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  1. Peggy July says:

    Write a letter to the manager of a hotel. You want to book a room in a hotel for a family party.
    Explain what the party will be.
    What do you need to be put in the room
    Ask questions about the meals and the price

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am writing with regard to the issue of booking a room in your hotel for my daughter’s birthday party.

    As June 1st is my daughter’s ten year birthday, we are planning to hold a party to celebrate with all our family members at that time. I believe that it would be a happy time for all of us to reunite and enjoy ourselves.

    Since there will be around twenty people at the party, I will appreciate that you could provide us with a spacious room that could accommodate so many people. Besides, we would be grateful if you could offer us a microphone, a white board and several chairs.

    In addition to these, we also want to know whether you provide a series of selection of meal at your hotel and we prefer a buffet as hour dinner. Could you offer us a price for it since we hope to have the budget under control?

    I look forward to receiving your response.

    Yours sincerely
    Peggy July

  2. Divya says:

    Task 2:
    According to the American film editor John R. “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life” How important it is for individuals and countries to think about the future rather than focusing on the present?
    Give your opinion.
    I certainly support the view. One should most definitely keep the future in mind and not fritter away everything to enjoy the present. One should always remember that the present would one day transform into future, and when it eventually does, it should be safe and secure. The same holds true for societies. Therefore, I agree with the given statement number of arguments surround my opinion.
    The mortality rate has come down and span of life is generally longer, but the period of earning is comparatively limited. Nobody knows how long he would live, but the age of retirement is generally fixed. Therefore, during the period of his earning span, he has to make sure that he puts aside enough money that will hold him in good stead in his later years, when he will be able to work no more. Further, the requirements in old age are sometimes more than a person’s needs during the period of his youth. Deteriorating health translates into medical bills and hospital charges. Being weak and infirm, one needs to spend more on commuting. He will need to hire assistants to help in the house.
    Next come the needs of the family. One has to provide for the education and marriage expenses of the dependent members of the family, like children and even grand children. One has to pay one’s insurance premiums, and even the day-to-day needs of the younger members of the family, till such time as they are employed and earning. Moreover, one may incur extra expenditure on leisure activities. People generally travel more after the retirement to meet their parents and friends who may be settled and staying away from them. There would also be usual expenses on the house maintenance and the payments of personal and property taxes.
    The societies should also think about tomorrow. Neighbourhoods should be planned nicely. Everyone should participate in community projects. Good educational institutes and health centres should be there in all areas. If today is looked into and planning is done for tomorrow, then crime and violence would increase in society and everyone would suffer.
    Therefore, it is imperative that people and societies plan wisely for the future. If one has saved enough, one can sit back and enjoy peace and comfort in ones later years and even witness the smile of joy on the faces of ones children. If has saved not, then the journey ahead would be dreary and dismal indeed.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Divya,

      – There is some repetition in introduction in which you agreed two times. like “support the view”. “i agree”
      – other than that there are some grammar errors.

      Overall, you have done well

      you can get up to 7 band for it.

