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Free demo class in Karachi?

 Free demo class in Karachi?


free demo class in karachiThis has been a quite common practice in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan for IELTS institutes and teachers to offer free demo class. Now the question is whether is it worth taking demo class.

Some of IELTS candidates visit us and ask for demo classes to whom we ask what is their purpose of taking demo class. If they wish to assess themselves for that we have designed assessment test which assess their skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. Which we record in their progress report once they enroll. Once teacher starts his or her classes , he makes lecture based on weak areas individuals have . Taking such classes result in good improvement in certain modules. But on other hand, if candidates want to know whether we have experienced teacher, it is good to ask our students or see certificates on notice board. Making interaction with our students after or before class can give you their natural views about teacher’s experience, style and success or anything you wish to ask. We do provide up to 15 minutes free session with a teacher even in which you have a chance to discuss your weak areas or anything you have with the teacher. By doing so , you can check his response whether the questions you ask and his answers make sense. Most of candidates who visit us are guided well and are more positive about teachers feedback and enroll for classes.

The purpose of demo class for institute or teacher is to make it spicy by putting more efforts than usual to encourage candidates to register. Such demo classes are mostly memorized and teachers tend to be more frequent but when classes are proceeded further there are not up to that level as before. As per survey, we have fond that most small institutes offer individual classes and loose interest once candidates pay fee. So candidates end up with disappointment and result with poor band.

So a wise decision would be to go based on recommendation from friends or check comments on their website. If your friends have already prepared somewhere and feel teacher was experienced and helpful then surely go for it. Or  conduct a short survey on internet about teacher, for example, type his name and “IELTS” key word, Google will pick up all reviews people made related to him or her. Further, check his website and see whether he writes posts related to IELTS or interacts with students or checks students essays frequently if yes, check how his marking scheme is and how people respond to him if satisfied or not.

Once you have made a good survey from friends and Google, pay him/her a visit judge institute environment and students and make a final decision.

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