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Develop paragraphs in IELTS writing exam

In IELTS writing exam Task 2 essay depends on how well you develop your paragraphs. Task 2 Essay requires your skills to manage paragraphs.

Paragraphs depend on how effective their sentences are and either they are supporting main idea of paragraphs.

While developing paragraphs you should know functions of each sentence if it is giving example, explanation, reason, result, contradiction, addition or similarity.

Look at functions below giving explanations in sentences:

Example: For example, police patrolling in areas where crime is high.
Explanation: There are many departments in the city working hard to maintain rules and regulations of it.
Reason: Crime increases in the city because people don’t have jobs
Result: As a result, majority of people living in the city keep away from crime.
Contradiction: However there are many industries, people are still jobless.
Addition: Furthermore, residents inform them if anybody not obeying rules.
Similarity: similarly, other cities in the country suffering from same hurdles.

Developing paragraphs with sentences which indicate functions can make your essay effective. As your essay becomes meaningful and logically perfect. It is not important to use these 6 functions in each paragraph, it all depends what the main idea of a paragraph is.
Paragraph really requires support in shape of sentences carrying perfect examples, explanation, reasons, results, contradictions, addition and similarity.

As a practice, I would recommend you to look at task 2 question and think of main ideas you have to answer questions. And then develop them in paragraphs with support of functions you learned today.

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