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Essays of candidate who got 7.5 band in writing

Sample essays of 7.5 band


7.5 band essayPlease find samples essays from IELTSExpert student who got 7.5 band. The purpose of sharing such post is that so you can compare it with your writing and see what examiner does to give higher bandscore. She lives in Karachi and her exam was in Karachi.

Sample essay no 1

Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.

To what extent do you agree or disagree.

To days era is of advertisement and marketing completely. In today’s world only those goods are valuable and popular, who’s marketing is on the peak Industries and factories introduce new products in the market and through commercials, advertisement and publicity, they earn name and good sales of their product. Although product may not be fulfilling the needs of the society in which they are sold.

For instance, tablet (laptop), there is no need of tablet (laptop) in real world. But company has made and introduced it in the market, after introducing notepad (mini Laptop). Only they have modified some functions and put all big software’s in less GB and changed its infra structure, which is too small, just like a cellular phone. Though, it is easy to carry everywhere, but it does not replace (mini Laptop) or laptop due to increase in advertisements and commercials about tablet, people get to know about it and dream to purchase tablet. In real world, there is no need of tablet, it is totally wastage of money. But people love to purchase and keep it with them because they have to maintain their status and have to move in society. Only those people can purchase, who belong to higher upper class and majority of our society lies in middle class.

Thus, industries and factories manufacture new products or modify old ones and introduce in the market, without knowing any real need of the society. They give contracts to advertising agencies, marketing and media to attract people’s eyes and catch their attention on new product on the account of new products, there is a tough competition between many actresses busy in pulling each other’s leg. Everybody is just trying to make their business and earn more and more. Nobody has real concern with society’s needs and demands.

Sumera Solangi, Shahrah-e-faisal, Karachi


Sample essay no 2

Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behavior. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome culture differences.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

People visit other countries and they follow local customs and traditions of that country, it is positive learning for them and also a respect of country’s customs and traditions. It also decreases the communication gap between people from different countries. If a person values and respects other country’s customs and traditions, definitely people from host country will also show reverence and worth of their own customs and traditions.

The host country should also welcome cultural difference because people belong to different countries and culture. Every culture country has its own values and customs. There should not be discrimination and diversity among people on the basis of customs and traditions or other cultural and religious differences. Though every country should accept and give respect to each other’s values, customs and traditions. Every country has adopted different cultures and customs and values so that, people can be easily recognized on the basis of their cultures, it shows their originality. Culture cannot be universal or uniform. It has to be diverse and it varies from people to people, race and origin.

Country’s government or people should not bound people from other country to abide by their cultures and values and regulations. But people should learn their rules and regulation and even cultures for better living and making friendships or developing good terms and relationships with other people of country. They should adopt good behaviours, rules and help them to understand and value other country’s value and customs too.

Thus, countries can reduce or eliminate interactional gaps between people of same country and other countries as well. By showing reverences and worth for other country’s customs, values and behavior and avoiding cultural differences, they can enhance the good terms and friendly relationships, which will also help them in their business, import and export and other things. It really sounds good and will give a positive response.

Sumera Solangi, Shahrah-e-faisal, Karachi


Sample essay no 3

Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Most of the people do not like the change and follow old concepts and prefer old things in their life. They like to do similar things in their lives. Actually, they develop emotional attachment with those old patterned things, work and lifestyle. They like old furniture at home and are least interested to replace it with a new one. They follow old order in their homes even. People get used to all these old things so much, that, they don’t even think of replacing them. They don’t like change and are happy with their old life styles and work. They feel themselves contended by doing same things and work. For instance person is working. He wakes up at morning, takes his routine meal and goes for his work. He comes back till evening and those does his routine activities like bath, dinner of office work or spends little time on his family, then went to sleep. Again, the next day he repeats same old routine and is happy with it. Same old routine does not bother him and he is well adjusted or maybe he has compromised with his life.

In contrast, most of the people believe in change is always a good thing. They have belief in change. This type of people always prefers change in their lives. They try to change their life styles, their homes order, furniture and bring variety in their lives. Every day is spent with new ideas and plans. Even, they work in different styles and bring new innovations in their work.

Moreover, people who like change are extrovert in value and like enjoying adventurous life. They always have new plans for every weekends and month. They plan to visit new places and arrange parties at home on weak ends. They like crowd around them. They believe in making new friends and enhance their relationships etc.

Thus, people who like change don’t have deep emotional attachments and if they develop, they easily get detached. However, people who prefer to spend their lives doing. Some who do not like change, are very sentimental, sensitive and develop emotional bonding.

Sumera Solangi, Shahrah-e-faisal, Karachi


Sample essay no 4

Successful sport professionals can earn a great deal of money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is a fact that successful sports professionals earn more than the people in other professions-Sports men and women are known world widely and they play at international and national level as well. At international level, they have back support of big dealers for sponsorships. Those sponsorships are also of international level. At domestic level, sports men and women are also getting renowned companies sponsorships.

Despite all those incentives, which players get after winning any game, they also get some special bonuses on remarkable performance which is also a motivation and encouragement for them in the shape of incentives and bonuses. Thus, it increases their bank balances and changes their old lifestyles into luxurious one. Sports man and women usually play on international level for their country and for this regard, they have to leave their families at home alone and go for earning the respect for the country. They toil hard and burn midnight acts and practice a lot. Therefore, they get all these luxuries and benefits and enjoy their lives.

As for as other professions are concerned all other professions are also highly and equally respectable and important. Other professions are also good in making money and bank balances. Every profession requires hard work, sincerity and discipline. For example. If a person is a doctor, he needs to be punctual. If he works hard day and night. Doctor can also earn more money like sports professionals.

In short, earning more money or making bank balances, depends on skills, talents dedication and devotion of the person towards his/her profession. But yes, there is a slight difference among sports professional and other professions same like dollars and rupees otherwise, both are of same value and have similar sense of responsibility.

Sumera Solangi, Shahrah-e-faisal, Karachi


Firstly the thing essential to stay fit is a healthy and a balanced diet which consists of all the nutrients, along this you also need to have sample of exercise in order to stay fit.

However the in the fast paced world of today people tend to do everything very fast. This includes having fast food; the problem with having fast food is that it has a lot of fast and carbohydrates in them. It you have too many these are stored in the body hence making people fat.

Since everything is now automated people do not get much exercise in past people used to walk now they have cars, they used to climb stairs how they have elevators they uses go out to have fun a now they just sit at home and waken television.

Many people tend to eat while watching television. Studies have also proved that a person tends to eat more when he is angry hence people how take more stress eat more and one more obsess.

In order to counter these problem it a important to have a balances diet. This should have an equal percentage of fast, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Along with this it important to have regular exercise in order to make sure that the fat is turns and not stored up in the body. It is recommended that people should walk as much as possible as this way you more all the muscles.

Mian Ahad,DHA, Karachi

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