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How to cheat in IELTS exam

 Cheating in IELTS exam


cheatin examGetting higher band for weak English candidates is a dream. They do many attempts but do not get it. I have some heard of few practices that have helped candidates in China, Australia, Pakistan , India and other countries.

Some of my students who have appeared many times were discussing different practices today so i thought to share them with you as i really find them practical and helpful for weak students but they apply in certain cases.

For writing module what students do is memorize essays from transportation, science, art, media, communication and education. They memorize every word with correct  punctuation and they try fit one of them  with the question in actual exam. If they essay is about media, they will pick the media essay and write the whole memorized essay. You might be surprised that what percentage of marks will they get. They will only be penalized for “off topic” and will get marks for good vocabulary, grammar, cohesion and coherence.

Similarly for the letter they memorize 4-5 types letter . one for complain , one letter informal, one which is to a friend, one letter about dissatisfaction of a product. As you may be aware that in letter writing example (TA,CC,GRA,LR) so again candidate won’t get marks for Task Achievement but will get mark for Cohesion/Coherence, Grammar, Lexical resource.

Above practices are carried more by Chinese students as they require 5.5 band and they make plenty spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes so it should help them. I think for students who require 5 band it should not be bad idea i believe.

There are few individuals who can not get 5 band so doing so will help them.

I believe similar should apply in speaking then for QUE card specially. But in speaking week students should check recent topics on my website and memorize them. Such practice will help them answer questions in more relaxed way and get about 5 band if that’s the requirement.

But candidates with 7 band should never go for such practice as that needs natural good English.

Please note that above was just a discussion among students which i shared whether it helps you or it all your luck.



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