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How to enrich your vocabulary for IELTS

In IELTS writing good vocabulary can increase your band. Using below words can give more information in detail without having use of many words. Sometimes these words come in questions and students fail to understand them and do not get main idea of the topic in a question where they have more chances to loose band score.

Try using these words in task 1 and task 2. They can make your introductions really impressive so its worth remembering them, think about some topics and start writing with help of these words.

  1. Suggest:  Describe what you think can be done in order to achieve something.
  2. Predict: Tell in advance what you think will happen.
  3. Assess:  Explain, with real examples, why something has happened or is happening.
  4. Trace:   Give a brief history of something, in order in which it happened.
  5. Define:  Give the meaning of something.
  6. Discuss Talk about something with someone else, or write about it from different viewpoint.
  7. Estimate:   Calculate (but not exactly) the value or cost of something.
  8. Outline:  Give a broad description of something without giving too much detail.
  9. Analyse:  Explain something closely and scientifically.
  10. Examine:   Write or talk about the different aspects (e.g., causes, results) of something.
  11. Elaborate:   Explain something in more detail than you did previously.
  12. Compare:    Look at two things side by side to see how they are similar or different.
  13. Summarise:   Explain something in a few main points, without giving too much detail.
  14. Explain ,Account:    Say why something has happened.
  15. Justify:    Show or prove that something is right or good.
  16. Demonstrate:   Show how something works, usually by physically operating it so that the other person knows what it does and how it works.
  17. Identify:    Give a physical description of somebody.
  18. Assess, Evaluate:    Calculate the value of something

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