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Four quick tips for IELTS speaking interview

Four quick tips for IELTS speaking interview

ielts speaking 4 quick tipsGiving speaking test becomes a nightmare for those who are not used to formal interviews or are hesitant. All you need to do is stay calm and focus on your skills and questions. Below are the four tips which i recommended to one of my student today so i thought to share it on my website and you all can benefit from it. This 4 tips i normally give to my students who i interview a day before actual exam.


No 1, Give first impression.

Before interview starts, you need to show that your English is good. As many candidates are lazy before interview starts.
No 2, Do not repeat question when you answer it.
When you repeat question that is not a good impression so it is better to focus on the answer and elaborate it and organize it.
No 3, Do not wait for the question
Because , examiner wants you to keep speaking as much as possible so that he may assess you in detail. Normally when you give short answer and stop, you do  not tend to show much skills but when you keep speaking a lot good skills come on front.
No 4, Speak Naturally by focusing on your ideas.
Speak normally as if you with somebody in a formal gathering, you may give smiles and show expressions , which helps in boosting your confidence and focus on ideas you have, elaborate them and explain them well.
That’s all you need for a perfect interview.

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  1. i want to my english in speaking better but no idea how can i do this?

  2. Iqra says:

    very informative….thanks Sir!!!!!!!

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