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discussion of 14 reading tips


Strategies and skills – good or bad? why?

Below are 14 reading strategies. Work out whether they are useful or useless.  My answers are given at the end.

14 reading

  1. Read the text very carefully in order to understand it entirely.
  2. Look quickly at the text to get an overview of format – headings, diagrams etc.
  3. Read a text very quickly the first time to get the main ideas.
  4. Read the questions first to get an idea of what to look for in the text.
  5. In general, spend about 1 minute on each question.
  6. Read each question or group of questions carefully, then scan text to find possible answers.
  7. Underline and mark the text e.g. question numbers against text to check later.
  8. Follow instructions.
  9. If you have difficulty with a question, re-read the passage as often as necessary to find the answer.
  10. It is not necessary to stick to the time limits recommended at the start of each section.
  11. If you are not sure of an answer, write it down in such a way you remember to check it later.
  12. If you think a particular word is important, try to work out its meaning from the context.
  13. If you are not sure which is correct (A, B, C or D/T.F.NG), guess an answer.
  14. It is better to complete the test by rushing over some difficult questions, than not to finish the test.



1. Bad    2. Good  3. Good   4. Good  5. Good  6. Good  7. Good  8. Good  9. Bad  10. Bad  1 1. Good  12. Good  13. Good  14. Good


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