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Cambridge IELTS book 4 essay 3

Cambridge IELTS book 4 essay 3


Creative artists should always be given the freedom to express their own idea (in words, pictures, music or film) in whichever way they wish. There should be no government restrictions on what they do.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


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  1. jahan zaib khan says:

    creativr artist can give freedomto oppion they have a differnt subjects for opinion such as in words ,pictures music and film in these one can be correct option that governament can give permission.art is a diffcult skill and creative art is precious .
    lot of creative artist believe musis is away there governament not put berrior for artist and artist can explain easily .peopel always give littel time to music.whenever they feel tired they like tolisten music and release tension by music and artist can send meassage to public in simple words.
    one important reason that artist tell some big compnies contract with him and give attrective package .and his art transfer to other countries.
    another reason is peopel listen music till long time ratherthan other art and meassage alive long time .in music art artist do not spend money only use his skill and spend his meassage and take lot of benifit from governament and private sector.
    i am not agree with that reason because music is very difficult and take toomuch time and need lot of peopel such as writer .lyric ,music director etc.and we can not say music will be popular after completion.and all peopep forexampel men, women and teenager will like music.

  2. ali shakir says:

    The creativity of person shows that how vast and intelligently the person thinks. But, there are some limitations that everyone should have to obey.
    Those person that have such kind of interest are always intelligent because,there thinking and their prospect of seeing things are totally different from others.

    However,if we see the painters they have new ideas for creating portrait. They are expressing their views through figures and color instead by writing on paper.The government encourage them by establishing seminars and exhibitions.

    But, on the other hand,there are such kind of artist which creates hurdle for common citizen.For example,road dancers they usually use to play loud music.They are disturbing the citizensand old patients those live around there.

    The general opinion,is that these kind of artist are not essential and have no particular way of establishing themselves so,they should be banned.
    According to my opinion,governmentshould create some limitations but,give right to these kind of artist to fulfill their wish.Because, if these artist show their creativity in their desire field it will be very helpful for government to capture new ideas from them for the establishment of country.

    All in all,these artist have bright future if,they show their skills in positive direction.But,on the other hand their existence will be curse if they use it in negative direction for country.

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