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Can we cheat in IELTS or make short cut or pay money and get certificate

Can we cheat in IELTS or make short cut or pay money and get certificate?

can we cheat in ietlsAbout a year go , it was seen that some countries including Pakistan had their results delayed because of cheating that occurred. I don’t remember exactly but it took around 4 months for the results to come. If they have doubt , they can even cancel results that they issued in certificates shape.

IELTS is international examination s conducted by Cambridge examination, it is impossible to cheat in exam. Today one female student asked me if she can pay and get her required band, she also said that somebody she knows that sat in exam in Rawalpindi and got his or her desired band. It may have occurred but is impossible now as IELTS is trusted examination of Cambridge and they do not let you cheat in exam. There are many invigilators in actual examination hall where they do not let you make any signs like as some students do by pulling ear one time or two times by which they can show others what the answer is . In the similar way, there many many expressions that students make but IELTS Board is updated with it and do not let anybody make certain expressions which can result in cheating.

There are many exams in which you can cheat by paying money and get certificates and use them for going abroad but not IELTS. Being IELTS teacher i see many candidates searching for routes where they can pay and get their certificates and they still do i think. These exams are city and Guilds hall and Bullat or something and Pearson test. I also heard that some embassies in Pakistan do not except other tests than IELTS.

There is only one reason that IELTS is the only test where there is no cheating and you have to give it showing your ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking by yourself not others.


By Mohammad Alam





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  1. Saleem Tanoli says:

    Very informative post

  2. Hisham says:

    What other tests we can cheat to get the appropriate results for immigration process?

  3. Jo jo says:

    Crap everything is possible and ielts is the most cheated exam which leaks 72 hours prior
    But for that you must have contacts in British council
    Stupids and idiots prepare and give exams if you have money everything is possible

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