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essay and letter from faraz Dubai

Essay and letter from Faraz Dubai

Below is a letter and essay of general training from Farz from Dubai, UAE who wishes to get minimum 7 in writing. Follow comments given to him for improvement.


Task 1:

Dear Nasir,

I hope this finds you and your family in the best of health. I have been out of touch for quite some time due to my hectic work schedule but now I’m writing to you since I have moved to a new company.

I wasn’t enjoying my work with the previous employer and the pay wasn’t good either. Moreover, it was difficult to reach my office due to its distant location from my home, so I started applying for jobs about 6 months ago with the help of a few recruiters in the city. I went through with some good interviews at this new company for the position of Sales Manager and finally, I was offered this position.

The remuneration package is good and the work environment is much better. It is also convenient for me to commute to their office as it is located at just 10 minutes drive from my home. They are also offering flexible working hours for me due to the nature of my job, which gives me ample time to fulfill my domestic responsibilities during the day.

My mother is visiting us from Pakistan these days and shall be staying for a few weeks. My family is sharing quality time with her especially my children, who are very excited to have her here. I shall stay in touch with you more often now and hope to get a reply from you soon.

Do give my best wishes and regards to your family.


With love,


Task 2 : Essay

Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment. Although, both types of accommodations have their own advantages and disadvantages but it depends on the individuals’ needs and budget that how they prefer to live.

Firstly, I would describe the advantages of living in a house. A house is usually more spacious with bigger rooms and has a garden along with a car porch. People who love plants and want to grow their own vegetable and spices at home prefer to live in a house. A house It has multiple entry and exit points which is useful in case there is an emergency e.g. fire incident. Apart from it, the roof top of a house is accessible to the residents and can be used for outdoor parties or any other family functions. Some people also build a separate room for a servant quarter at the top to accommodate a permanent house servant. Secondly, there are a few disadvantages to living in a house as well. A house is less secure than an apartment due to the fact that breaking and entering is easier. A house is normally more expensive in terms of rental and maintenance costs which make it difficult for a person having less income to afford it.


You have mixed advantages and disadvantages in same paragraph which is not good. Keep them in separate paragraphs.

Apartments have their own appeal for some people but they have their own disadvantages as well. People usually prefer apartments since they are affordable and easy to maintain. The apartment building is managed by the building maintenance staff, so one doesn’t have to worry about the electricity and water supply problems. Moreover, apartments are extremely secure to live since there is a single entry and exit point. Some people also like the high rise view of the city from their home, so an apartment it  provides that view to them. Apart from these benefits, there are certain disadvantages to living in an apartment. There is a limited space for car parking and some building even don’t provide parking space at all. In case of an emergency, there are limited places to exit the building and most of them can become over crowded due to a large of people living in the same building. In case, there is a power outage or some mismanagement by the maintenance staff, everyone becomes affected. The rooftop is generally not accessible to the residents and even if it, the roof top is occupied with water tanks, pipes and satellite dishes. Moreover, there is no space for gardening or a play area for the kids.

Comments :

– You mentioned disadvantages in previous paragraph and here you mentioned again. It is good to keep one paragraph and keep it nicely organized.

Personally, I would prefer to live in a house if I could afford it, as I believe the lifestyle is more relaxing and spacious especially if you have a bigger family living together.

Faraz Amir

Dubai, UAE


Overall comments:

Dear Faraz, there is nice explanation but to increase bandscore keep your ideas organized. Apart from it, explain your points well.


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