  3. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    writing question 2 (task 2):
    Many negative attitudes in children make them leave school.
    What are the causes of this?
    What is the solution for this?
    Modern society has brought many changes to growing age generation and influencing educational attitudes of children in various ways causing major conflicts for making them leave school. Many reasons for dropouts can be taken under considerations.
    Firstly, parent-children communication in a cooperative way play a vital role in upgrading the educational skills but unfortunately many children lack interaction with parents as well as society. Then ultimately resulting in lack of self-esteem and poor learning attitude become the major reason of dropout from school. They carry limited understanding for seeking knowledge and children therefore on average had less social interaction. Secondly, the background has many influences on under development of education thus resulting in dropout. As community is unable to bring positive changes in the indwelling society. Illiteracy ratio is increasing day by day. They are not able to convey a good message for seeking education to the children as the whole society is involved in committing crimes and lots of bad activities so growing age of a child is being destroyed by evil doings at the end children don’t realize the importance of education and dropouts occur.
    Although, many other reasons exist but also health related issues affect the life of a child and thus major illnesses become evidence for long term leave from school. Lastly, raising financial issues has created room of space for children that they become involved in negative attitudes such as they consider gambling become the source of earning money to support their family creates lack of interest in educational learning thus keeping themselves busy in indulging such activities . In addition to that they acquire such behaviors and they act like thieves thus giving bad impression on other children too. Simultaneously all mentioned factors become the real reason behind not to attend schools.
    Thus many negative attitudes can be modified by certain rules and regulations. I think the most obvious solution for betterment of society to encourage the parents to have more and more interaction with their kids. For instance the training counselors should be available in every town for promoting importance of education also their motive should be home to home service for educating parents. Consequently, this improves the outcome of neglecting attitudes. A further step is to plan such strategies involving the support of Government and other source of funding for supplementation of such programs to make a clear concept of proper educational standards among the families. As a consequence every parent will focus on upbringing of children’s education and by doing this many children will acquire positive attitudes and thus follow instructions and avoid dropouts from school. And then such steps ultimately have proven to be better for children in reshaping their minds.
    In conclusion, i want to add opinion that strict parents teachers meetings should be prevailed in every school to make aware the parents about weak points of a child. This would be better strategy to rule out various negative attitudes of children.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Dr Meena,


      Modern society has brought many changes to growing age generation and influencing educational attitudes of children in various ways causing major conflicts for making them leave school. Many reasons for dropouts can be taken under considerations.

      – Your first sentence is not clear logically and structural wise. One possible correction would be as “Modern society has brought many changes to growing age generation which affected educational attitudes of children in various ways causing major conflicts for making them leave school.”

      body para 1
      – I can see over-generalization in this para. As there is not central idea mentioned in any topic sentence nor that has been explained. All sentences are general which do not have explanations.

      body para 2
      – Same issue over-generalization

      body para 3

      Same issue
      – first three sentences are general. First one “can be modified”. Second one “the most obvious solution”. The third sentence has “should”. At a time one solution statement should be explained well.


      – Improve grammar mistakes
      – focus on one idea at a time by explaining it well with supporting details.
      – Go through some good samples essays and learn to develop effective paragraphs.

  4. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    Writing task # 1 (bar graph)
    The bar chart describing % of senior posts held by men in ranking companies of the world in the period from 1980 – 2010.
    Overall, in earlier period of 1980 had largest number of senior developmental jobs in Apple at the rate of 15% than the rest of two companies. By 1985, there is slight drop of 2% to 13% followed by 1% rise in next five years period. For 1995, the figure showed nearly increased value of about 20% followed by 1 % drop in 2000. Senior posts occupied by men at Apple in 2010 peaks to 25% only a 6% rise than 2010.
    By contrast, IBM holding senior jobs in 1980-1985 remained steady at 1% only followed by 10% rise in 1990.five years afterwards there was drastic change of nearly about 25% with 6% increment in senior posts at IBM. However surprisingly, by latest 2010 there was two times double ratio in jobs than 2000and maximally reaching to 62% that eventually it predicts high ranking company occupying senior posts filled by men as whole than rest of two firms.
    The situation for senior developmental jobs at Microsoft was less remarkable. As by 1980, only 8% posts were allocated for senior ranking officers. It seemed that there was only 25 increasing rate in each subsequent period till 2000. In fact by 2010, it achieved not more than 44% job facilities for senior employments and thus this company ranked 2nd number in achieving senior posts.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Dr Meena,


      – Do not use describing, use first form “describes”. As this is not continuous activity.

      – Overview should be part of introduction. As it is general information not giving details so keep it in introduction not separate.
      – You have explained numbers in detail so this is not overview. Keep this para in body and remove overview words indicated.

      – Plan paragraphs well.
      – Clear understanding between general information and specific details.

