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Cambridge IELTS book 4 essay 4

Cambridge IELTS book 4 essay 4


In many countries schools have severe problems with student behavior.


What do you think are the causes of this?

what solutions can your suggest?



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  1. jahan zaib khan says:

    behavior always highlight human behavior and student behavior ismore important for socity.but lot of schools have severe problem with student behavior.
    lot of schools are introbel and their future is going tobe dark the reson is bed behavior of students school management give detail of bed students and inform cause of bed behavior.
    they say about bed behavior of students.these kind of students make problem for good stundent and teacher and they donot follow toteachers instructions and always think about mischief and these kind of activities put bed impect on their personality and this bed impect give bed impresion about school.whenever teacher inform to parents about bed behavior of student some good parents takte strict action and start ammendment but some parents do not beleive on complain and do not take any action against student these kind of parents and students cause fault.and teachers say lot of parents are invove in students bed behavior.
    in conclusion iwill give thease suggesion parents keep eyes on their children in early eag and start amendment before enroled the school .if any body give complain against their children not think in negetive way always think in possitive way .and always check to children and keep eyes on their friends and activities and do not give them too much pocket money .these forethought will make reason of good behavior and in the future students will make good citizen.

  2. ali shakir says:

    Student are the assets of the country and it is the responsibility of school management to show them a right path.

    There are different stages of school around which the lifeof student move.for example in primary stage the student are totally under the control,observation of teachers and they have respect for their teachers.as far as time passes and student move from primary to secondary they think that they are dependent and they have right to make their own decision.

    Moreover,the major issue is of changing age.At this stage,when the age changes and barriers ,restriction create infront of them by their teachers,parents they feel very bad as a result they change their behavior.This changing behavior create difficulties for teachers and parents.

    Some people think that by scolding them in beginning they must be in control and donot change their behavior from good to bad.But,they donot understand the nature of student as a result some of them use to adopt bad habbits like smoking,drinking.

    According to my opinion, parents should understand the nature,feeling of their child and alwaystry to give them softcorner.If they understand them,behavior of student will never change and such kind of problem never occur.

    All in all,it is the responsibility of parents that always remain intouch with their children and try to understand their vision.If it is done so,such kind of hurdle will never occur for student,teacher.

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  4. Zariam Zulfiqar says:

    When we talk about the world, there are many things that are happening all around but only a few are a bit severe problems. For example coming onto the education sector of the world we see there are debates making rounds on different sources of media suggesting that schools are pressurizing students with the burden of studies which has a direct impact on their behavior. As a matter of fact there was a wide scale survey taken recently which suggested that an average kid of high school in this time is going through the same amount of stress that a college student used to go through in college back in the 1800’s. Changes in attitudes are occurring in the students.

    These days the rising complain of schools are that there are a lot of behavioral problems going on with the students. Coming to the causes of such nuisance there is not much thinking to do in my point of view. The reasons are pretty obvious regarding this change of attitudes. Looking at the first and a very important cause i.e Burden of Education, Students these days are being pressurized so much as to the level they cant take. The rates of stress are going up, stress is causing a lot of changes in the behavior of students. Stress makes a person very irritated, they can not handle further orders being given to them. We can see that there are widespread problems related to home works not being turned in on time, the reason behind is that home work is to be given in a certain amount but if you are giving home works considering that its some what a Class work, here the schools are responsible for these changes in some way too. Nowadays there is so much competition that students are literally in a race to beat one another in one way or the other. When they see each other as a competition they can never ever interact in a nice manner with each other instead they will for no reason see each other as rivals!

    The second reason being parents spoiling their children. Now you may be thinking how is it connected to this? Its very simple looking at the way parents these days spoil their children with every possible thing they can. Though they don’t do it in a negative way but out of love so that they can give their kids possibly everything, such kids when they receive everything in a plate infront of them without doing anything they start moving away from studies. In such cases when these type of spoilt kids come to schools they tend to play a lot of pranks not only on the students but on the teachers as well. This causes a clash in the students and teachers leading to misbehavior.

    In my opinion what we can do here to solve such a situation is that we can always lessen the burden of education on the students or we can have some type of counseling for stress related issues. On the other hand parents should give their kids whatever they want to but they should also make sure that their children know the value of what they have, they should be taught that schooling is way above all these extra things in life. The importance of respecting people be it teachers, students of the domestic staff at the end they all are humans and have feelings just like us. WITHOUT SCHOOLING THERE IS NO FUTURE AND OUR GENERATIONS SHOULD BE AWARE OF THAT.

