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British Council Teacher training on reading module

Teachers training on IELTS reading module – British Council


bctBritish Council has recently offered teachers training workshop for IELTS teachers across Karachi. In which , they shared useful knowledge and ideas to help students improve their reading skills. The workshop took place in Karachi on 7 November 2015 at Marriott at Diplomat 4 room no between 10:00am till 3:30. It was organized by Tauseef-ur-Rehman , IELTS exam manager and the training was conducted by one of the British Council trainer i think Seema.

She started the session by asking candidates to introduce themselves and followed by British Council activities, AEO vs British Council awareness program and reading module skills at the end.

Overall, what she recommended was to make candidates practice reading, develop their skills in understanding what questions types come in reading module and then make them practice.

Following skills should be improved.

  1. Surveying
  2. Skimming
  3. Scanning
  4. Reading for details/close reading
  5. Inferring meaning
  6. Deducing meaning
  7. Prediction and question analysis


SURVEYING: It is important to survey the text which means looking at the passage quickly before getting an idea of lay-out. For example, looking at title, pictures, graphs or headings which help you predict. Such practice increase interaction between you and text and result in understanding text when you actually read to answer questions.

SKIMMING :when you read a text very quickly to get the general understanding and to activate your schematic knowledge.

SCANNING: It means to read a text with the specific purpose of extracting information such as numbers, facts , words etc.

READING FOR DETAILS/CLOSE READING: To read a text for the purpose of understanding the more complex meaning.

INFERRING MEANING: When the text is read in order to discover the writer’s opinions and feelings from the language and way it has been expressed or presented.

DEDUCING MEANING: To read a text and work out the meaning of vocabulary from the surrounding context and information given.

PREDICTION AND QUESTION ANALYSIS:  When you read a text for understanding the more complex meaning.





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