      5.5 Band

  5. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    Line graph (task 1):
    The line graph illustrates information that how people on average visits the various museums of London between the period of June till September 2013 in summer season.
    Overall, for the month of June the visitors mainly peaked the level of 750 in British Museum as the graph demonstrating then gradually in later month it started to decline and thus reached to 500. In later month the the museum had a slight increased number of visitors around 650 only slightly more than that for June considerably.
    Now let’s overview regarding category of Science Museum as visitors in initial phase did not show any interest and reflecting the fact that number declined up to around 580. In later periods up to August it remained steady as might have been expected that here in the end of September it seemed to be slow progression and the level reached not more than 450.
    Some visitors showed good level of interest in History Museum as it based on historical events but likely the ratio was less overall. In June, only 350 people went to have an idea regarding historical things being placed in that museum. Whereas, the rate of visiting was almost less for the July so far only 50 less than that for June. At the end of September, the number reached up to 330 on average that showed not much more visiting ratio.
    In conclusion, on one hand most of visitors used to enjoy to go for a British Museum in June rather than others two. Significantly on the other hand number of visiting people fell down and maximally reached up to 350 in the end of September according to information conveyed on a line graph.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Dr Meena,

      -As the subject is plural so use “visit”.

      – this phrase “Graph demonstrating” is repetition. You already discussed it in introduction.
      – do not, give details like reference “reached to 500” or other explanation. In overview you just let the reader know mainly what the graph main trends are.

      Body para 1
      – Do not use “overview” in the body. You should explain in body part.
      – Some words here show that you gave opinion like “as might have been expected that”. some sentences are not clear.

      – Do not use word “in conclusion” in last para as it it is not essay.
      – This paragraph has explanation. which i believe should be part of body

  6. Dr. Meena Mehak says:

    Thank you sir for making aware about mistakes – I will try to focus and practice more to correct all mentioned mistakes-

  7. pratap says:

    Task 2
    Some people believe that the best way to produce a happier society is to ensure that there are only small differences between the richest and the poorest members. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    What society, is the combination of rich and poor. Each and every neighbourhood have those two different kinds of people, who have lots of money and some have very less. If that makes the society doomed then I totally disagree with the statement.
    If we take a look at the developed countries, the richest in those countries are like very rich and the poorest are like they have nothing. But, one cannot say that the society in those nations are not happier. Society are made by the understanding in people and the respect to the each other. If one have to adjust in society they have to follow the rules governed by the society. Everyone likes to be rich. Thinking of making no difference in between rich and poor is just the jealousy amongst in us, when being unable to do anything.
    Not trying to be political, but countries like North Korea and Russia are always in the favour to decline the differences in between poor and rich people. This has led to the country far beyond in development and in making good society. These creates tension in those people who like to work hard and make money. People who likes to work hard they find everyone against them. This will create different kind of situation.
    Last but not the least, making society depends upon how we educate people. Even the same range of wealthy people don’t like to agree on others opinion. If they are taught the same moral education then we can expect the best otherwise it is all depict of the useless society.

  8. pratap says:

    Task 1
    Write a letter to the manager of a hotel. You want to book a room in a hotel for a family party.
    Explain what the party will be.
    What do you need to be put in the room
    Ask questions about the meals and the price.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing in regards to book a room in your hotel for a family party for two nights.
    We are five people. Me with my wife and children, staying on coming Friday and Saturday nights. It is just a fun trip and relax at the night. The reason is, my daughter is turning 7 this year and I wish to celebrate her birthday by giving her a trip to city.

    I would like to request a room with two double bed including a sofa-bed. It’s going to be bit noisy so if you can arrange it on the top floor corner room and also put a gift pack on the table to surprise her while entering the room. You can include the gift price in my account.

    We will be eating outside mostly but, I still want to know the price for meals

    Thanking you in advance, I am looking to forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Pratap Van

  9. Raana says:

    some people are becoming more interested in family history research. Other, argue that one should focused more on the present and future generations . Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Now a days, history play an important role in knowing the past of any individual or country. Without knowing the history you cannot able to judge or investigate any thing. Thus some people are more anxious to know the past, where as some argue and focus on the present and future circumstances.

    Firstly, in our cultural and society family history play a vital role. It is true, to know about any person character and personality first need to know his /her family background.. Where he belong from , the culture value and tradition he/ she follow. Therefore some people give importance to cast system for example , they don’t marry their son’s and daughter’s out side their cost or community. Even they do not find good match for their children even they scarifies for their own culture.

