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Disappointment in IELTS reading

readingDisappointment in IELTS reading

Many students Karachi and other who appeared in IELTS exam are disappointed with their reading bandscore. If the required band score is 7, they got 6. What is the reason behind it? Can the reading score lift up? if yes, how far can it increase and how long it will take?

Many candidates come to me with the reading and writing problem of which reading are many. They think that they can not do reading module well. They look for tips on how to improve it. teachers in fact give them tips but do not make them practice. As a result, they end up getting same bandscore.

What can be done to increase bandscore of reading? They can hire experienced teacher who can do guided reading with them. In this way, their reading will improve which can result in getting high bandscore.

What does guided reading mean is that just to make students practice more. Identify why he/she can not locate answers or why he/she can not work out and find answer. Sometimes, students only use “keyword approach” to fully answer question. This is wrong , because, keyword can only help you locate where the answer is but to be able to find answer, one should do skill “close reading”. Read questions and find out if the same questions has been discussed in the passage.  Continuing same practice , brings dramatic change in candidates.

Reading is improvable if teacher has experience and makings students practice in right direction.


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