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How to get 7 Band in each Module in IELTS for Australia?

How to get 7 Band in each Module in IELTS for Australia?


how to get 7 ielts band in each moduleMany individuals who are planning to move to Australia and other speaking countries for work purposes are after 7 band in each module as a requirement of immigration officials but majority of them do no find way to score it.

What they do is just repeat exams with the hope of scoring better without working on weak areas. IELTS examiners are trained and have solid background of marking so one cannot cheat them unless develops skills. It is better to work on weak areas and improve them rather than simply testing yourselves. Get plenty of help from teacher in modules where you are weak and ask him to identify areas where you have problems and then practice well to bring improvement.

Last week I had a student who came from Australia for vocation of 2 months, she is on student visa and wants to apply for her permanent residency for which she needs to score 7 in each. She gave two times exam scoring 6.5 overall in Karachi and 6 in Australia. This time she wants to attempt in Karachi , she thought in Karachi marking system may have flexibility which is wrong. IELTS marking is same all over the world so one should not keep such feelings. I believe there may be .5 difference which may be because of laziness of examiner like not picking your good points well by not paying attention but not greater than that  Which could be in Pakistan or any country.

My suggestion to get 7 in each is simply work on modules where you are weak. If it is reading then improve specially “Skimming and Scanning” practice plenty stuff to get used to questions types and finding their answers quickly. Try to work out what every paragraph is about means what the main idea of the paragraph is and what are the supporting details which back up the main idea. Same thing goes on in every paragraph and examiners expect you to work out and differentiate between main ideas and details by giving you variety of questions.

I had a student , his friend in Australia gave about 22 times IELTS exam but did not score his desired band. Again such mad efforts can not bring results unless weak areas are improved.

It is recommended to approach a well experienced teacher who can identify weak areas and improve your time management and check your essays and let you know what you need to improve. Take your time and improve it naturally rather than resitting in exam.

Make sure you study with group of students not individually. As some of your course colleagues may let you know their approach or you may notice their way of attempting questions in all modules. But make sure that group that you plan to study with should have good command over English. I have personally seen many my students who have benefited from the group students who they did course with. I still see some of my students chatting outside classroom or sit in other class and discuss their weak areas or practice speaking or ask each other how to answer questions in reading or writing. Another advantage of studying with a group is when everybody asks questions that you do not have in mind which in fact teach you a lot. Sometimes you are not that focused but when other students ask questions that opens your mind , as a result you have better exposure to  learn . Similarly on different occasions , other students share problems with teacher that then helps other students.

Some candidates do self study for 7 band in IELTS which is good to some extent but not always specially for below average students. As they can not pick their problems or do not have skills to lead themselves in critical situation. As a result they give up or just guess and consider that their full-length try. Obviously teacher can direct you accordingly and update you with what the current patterns for each module are and how to attempt them in different situations.

By Mohammad Alam


7 band reading lesson by Sir Alam



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