    Secondly, Family history is also important for medical point of view. it is obvious that medical treatment has become easier , if doctor is aware of the medical history of the patient, whether he has the possibility of debates or heart disease in future. Therefore person can take the precaution in advance.

    On the other hand, some people believe to give importance to the present and future generation. As a result, they see how much person is capable to perform his/ her responsibilities and duties rather concern about their family back ground.

    in Short, I would say that family history is important to know any one completely . Therefore, good values and heritage has great influence on the character building of any individual.

  10. sofia says:

    Hi sir I have written this essay on a recent ielts topic.will you tell me the band of this essay please please please.
    Q.The old cities and towns were built for people of that century.
    what are the problems faced by people today living in that areas?
    Suggest some solutions to resolve these problems?
    In recent years there has been a great progress in the development of modern buildings.However , old buildings and towns are symbol of heritage .they should be preserved but they do cause many problems for people of modern society.This essay will discuss the main problems it has caused and also give some probable solution to this issue.
    There are many problems concerned with old cities that were built in previous centuries.firstly , the housing architecture in these cities is of old fashion.they have got high walls and ceilings which donot allow ample light in houses.this cause people to depend on artificial electricity power for most part of the day which increase their bills and disrupts their budget.secondly ,the drainage system in old cities is not good for people living in modern age.many old cities has got open type of drainage which is not acceptable for people living in modern age .
    However, these issues need careful consideration and solution.for example the space should be made in some roofs or walls to allow sunlight in which decreases the use of artificial light.furthermore, modern toilets should be made to improve the drainage system of the residence of these countries.This will improve their general health and well being.
    To conclude i would say that old cities and towns are symbols of heritage and should be preserved..But the problems associated with these areas should be resolved.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Sofia,

      – The last sentence in introduction shows repetition.
      – this causes* people (third person singular form)

      You have Cohesion and Coherence problems. All information is mixed up which needs to be organized order and paragraph wise.

      conclusion also seems to have repetitive statement.

      You will get 5.5 for it

  11. sofia says:

    Sir please check my essay.

  12. Dr.MEENA MEHAK says:

    task 1
    The pie chart has described % of various causes for poor attendance in UK schools over a period of 2007. Overall, it can be seen that the most important factor to cause poor attendance was lacking parents co-operation.
    In details, almost more than one third percentage contributing to parent’s mutual communication to be main cause for least attendance according to distinctive figures mentioned in chart. Lack of school discipline was found to be second most important cause almost one quarter followed by 30% of peer group pressure and bullying combinely. each contributing 15% so far.
    Although, the least common cause was predicted as upbringing means it has least role in dropouts from schools of UK accounting for only 5%.
    Thus majority of most important cause reflected the involvement of parents that accounted for 40% involving their less interaction with children. In contrast, least common cause found to be child’s upbringing only 5%.

  13. Divya says:

    Please let me know band.

    Question : Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of the society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Learning and teaching solution plays a major important role in human’s life. Some individuals are of opinion that parents should teach their children to be good members in the community whereas others opine that it should be teached by school. But in this essay, it is necessary to look at both arguements before forming an opinion.

    Parents have direct interactions with the children. Children learn through parent’s behaviour and seeing them how they interact or respect with others. These have greatest effect on their intellectual development and character traits. Parents know their child’s temparament better than anyone else. Furthermore, Knowing their behavioural habits, parents can easily teach them accordingly. Thats why it is believed by some that parents can easily teach them to be good citizen of citilization. They may teach like how to respect elders, how to behave someone, love animals, etc.

    Schools, on the other hand, is also the great place where children can learn definitely. As children spend 6 hours in a day in school, they are easily impacted by showing them practically to learn. Like, suppose one student misbehaves any other student, teacher can punish him and explain him how to behave so that he will not repeat the same activity. Teacher is the one who always think their student one day will become very good member in our community.

    In my opinion, school is the best one to cognize to be nice one. In the early years, there were less school and parents have major impact. But presently, if parents are working and having less time, then obviously children may turn their school to educate.

    To put in a nutshell, I pen down saying that parents hardly have time to coach their children to be good member. And school plays a great role to show examples to them by putting debate, presentation, or dramatics things of good members of the society.

