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Cambridge IELTS book 9 essay 1

Cambridge IELTS book 9 essay 1


Please find essay question below from book 9, test 1, task 2 essay. The purpose of sharing this question is to encourage you to practice for real exam.

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather then secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

write 250 words.


Please write your responses below in comments box. Do not forget to mention your name , city and country name at the bottom of  your essay. Comments are normally given in 24 hours time frame.

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  1. Alam Iqbal says:

    In my opinion I believe that children at early age learn have more interest in learningforeign language and learns quicker than in secondary school. I am stating my opinion on the basis because even myself in early age start learning English, which was for me foreign language as my native language is Urdu. From Montessori class, I started learning the basic of English letters like ABC and when I reach to class 1, I started learning words in English. When I reach to age 5, get little conscious I knew many words in English and can able to write in English. Therefore I agree with the some experts that it is better for children learning foreign language at primary school.

    Although I do believe that doesn’t give children any choice of learning any particular language than in English that I think is not right. In my case I was taught in Urdu and English together in my school. In Pakistan most schools teaches Urdu and English in Primary school. English is also an international language therefore it did help me in my work and also in travelling to different countries.

    In conclusion I would agree with the experts that learning a foreign language in primary school is better as children in playing picks up the understanding of the language more quicker and by the time I get to the age of consciousness they know the basics and develops advancement in that language if they suits that language is better for them.

    Phase 8,

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Iqbal,


      – It is very long.
      – First sentence is not clear.
      – You have repeated the phrase “in my opinion”.
      – Mistakes in simple past tense.
      – In last sentence

      – First sentence has repetition. Same statement has been repeated.
      – Sentences in are very short.

      – You again agreed in the line here which you mentioned three – four times earlier. It will be counted as repetition.
      – In second line you changed pronoun from “children” to “I” so looks confusing.


      – Keep introduction general and separate.
      – Do not repeat statements.
      – Brainstorm more ideas to increase content in body part specially.

  2. Sehrish says:

    Do you ADVANTAGE of this outweighing the DISADVANTAGE.

    Schools are always divided into primary and secondary. At primary level basics are taught to children who help them in their future, because at this age children are growing with development stage which is a crucial period to adapt new things quickly. Language is also one of the basic learning other then their mother tongue which should begin in primary schools rather secondary school, which could be beneficial for children. This could help in different ways such as children can deal people at international level and also help in scoring best grades in their language subject.
    Students who goes abroad, there they have to deal with different language which are not their mother tongue. So if they have learnt foreign language at primary schools which are often start late in secondary school, they would not face any difficulties dealing foreigners. It is therefore must to teach foreign language in primary schools so that children must gain confident and boldness to face people at international levels.
    Secondly, that why foreign language must me begin at primary school when it is a second language. It is because; this helps in achieving best outcomes from children in foreign language subject. Many children face difficulty in learning other language and they fails the subject. The major reason behind is that at primary levels they are not focused with this course and suddenly put heavy burden as they enter to secondary schools.
    So, according to me it’s better to begin foreign language at primary schools rather then secondary. Because this not only helps in making children confident and bold, but also give them courage to speak appropriate and understand when they go for higher studies to foreign countries without facing hurdles. In the end I must recommend to school members to look into this issue and identify the gap which will benefit our future child.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Sehrish,

      – Keep your introduction general means do not explain or develop explanation.
      – the word “then” should be replaced with “than”

      Body para 1:
      – students who go* abroad…
      – must gain confidence*…

      Body para 2:
      – it is ok

      – use “than” for comparison not “then”
      – correction needed grammatically “Because this does not only help”

      5.5 to 6 band essay

      You need to practice more essays so keep writing 1-2 essays on daily basis. i have posted questions for book 8 and going to post book 7 as well. Keep it up

  3. jahan zaib 11 says:

    some experts believe that is better for childrento begin lerning aforeign language at primary school rather then secondary school.
    Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages
    nowadays lot of peoppel like foreign language(english)start at primary school rather then secondary school.this topic is very serious and interesting for every body who is living in pakistan.
    peopell belive whenever english will begin at primary school lot of problem will solve and parents will feel happy .peopel say.they have seen lot of difficulties and problem when teacher called them in secondary school and and gave complain about their children because they did not speak & write english.but parents were giving blame to educatin system .but teacher did not agree with this statement therefore some parents spent lot of money and sent their children to tution center.therefore parents want english language begin at primary school.
    i think start english language at primary school is better then secondary school .because children lern every thig quickly in primary school .if english will start in primary classes children will improve quickly till secondary school .whenever they will enter in secondary
    school .they will have lernt enough english.and children will not feel trobel from english
    . and parents willnot give extra monney to tution cener.and every body will perform their role . and education will go to right way and between teacher and students distance will finish .i want to say another thing nowadays english isa part system and use every where such as air port ,railway station ,hospital etc .therefore ennglish should be start from primary classes.

  4. Sehrish says:

    Sir, you did not check my essay

  5. Abhay BHisikar says:

    There are some experienced language tutors and educationalists who argue that a primary school student learns foreign language better than a secondary school student. I agree with this argument and believe that if we, at global level, want our young generation to learn foreign tongues, such as, Russian, Japanese, English, Hindi and so on, then we should introduce them at their elementary schools.

    One reason to support my claim is that, if students are taught basic foreign language at early schooling then they can easily acquire knowledge of that at advanced stage in their secondary schools, and then they will not face much difficulties if all subjects are taught to them in foreign language which generally happens to those who attend foreign university for graduation or further studies. For example, I have not been taught English for two years during my initial years at school due to which, I think, I faced more difficulties during my graduation when all subjects were taught in English, than my college friends who had been learning in this medium since their primary school days.

    Another reason to support my argument is that, any person learns best any tongue when he or she is at his or her young age. These age groups can pick-up linguistic command in terms of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, et cetera, faster than secondary school student age or teenage groups. For instance, one of my friend, who had been taught English as a subject since his secondary school only, was found to be poorer in English than my brother who had been learning English since his primary classes.

    In conclusion, I personally think that it is a good idea to teach children foreign language at their early schools as not only it would be easier for them to learn that but also benefits of this would last with them for their life time.

    Abhay Bhisikar
    Indore, India

  6. Anne says:

    Nowadays pattern of learning and education systems were updated.Some scientists think that in the curriculum of primary school, foreign language such as english should be included and students were taught to learn such language form the beginning of there life . Likewise, I believe that foreign language are the language which are acceptable in many part of the world and it has many merits..

  7. Anne says:

    Nowadays pattern of learning and education systems were updated.Some scientists think that in the curriculum of primary school, foreign language such as english should be included and students were taught to learn such language form the beginning of there life . Likewise, I believe that foreign language are the language which are acceptable in many part of the world and it has many merits.

    Firstly, in today’s world everything were continuously updated such as education system , relationship and way of communication. Not only in the secondary level but also in the primary level students have to learn many more things .Secondly, schools are only the place where childrens can learn about history , economic, science and English . In addition,if childrens got opportunities to learn foreign language that are acceptable in most of the country than they can utilize it on various things . for example, if a child can read and write in English from his childhood then during his secondary level he can speak foreign language more fluently which makes him more confidence while communicating with others as well is it will enable doors to study abroad.

    Childhood is a time where children are more creative and curious to learn .So, they can easily learn foreign language.It is difficult for anyone to learn something new or to change the pattern of there language in latter life.

    To conclude, learning foreign language from primary level instead of secondary will enables children to get many more opportunities in their life.

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