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How to get highest band in IELTS Speaking Module

What you really need to know and do when you have IELTS speaking test?

Majority of students worry about IELTS Speaking Module. As in this section you have to display your potential in everyday English and if you can discuss on any general topic and further if you can be good at two way discussion, answering questions.

Before you speaking test

Keep yourself relaxed by making sure you have your Passport/ID with you and reach before the test.

While giving test

A practice to be present minded and relaxed while giving speaking test. Being present minded can help you analyse questions and plan answers well, of course it becomes easy for you to answer them as easy as a piece of cake.

It is natural when you are normal with anybody while talking, you feel more confident but when you are stressed you do not do well. Examiners are always equipped with facilities to help you focus and perform the most when giving test. In case you are not happy or you have any complain , normally conversation between you and examiner is recorded and if any noise outside the room gets recorded, however if you still have any complain, you can make them before you leave.

To score better , you need to produce good Speaking skills, as examiner will be assessing your skills firstly, fluency, this is called continuity in your speaking without thinking you speak continuously and not giving examiner chance to note that you are thinking. Fluency shows you speak English naturally

Secondly, linking your sentences, you have to make logical connections in your sentences before you deliver them, not having logical connections, your speech does not smooth and confuses examiner what exactly you want to say. So always use conjunctions like for addition use and, as well as, more over etc for contrast use, however, by contrast, conversely etc.

Thirdly, good vocabulary makes your speech more attractive and meaningful, the better your vocabulary is, the more meaningful your speech is. Always use wide range of vocabulary and make sure to use them on the right place and right time. You should not use difficult words if you don’t know exactly what they mean.

Fourthly, making good use of structures and grammar. What you want to speak you should have command to speak in different ways with help of grammar which means you should have good understanding of whether words have family like noun, verb, adjective or adverb and either you want to use adjective or adverb family. And further complex sentences can increase your band score.

Wait for my further speaking tips to avail good band score in your IELTS test.

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