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Does IETLS exam questions repeat?

Does IETLS exam questions repeat?


ielts exam repeatIt is first time for me to get this news from one of my student in Karachi that she got same test in Australia two month ago. She got same reading three passages Academic version in Karachi as she got last time in Australia. But that is the only exam she experienced it repeated. So it means that certain exams questions may be repeated in other zones like Australia is zone. Pakistan, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh and some other neighboring countries are in same zone.

Does it help IELTS candidates to appear in such exam? I would say yes that would be reading and listening but not writing and speaking. Because in reading it will help candidates to get used to and save time for skimming. Candidate should be familiar with the main idea of the passage overall and some general ideas of paragraphs. Even if not familiar, it won’t take much time to get used to it. So chances for more correct answers are high. Similarly, in listening students can have more time to look at questions and would feel relaxed. Most of questions would be easy to get familiar with and difficult questions can be given more time which you can save from easy questions.

As I discussed it would not help in writing or speaking it could be for certain reasons. One of the reason may be that candidate may recall previous answers in speaking. Frequently thinking about in such a way me cause breaks in natural flow of a conversation. So it can clearly damage band score. Second reason that I reckon would be that candidates may not maintain focus on questions much and answer it quickly without thinking much. If candidate does not think much naturally, he or she cannot generate good content and organize it grammar wise and order wise. So this can cause to perform poor in Fluency Coherence , Grammatical range and accuracy plus Lexical resource .

Similarly in writing, natural flow would not develop and that will make students perform poor in 4 areas that examiner assess such as TR,CC,GRA and LR. It is quite normal for candidates not to have enough skills and practice for critical thinking which counts the most for writing process. If one question is already attempted previously, candidate will try to do it in the same way recalling previous ideas but not think of fresh ideas. So such attempts end up sometimes with a poor bandscore.

Please leave your comments if you have experienced attempting same questions again in any module. And if yes how you did it and whether there was any improvement in that specific module.

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