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How to write IELTS Task 2 essay introduction?

How to write IELTS Task 2 essay introduction?


how to write introduction in ielts task 2Writing introduction for IELTS candidates has always been confusing if their writing skills are average. They would not analyze the topic or write sentences which are not logical. They focus on vocabulary but not ideas, as a result , introduction is always poor and examiner rates it below average essay.

Introduction is the key part of the essay in which writer guides the reader what the topic is about and what he intends to discuss,argue or comment. Whatever the main personal opinion introduction carries, it should be elaborated in the body part.


Writing long introductions give bad impression to the examiner. All statements should be general and precise in the introduction with two points approach.

  1.  Introduce the topic
  2. Give thesis statement


Introduce the topic

In this part whatever topic essay contains that needs to be introduced by giving some sort of statement.


Thesis statement

In this part you have to give opinion or main statement that you intend to discuss in the body part in detail. It call also be called summarized sentence of the whole body.


3 Responses so far.

  1. Dr Adnan says:

    Topic:- in some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between high school and starting university studies.
    Discus Advantages and disadvantaged.

    Vast majority of people  think, its enormously essential to work and travel before the start of university life,as it would garner practical experience for them.However,Personally,I disagree with this concept,as it can diverge student’s attention from studies, making him totally ignoring further studies and becoming less educated. 

              There is no doubt concerning the importance of work and travel after finishing highschool, as its a high time to get expose with the practical life. Furthermore, it give them the confidence,bravery and courage to face the inevitable problems and crisis through which they have to thrust their way up. For instance, high school graduate intending to pursue his career in pharmaceutical industry,can work in a pharmacy to get familiar with drugs before starting his college course for pharmacology.Subsequently, making them ready for their future studies. 
               However,it does not merely mean that it is mandatory for every student. Because working before getting enroll in an university course could be leathal, as it can sway student’s concentration from studies and making them more eager towards continue working or travelling. For example, student going on a leisure trip after finishing highschool, can make him quit getting futher studies.As travelling abroad or domestically is far more attractive than dealing with books. As a result, it can darkens the future of the naive youngster. 
              Consequently, working or travelling can be done after passing out from highschool but it should be monitered by their guardians. So that young ones can continue their studies by applying for bachelors degree. 

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Adnan,

      Improve following mistakes

      grammatical mistakes : students'(2 times) , it’s
      References : In introduction, keep subject plural (them)

      First paragraph of the body there should be full stop before as. This would help you separate topic sentence from supporting details.

      Second line of first body paragraph has third person singular mistake “it gives”.

      No need to put comma before “can work”

      “ed” is missing with word “enroll”

      and throughout the essay subject has been singular mostly which needs to be plural to make it more formal.

      you will get 6.5 ban for this essay.

  2. fahad says:

    ielts exams of writing 24th may2014

    task 1 : there is map where u have to link b/w them today and other is purposed map where u haver to tell how to stop accident

    task2 : present is better or future

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