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Difference between Academic vs General Training

Difference between Academic vs General Training

defference between ac and gt ieltsHigh standard of IELTS has attracted immigrations of all English speaking countries as compared to many English assessment exams in the world. Since going for IELTS exam, many candidates want to know difference between AC and GT when they go for IELTS exam. Academic is for studies purposes and GT is for the rest of purposes. The main difference between among them is in reading and writing test.


General Training

It is mostly used for immigration purposes in majority of English speaking countries like Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. To some extent some offices require General training for work purposes as well. It is also the other main requirement for dependent visas like if you are joining your partner. Band requirement ranges from 4-7 band respectively for immigration and Dependent visas. Immigration mostly demands 7 overall, while, some have tough requirement asking 7 in each. Some candidates have even come to me with requirement of 8 band in each which can help them if they can not get points from other sections. For dependent cases , they mostly require 4/4.5/5 band depending which countries it is.


AC module IELTS exam is purely for studies purposes , where you have to describe graphs in task 1 writing module while in GT it is a letter. Task 2 which is essay is same for both but obviously marking scheme is lenient for General training. For example if you are getting 6 in AC , they will give you 65 in GT.

Academic reading is tougher than GT which has three difficult passages requiring more time as there is so much text with less time. But marking scheme of AC is better than GT as in AC if you correct 24 answers you get 6 band while in GT for 30 correct answers you get 6 so difference is huge. That is why many candidates choose AC instead GT as chances are always more.


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  1. Majid says:

    So in each module to get 8 bands , general is better then?

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