  5. shafia says:

    You are working for a company. You need to take off time work and went to ask your manager about this. Write a letter to manager.
    In your letter explain why you want to take time off work. Give details of the amount of time you need. Suggest how you work could be covered while you are away.

    Dear Miss Sadia,
    I am writing a letter for requesting to take off time work.as you aware I am working in customer relation department’s have a 10 year experience and I am already registered in diploma course related to my field.
    I will be taking exam, which is held in Islamabad on 25th August till 24th September’s will require at least 2 months leave, but I haven’t time for exam preparation, so I am decided to take leave before the examination time and I will return back to work on 25th September. Actually this course is very help full for my routine work and also beneficial for company business.
    Current I have pending work for different customer complaints. My colleague javed is my coordinator. He is fully trained in issue related to customer complaint. I would like to re-assure you that Mr Javed is capable of covering for me while I am absent.
    I am Gratitude you for your understanding and consideration during my difficult examination period.
    I know you are very humble person.
    So kindly approved my case as soon as possible. your favorable response is highly appreciated.



    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Shafia,

      – Improve grammatical side.
      – “i know you are very humble person” this sentence wouldn’t suit.
      – Use “Yours sincerely,” at the end when you mention name in formal letter.
      – “but i haven’t” start new sentence.

  6. Moin says:

    sir plz check my essay

    In the past children were taught how to save money, but today they only learn how to spend it.
    Do u Agree??

    Nowadays, children all over the world prefer spending the wealth they have rather then saving it which their elders used to do when they were of their age. With the advent of advancement in movie making many child stars became millionaires with in no time. It is agreed that children choose to spent their money rather than saving it. This point will be analyzed by taking into account the examples of child celebrities like Paris Hilton and Zain Malik.
    Firstly, children nowadays consider temporary comfort over long time benefits. For instance, consider the famous actor/singer Paris Hilton who on her 16th birthday celebrations landed on her penthouse on a helicopter, which she purchased on her birthday for this purpose only. This example clearly shows that children look at immediate bounty rather then future rewards. Thus, it is evident that children love spending money ,while they should be saving it.
    Secondly, children’s have a feeble and immature mind and they think that by spending money they can get everything. For example, Zain Malik the famous lead vocalist of the band “ONE DIRECTION” purchased a diamond wrist watch worth billions of dollars. A watch is just a watch after all. As this example shows that children have a immature mind and they need guidance. From this, it is apparent that the little ones favour spending rather then saving .
    In conclusion, after analyzing the fact that children look for immediate benefits rather then future rewards due to their immature thinking. Taking into account both the examples it is obvious that children spent their money instead of saving it. It is recommended that parents and guardians should look after their children and guide them.
    (Words 281)

  7. Dear sir

    With reference to our prior discussion please see below my essay about above mentioned topic. Please check & comments. Thanks

    Many schools have been facing problems due to student’s behavior. Students’ behavior plays vital role for creating goodwill in the society for school or even student itself. This is the main issue which needs consideration of teachers & parents for the particular span of time. I will elaborate some possible causes of this.

    Student behavior develops by nature & nurture. Nature is not able to control by human society but nurture can be control and eventually nurture develops nature of human. There are different stages of life which have to experience by every individual. Seniors either teachers or parents have to create that type of environment around the child which they need to see in the child behavior. As a famous philosopher said “Give me 5 children from any part of the world and tell me in which profession you want to see each of them, I will make them as you require”.

    Furthermore initially in the early ages student relays on teachers or parents decisions because at that time they don’t feel anything bad about accepting of their decision but gradually when they grow up they start feeling insecure by accepting of others decisions in their life. Imposing opinions to the school kid can destroy the self confidence which reflects in the shape of bad behavior. Senior should give decision with the collaboration of the student, which will certainly beneficial for the student as well as the schools progress.

    Moreover discrimination can be other major issue about students’ behavior. When there is an unfair persists in the school environment, it must reflect in the students’ behavior. It is normally create due to the favoritism among the students by the teachers, or giving importance to the one group of students on others. It generates negativity between the students and divides them into groups. To avoid these types of activities teachers or management should organize different group activities which give them chance to work together to achieve common goal. Through this they will not only eliminate the negativity even positive results will be grown up.

    In a nutshell, I would say that students are the product of the school. The more refine environment and better opportunities will be giving by the school to the students, the more school will get fame & recognition in the society, and most importantly students’ behavior will become positive towards their school.

    • Alam Alam says:

      Dear Mubeen,

      introduction is ok

      -keep general statement clear in first para of body by supporting it with relevant content.

      -except this be more natural for grammar and cohesion.

      -watch punctuation in sentences and linking words.

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