  14. Saad malik says:

    I Believe this topic is hugely debatable, but due to the time constrain, I may not be in the position to express my views properly, Although I agree with the topic, however if I have to give my opinion I would say capital punishment should not be an option to penalize the murderers. Nonetheless there may be some drawbacks if the society removes the capital punishment, but it could be controlled by taking some constructive measurements to eradicate the crime.
    The most important benefit of capital punishment is that the criminals had the fear of being sentenced to death and this may cause the reduction in rate of crimes. For example if some of the murderers sentenced to death due to capital punishment there will be a wave of fear among the members of the society that if they get someone’s life then they will have to repay the debt with their own life, As a result of this crime rate can be controlled.
    Despite of the benefit of the capital punishment, this is an immoral act because the society itself commits a murder by giving capital punishment to the criminals. Society cannot afford to be a part of any kind of brutality. No one can justify this brutality by following a maxim “An Eye for An Eye”; because it will not solve the issue rather make it worse. For example, what if someone did not commit the crime but still he got the capital punishment and later it proved that he was innocent, then it will make worse by inflicting more hater among the families of the innocents.
    Government should take constructive measurements to eradicate the bug of capital punishment and to control the crime rates at the same time. Criminal who deserves capital punishment should be imprisoned for the life time instead of hanging them to death. No relaxation should be given in the imprisonment punishment of the criminal regardless of this cooperative behavior during imprisonment. In this way this issue can be resolved effectively
    It is slightly difficult to conclude this topic, but after analyzing the discussion above I think capital punishment should be replaced by imprisonment for the life for the criminals and society should play its part to remove this virus.

  15. Robina says:

    Please sir check my essay and marks please

    In some countries, the number of crimes committed by teenagers is growing. Some people think that regardless of age, teenagers who commit major crimes should receive adult punishment.
    To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    Now a days, there is a rising trend of young one indulging in unlawful activities. Some people are of the opinion that those who are convicted of such behavior should be punished accordingly and leniency should not be offered to teenagers. It is disagreed that professional criminals and teenagers should be judged on same grounds. This essay will, firstly, discuss the way of treating juniors and secondly, the impact of punishment on them, followed by reasoned conclusion.
    The minor who are found engaged in illegal activities should be punished with some leniency. These young people usually do not have a criminal purpose behind such act, they either carryout such behavior to tease someone or to bully others. For example, most American school report that the most dangerous practice in school is bullying. Moreover, these adolescent have entire life ahead, any bad record can ruin their professional career, as no employer would offer suitable jobs to them. Hence, it is apparent that adult punishment would make youngsters from bad to worse.
    In addition to that, there is a huge difference between the level of crime committed by first timer and professionals. These two different kinds of people cannot be ruled on same criteria. The best penalty that can imposed on juniors is serving a year in senior citizen home, serving in church, e.t.c. For example, in Australia, court orders such school going guilty to spend 20 hours a week for a year in public service and prove themselves as responsible citizens. Therefore, it has resulted in more people becoming good member of the society. However, those who repeatedly found violating laws should be castigated strictly.
    In conclusion, junior are considered immature and seldom performs unlawful activities in the sense of crime. These young people because of the nature of age should be penalized with some provision. However, those who becomes professional and choose to violate laws on regular basis should be charged strictly.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Weak areas

      I have just gone through thoroughly, it shows some errors. Can you let me know what bandscore you need in writing? if you need 7 band score, you need to work on your writing properly. I cant give you too much detailed feedback as i am busy with my students. If you wish to improve you can take my exclusive classes to improve it.

      – reference
      * your referring skills are weak.
      * in conclusion “these young people”.

      – Grammatical Range and Accuracy
      * some sentences are not constructed well.

      – Coherence
      * Second para of body the phrase “in addition to that” doesn’t fit well.
      * in conclusion linking word “and” is not appropriate.

