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how to check an ielts essay

how to check an IELTS essay

how to check an ielts essay IELTS candidates who do not know how to check their Academic or  General training writing task 2 essays may follow this post and improve their weak areas.

I recommend you certain tips below to improve your essay writing.




Check introduction

Check if the introduction has mature statement which introducing essay and thesis statement in which there is overall idea of what you plan to discuss in the body part of the essay. Make sure introduction part does not contain any details like examples, evidence, explanation or any references.

 Dos and Don’ts

  • keep statements general
  • write thesis statement
  •  add some good words
  • do not add details here


Develop Body

Second comes the body part in which main questions are answered. Check if every paragraph has one main idea in shape of  topic sentences all other sentences match with topic sentence as supporting information. Logical connecting in every sentence is important as well in order to make a good flow in the information.

Check out if there is enough vocabulary as more competent words help express ideas fluently and competently.

Dos and Don’ts

  • add specific details
  • logical connection of sentences in each paragraph is important
  • good range of grammar
  • adequate words to express ideas well


Give better Conclusion 

Finally conclusion in the essay winds up the essay in which some general statements should be given.  These statements depend on type of essay so make sure that conclusion is up to the mark.

 Dos and Don’ts

  • sentences should be general
  • Make logical connection in sentences
  • wide range of vocabulary



If you can still not mark your essay , take a good essay marked by your teacher or somebody online and identify weak areas by comparing it with that essay. This will help you to some extent.


If you want any essay to be checked by me simply post it in comments box and I will comment on it.


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