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How to write IELTS task 2 (essay) introduction


ntroduction basically outlines main arguments and points, which you later elaborate in the body.Firstly, there should be a brief general explanation of the topic in order to let the reader know which area the topic is from.In the later part, it should state thesis statement, which summarizes what you will discuss in the body. Let me explain more what thesis means, it is one or two sentences in the introduction that tells the reader what you are going to argue in the body part. Thesis is like one sentence in which you would like to summarize the who essay in.

Write your introduction as short as possible and do not give details in the introduction. You need to produce effective skills by summarizing your introduction to show examiner that you are good at introduction.

Adding details by giving examples, references and arguments would make your introduction a part of the body and would be difficult to follow.

 Introduction sample:

It is obviously important not only to work but also relax. I feel doing so in various ways will lead to a happy life.

The first sentence introduces topic, while the second is a thesis statement.


Write up to 5 introductions which will give you a good clue.

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