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British council introduces headphones in Karachi

British Council introduced headphones in Karachi city


headphonesfacilityGood news for Karachi candidates who registered or wish to register with British Council. They have introduced headphones for all candidates from last week. This will help candidates to focus more and get higher score in listening module.

We called AEO today and asked if they are thinking about it or started already but the answer was negative. They do not know about British Council headphone services in listening module yet.

What i guess is because of this facility more candidates will register with British Council specially who have difficulties in listening module.

What happens with some candidates when listening is open by speakers they can not focus and look up rotating their heads for direction where voice is coming from and that result in less focus. Because when they look up their eyes look at other people , walls or pictures or etc so as a result they do not read questions or able to write right answers.

But it should be OK for them now. They will have headphones and not diverting their attention just focusing on questions and writing appropriate answers.



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