  16. Sayyidbek says:

    Thanks a lot for helping young learners, sir. I hope you will check my essay too

    It`s clear that every child need support to become successful and gain necessary knowledge which assists him to be a useful member of society. Naturally, such factors as school, friends, internet play an essential role in child`s education. In spite of it, in my personal opinion, parents and their psychological influence is the most important part of any education. Here we notice that generally there are two types of parents; first try to encourage child`s sense of competition, others prefer co-operation. I guess, in our modern society co-operation has bigger priority than any type of individual competition.
    Firstly, nowadays all powerful and large corporations are based on co-operating and command work. For example, Apple corporation which was created by the group of students who shared their knowledge and skills with each other and pursued the same goal together working in a team.
    Secondly, when you co-operate and share the responsibility with somebody else you feel more free and less nervous which improves your efficiency and keeps you in a good mental condition.
    And finally, nobody knows what happens tomorrow. Being a part of a successful group also gives one an opportunity to ask for help if necessary. If one has individual problems or gets into some financial trouble his/her partners can be able to help this person to handle with difficulties. But every medal has two sights, so co-operation also has some disadvantages. Although, partnership is often useful, if one chooses a wrong partner creating some company or organizing business he\she can lose everything and come back to the starting point where all the work began.
    As a conclusion, I notice that every person has its own individuality. That`s the reason why parents should first of all realize child`s personality and only after understanding this start giving advices and developing child`s scope.

  17. Enigma says:

    Smoking is a major cause of serious illness and death throughout the world today. In the
    interest of the public heath, governments should ban cigarettes and other tobacco products.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    It is not secret that one of the most common reasons for getting people’s health worse and their passing away long before average age is smoking. So, several countries around the world have already banned consuming tobacco commodities at public places and trying to stop consumption of such products wholly step by step. Personally, I consider this statement as the most important to keep country’s residents healthy and will justify my view further.
    Focusing on the matter from one side prohibiting cigarettes may be cause for mass demonstrations and disagreements because there are several hundred million smokers worldwide and they can demand their rights. In the result some meetings even rebellions may take place. Moreover, as the consequence of forbidding smoking the economics and finance of the country might be influenced negatively because of thousands of employees losing their jobs and huge amounts of taxes that governments get from tobacco business. Besides this , people can invent alternatives of cigarettes which could be even more harmful. Nevertheless the health of residents is more urgent than other factors.
    From the other perspective mostly people who smoke can become addicted .Consequently they lost a big deal of money as well as fitness .Furthermore cigarette contains many highly toxic elements such as nicotine which is poisonous for human’s organism being root for some serious illnesses. For instance, regularly smoking may lead to tuberculosis worsening respiratory system and yellowing of teeth which could look very unpleasant for others. What is more smoker can damage not only his fitness but of the people around too. To be more precise cigarette smoke is twice as harmful as for non-smokers in comparison with it’s consumers.
    To sum up, I am sure that benefits of above mentioned opinion will certainly outweight drawbacks as health stands at first place for mankind.

  18. Enigma says:

    Topic: Mass media including TV, radio and newspapers have great influence in shaping people’s ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
    For the time being the whole world and the population on it are surrounded with various sources of information starting from conventional press till modern high technological broadcast. And some groups consider that all that types of mass media have more effects on people than simple informing which one of them his forming listeners’ opinions. Personally, I totally agree with this statement since TV, radio and newspapers are main news resources of today’s world and will justify my point in further paragraphs.
    Discussing the matter from one side there are several other information resources which can affect person’s mind. The first striking factor in the process of shaping ideas is people around us as parents, relatives or friends. Because they are the only ones who can really change our mind by telling us negative and positive sides of people as well as things. Another thing which can influence is past experience of person which will help him/her not to do past mistakes once again by modifying ideas. Having said that, one should not forget other factors which could be much powerful than those above.
    From the other perspective mass media is continuously and strongly influencing not only our ideas but the entire lives. For instance, every day at least we listen, watch or read a little about what happening in our city or in the world . So this daily up to dated news from aforestated sources can highly impact on our image and lifestyle as most people today choosing their foods, clothes, gadgets and other items according to latest style with which they was informed via newspapers, radio or TV . Further example is that it is quite easy nowadays for tabloids to modify attitude of fans and admirers towards some eminent celebrity just by one article or report blackening his/her name.
    To conclude, we are receiving vast amount of information from different origins as we are living in the information technological world. So once more I will defend above mentioned view.

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