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Cambridge IELTS book 4 essay 2

Cambridge IELTS book 4 essay 2


Happiness is considered very important in life.

Why is it difficult to define?

What factors are important in achieving happiness?


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  1. jahan zaib khan says:

    happiness perform major role in life,but it is difficult to explan.happiness is can not explain in the words
    happiness bring lot of changes in the life.and peopel do not think about that change and only spend their time and feel happy and think happy but it is very important whenever happines part come in life peopel should take advantage of happiness but peopel should think about reason of happiness because these things keep happiness time more long and whenever happyness willbe reduce or finish they will not feel sad .therefore wise peopel alaways considred on their activites and family if they feel in the future difficulties can come
    and family can be impress they think about solution .
    some things are important to get happiness .good behavior bring change in life and peopel feel happy whenever other peopel give them respct.and some peopel do any kind of help with other peopel that can be cause of happines some peopel give money to deserver peopel that solve their problem so they give them prayer therefor peopel feel happy. although everyperson is busy inlife and some time feel tired if they will follow on these things in their life true happiness can come .if all peopel perform their possitive role in the comunity then we will sea happiness will more increase and effective.

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