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How to check IELTS task 2 essay

How to check IELTS task 2 essay


how to mark your essayIELTS writing module always puts a question mark in all IELTS candidates’ mind who do self IELTS preparation. As they do not have teacher to mark their essays instantly , they can’t identify their problems which leads to poor band score in writing exam. I am going to share some hints which may help you identify your mistakes.


make sure your essay is structured well

To make the essay perfect it should include introduction, body and conclusion. In introduction, topic of the essay should be introduced  followed by thesis statement which should cover what is mainly discussed in the body. secondly, body should carry explanation, development of ideas and details to support general points that you have for every question. In last paragraph, do not forget to conclude your essay by giving some final one or two sentences so that readers know the essay is finishing.

well structured paragraph

Every paragraph should have general discussion with supporting details. Whatever the topic of the paragraph is , should not be changed or any new topic should not be added. It would be idea to stick to one point in one paragraph , if you have more ideas put them in separate paragraphs to make it clear and smooth for readers so that they can follow your arguments, discussions or etc  easily.

do no repeat similar words or ideas

Do not repeat same words again and again or ideas by difference words. If ideas are same and repeated by different words still brings your band low so avoid them.

use formal phrases

Essay should be formal. Do not use “well!”, or give informal examples or use more pronouns as writing should be more formal then speaking.


Summarize sentences by referring to previous information. Sometimes , rather repeating whole phrase only “it” can help you avoid that.


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