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frequent mistakes that IELTS students make

frequent mistakes that IELTS students make


ielts listening mistakesSome individuals have certain listening problems that they are not aware of ,as a result, they get lower band score.

As listening test is of your ability to listen, read and write at the same time. And specially being good on side of identifying main topic or let’s say right conversation for each question decides how well or badly your responses to question are.

I was observing one of my students today. The problem with her was, she could understand overall recording but could not read questions and write answers. The reason behind was she was not focusing on answers but on words. She was looking for exactly same words as mentioned in the question. When I explained her to look for what is missing by guessing first what is needed and then look for that information rather than matching words from recording with text in questions really helped her. So be skilled and competent in looking for information than wasting your time an doing unnecessary things.

Second main cause of getting lower band score is having weak grammar or not being aware of answer format. Mistakes like spelling, turning singular to plural or plural to singular can make right answers wrong. Also addition of extra words which are not needed or omission of important words cause problems. Capital letters and other slight grammatically errors can decrease numbers of right answers.

Being aware of listening tests format increases number of answers. Like practicing variety of questions specially ones which you have not attempted in life or those  you find difficult. Some candidates find the right answers but do not know placement for them.

Classification questions in which you have to match beginning with ending parts require more practice.

Learn and get used to format by doing at least 10 test before exam to give full length try.

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