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Enhance your IELTS score in IELTS Listening Test

Majority of people who are weak in IELTS listening skills make variety of shortcuts to get good band which i am not in  favor, all you need to do is practice and work hard as it can not be replaced. Still, you can study hints to clear your  concepts to help you get good band in IELTS Listening module.


As soon as IELTS listening starts, you have 2.5 minute introduction you should look at all sections and see what each section is about, get main idea, look at illustration, maps, diagrams etc. You can continue until you hear “now we shall begin.”

Start getting general idea of what the topic is about, where questions are, what type questions are there, what strategies you will use to answer  them. This process is called prediction which makes your mind active to find answers. Normally you can’t pay attention if English is not your first language as same time you read instructions and questions listen, assess and write answers. there are chances you would miss answers either because don’t follow conversation or you forget while writing it or be busy with one answer and miss the coming answer.

A lot of attention is required to manage your skills to perform better in listening by assessing what you need to do exactly rather then wasting time looking at wrong information, not focusing on what you exactly need to.


These are words that help the listener follow what speaker is trying to say and work out what they are about to say. To recognize signpost words  and anticipate what the speaker would say are importing skills for the listener listening module.

Signpost indicates direction where to go, for example when you drive you see road signs saying turning left, right or giving you information where the read leads to. Signpost words conjunctions used for result, contrast, comparison, illustration/example, reasons and addition.

Signpost words follow answers like “furthermore” is adding information and if question what are three facilities offered, two facilities heard and  to find third one this signpost word is indicating the it carries the third facility.

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