal?Have i made any mistake?what is the clear reason for this? Please help.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Ane,

      Sorry to hear your results got delayed. It is not because you have done something wrong, they normally routine checks so wait for the date given to you.

  3. Renato Pereira says:

    Hi All,

    I took my exam on September 20th 2014 and expected the results by 3rd October but to my disappointment i received a mail stating results delayed which is similar to content mentioned in Ane’s mail.

    Is there any issue and will my marks come down due to this process?

    Please advice

  4. Alam Alam says:

    It seems they are working on it. Normally they check what actually went wrong that many people complained. No need to worry about your marks , they won’t go down.

    You will get positive feedback soon.

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