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How to target 9 Band Vocabulary in IELTS Writing exam.

How to target 9 Band Vocabulary in IELTS Writing exam.


9 band vocabularyMany IELTS candidates tend to focus on grammar, task response and cohesion/coherence but forget the need to target vocabulary which examiner looks for when calculating writing Band score.



Role of vocabulary in writing task 2  

Vocabulary helps express message clearly and effectively. Without it candidates repeat ideas and subjects but do not express what is required. Students who are weak in vocabulary, do not express message well. It effects their overall writing band score.

Comparison of O’ level and matric students

Students of O’level background in Pakistan tend to be much better than matric schooling system. They have wide range of vocabulary that they pick from regular reading habits from early schooling to final years. As a result, they are more logical in what they actually want to express but other than O’level students matric students fail to express well. They cannot organize ideas and logically connect sentences well. Mainly their vocabulary approach is limited.

How to improve vocabulary for IELTS exam? 

There are certain ways by which vocabulary range can be improved. Firstly, a lot of formal readings should be done. Such practice helps as input, for example, when something is read on constant basis helps you memorize words. While these words come in mind and help you  express ideas clearly. Secondly, by listening or watching formal discussions, talk shows or documentary on televisions help you memorize words quickly. Lastly, speaking environment can also increase, When other speakers use words in different situations. They are picked well as compared to learning from dictionaries.

How to build vocabulary for 7-9 band score?

For IELTS 7-9 band score, you should read formal reading passages which you read as practice for reading module.

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