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how to get 7 band in each module in IELTS?

how to get 7 band in each module in IELTS?

7 band in each moduleAre you targeting 7 IELTS Band in each module and require specialist to look into each module in-depth and work on your weak areas then choose IELTSExpert.

7 Band in writing specially is a dream for many individuals. Sir Alam’s classes include lessons targeting weak areas, for example, in references, organizing ideas and sentences in logical way, further awareness of lexical resource. In Last developing flow of ideas ,and responding questions up to the mark.

Some candidates prefer saving money and spend that on IELTS exams but that is not a solution to do so. They should spend that amount on IELTS preparatory classes from experienced teachers. By doing so instead for some time till they get their desired band would be useful.

On daily basis, I get candidates asking if they can get 7 band in each module for Australian, Canadian immigration or student Visas. My response is always “yes” If they follow my lessons and practice them. But when some ask for guarantee, it cannot be given as its Cambridge base exam, certain measures by individuals are required to get certain band score. So do not believe in luck in IELTS but competent teacher may help you with your efforts in practice.

Some students after getting preparatory classes still cannot find out where they lack. This is teacher’s part ,do not compromise in teachers, always enroll with the most experienced ones.

Some teachers tend to hand over practice materials with answer to students and suggest them to practice on daily basis which is good but still expert guideline is essential. Such general comments discourage students and cannot direct them to find out their weak areas. As a result, candidates keep giving exams or practice at home and do not develop skills to uplift their Band score.

Teachers should comment on writings by identifying weak areas in writing and suggest what areas to improve and how to improve them. In this way students can develop areas rather than keep testing themselves.

 By Mohammad Alam



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