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How are IELTS question papers produced?

How are IELTS question papers produced?


how ielts papers are produced

I sometimes get comments from candidates that questions in exam were not logical with answer or the answers they choose are correct answers but examiner or checker marked in wrong in reading or listening. Similarly others say writing topic was not appropriate or sensible. In fact, IELTS question papers are processed by professional team of Cambridge examinations who produce them in 9 stages which are below.




  1. Commissioning of Material for Question Papers
  2. Pre-editing and Editing of Material
  3. Pretest Construction
  4. Pretesting : Once
  5. Pretest Review
  6. Banking of Material
  7. Standards Fixing Construction
  8. Live Test Construction and Grading
  9. Live Test Release


Many quality checks are carried on repeated basis to ensure the material selected are appropriate for the candidates. They are checked to see if instructions given for the questions are sensible. Questions specially in writing are reviewed by team to see if  they are suitable topic , content, style, level, focus and length wise.



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