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How to write Solution in an essay

How to write solution in an essay

expresssing solution in an essay

Writing Solution essay in an essay logically is difficult for some students. The reason for it is they do not make logical sentences and reader finds it difficult to follow the solution. So it is advised to write mark function in every sentence to make it easy for reader.





Good order to write solution is

  1. Give solution
  2. Example
  3. Result
  • To be slim one should walk on daily basis. (solution)
  • For example, walking in a local park for an hour in the morning and evening.(example)
  • This as a result, could maintain body figure and reduce unnecessary fat from the body.(result)


So above three sentences show that they have logical connection. Thus , solution is clearly discussed which is quite essay to follow or understand.

Try giving solutions from any problems as a practice.

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