By Sir TrevorIELTS Expert

The article below will provide you key tips on how to use high-level vocabulary in the IELTS Speaking test.

First, let’s consider why do you need to build vocabulary? Well if you really want to get a high IELTS score, you need to use high band vocabulary. Keep in mind 25% of your score goes to vocabulary and the IELTS test is marked by human raters so it’s really difficult to trick a human rater into thinking that your vocabulary is better than it really is.

Second, what vocabulary do you need to know? You need to know the following:

  • Most frequent words used in English
  • Academic word list
  • Topic-specific words

But how can you do that? You can find and download a list of words from the web and see them frequently. Moreover, you need to look them up in a dictionary, write out their meaning in your notebook or diary or you can use flashcards. Then you can use these words in your speaking while practicing. This kind of extensive exposure to language can really help you in building up your vocabulary.

Now let’s consider a vocabulary system that you can build and use. Consider this:


What does this mean?

G stands to Gather – so gather words along with their meaning in your notebook or flashcard system.

R stands for Review – you need to see, hear and write the words more frequently in order to retain it.

O means to –Own the words, say them, read them, and use them in your speaking.

W stands for Wander –this means that go and find the word in newspaper, podcast, on a TV show, and in a conversation with a friend, so explore it.

You can use the above-mentioned system to gather information about a word, review it as repetition means retention so personalize it, activate it, then find the word in a new context as you wander around.

The key point is to read and listen to a wide variety of media as this will help you to get new words.

I hope these suggestions will help you, aspirants, to get a high band score in the IELTS Speaking test.

All the best, happy Speaking!

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