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How the IELTS examiners assess your essay

Unfair essay marking by examiners


unfair ielts essay marking by examinersIELTS writing Task 2 essay marking is based on Four criterion TR, CC, GRA and LR (Task Response, Cohesion/Coherence, Grammatical Range and accuracy and last lexical resource).  Let me share where sometimes examiners make unfair marking.

Normally examiners grade GRA and LR well but not TR and CC. The reason behind it is they find it difficult and more time taking. Every candidate has different approach to ideas that they reply to essay. Examiners do not follow it sometimes and that may cut down marks. This could be because of not having enough experience or lack of qualifications or training that they get from IELTS examination body. So they do not give candidates reasonable marking  which is sometimes annoying for hard working candidates.

So work on Task response and cohesion/coherence.  Whatever questions is asked reply accordingly. Manage your paragraphs well by putting all ideas in order and. Do not discuss two separate points in one paragraph which makes it difficult for examiners to follow and band score comes down. Extend content by giving more supporting details which makes central idea of a paragraph clear.


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