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How to get 8 band in IELTS


How to get 8 band in IELTS


Knowing how to get 7 or 8 Band in IELTS is a dream mostly for students not having relevant skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you do not possess these skills and simply book test, it is wrong practice. Following criteria needs to be adopted for getting more than 6 Band in real exam.


Experienced IELTS teacher

The key role player in getting good Band is the IELTS teacher who needs to be experienced. Obviously teachers with more experience have taught to a lot of students and have undergone with many experiences, which include marking their essays and then comparing candidates who give real exam to see whether their marking scheme was accurate. Also they answer many unusual questions by different students, which they come to know then and tackle day to day problems students come across. They learn new ways by looking at different students’ ways of attempting reading, writing, listening and speaking questions. Comparatively, going for inexperienced teacher would not be able to share more experiences; he or she will teach you based on what his or her experience.

Every practice session should bring positive change in skills

Some students do so much practice but do not bring any improvement. It is just because of not having intention to develop skills. They can do this by identifying their mistakes or problems in every test they do. Once weak areas are identified while giving test, build some strategy to overcome them. For example, it can be discussed with a teacher who then give suggest you the solution for it or going for Google and search if it gives you any solution. Such way of practicing will bring a change after every test, which then can contribute in getting good Band.

Recommended IELTS Course material

Use recommended books by teachers. Some students use other books which are not Cambridge exam pattern, which results in getting poor Band when they appear in real IELTS exam. I personally saw some books not having exam pattern questions or practices. Like , the most recommended books now are the Cambridge ones which are official books  published by Cambridge university.


So finally, I would say practicing without change is not progress but intention to bring a change in every practice test will bring results, no matter how tiny your progress is, it is still worth doing.


By Mohammad Alam



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