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following details in IELTS reading tests

How to be good at following details and understanding general information in reading passages

ielts readingAnswering 8 types of questions in reading module of IELTS is a general question for majority of candidates all over the world. That is because of not being used to reading on daily , monthly even yearly basis. And advancement in technology has discouraged individuals far away from magazines, books and literature.  I would suggest few tips which can help you be good at answering such questions.
Take any reading passage from IELTS Cambridge or other book which you normally practice for reading. Read the paragraphs and on the side hold a paper in which write central idea for it and write its details in bullet points forms. Keep doing it for the whole passage. If this practice is followed for 3-4 passages per day and for the whole week or month, i am sure a great change will come in your reading comprehension.

This exercise will benefit specially weak students . It will help in following what is going on in each paragraph so as a result , candidate will find answers easily. Most of candidates, just look at questions and come back to paragraph where there is no sign of answer, even if they come to right paragraph they can not follow details so they end up just choosing word which mostly like are the wrong answers.

One of my student who had same problems, i give her these tips and she improved to good extent. By doing so she started interacting with the paragraph, she understood most of details and helped her choose answers easily.

Another areas she specially improved more was paragraphing, she understand what the central idea of each paragraph was. Again , it improved because she understand clearly each paragraph’s central point.


So as exercise keep writing title for and supporting details of every paragraph.





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