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How to score better in IELTS writing module?

                How to improve IELTS writing Band?       

ieltswritingbandscoreI have experience of some students who scored better in writing when they had no support of teachers but scored poor band when they had access to teachers.  The  main reason behind it is not focusing on ideas but structures and grammar. These are worthless if they do not possess ideas to answer the question. Imagine if you essay carries good structures but does not carry information, will it convey message? of course not and it will give bad impression to examiner.

Key to higher bandscore includes clear, natural and organized message. Ideas in every sentence should make sense whey they are read as sometimes they are not clear to the reader , as a result, nothing can be understood. Secondly, statements should have natural wordings which convey message competently. Thirdly, all sentences should be in good order as per ideas ,like, which one should come first , second and in last.

Good vocabulary also uplifts your band-score ranking. Obviously it is not easy for beginners to utilize advanced vocabulary, even if they use them it can not get them good score if they do not fit them exactly where they need to be. Some individuals who have been practicing English for long time , tend to be good with word familiarization and utilization but does not help simply those who have memorized them.

Number of students who do not have strong educational background complain that when they start writing essay , they do not get main ideas and start worrying and be tense.  The only one solution for this is just be confident and give it best try.

One of my student quoted  “Think of ideas , words would come themselves”.

It it is recommended to get your essays checked by your teachers for exact marking and identifying your weak areas. This practice will improve your writing score if you keep doing it for as long as you can.


By Mohammad Alam




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